Tafur: Reports of Raiders Moving Toward Contract Extension For Derek Carr are “Just Speculating”

There has been increased chatter over the last few days that a new deal might be in the works for Derek Carr. ESPN beat writer Paul Gutierrez predicted it and league insider Adam Caplan said last week that there is “belief around the league” that a new deal is coming for the Raiders veteran quarterback.

According to The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur, however, those reports are essentially just guesses.

“Everybody is just speculating,” Tafur tweeted on Monday. “There’s nothing to report on a possible extension for Carr.”

So the question from here becomes this… does the “speculation” around the league come from informed sources or are they simply throwing reports against the wall to see what will stick?

As for the other quarterback on the Raiders’ roster that has been getting attention, Tafur has been reporting that the trade interest in Marcus Mariota hasn’t been great. The issue with Mariota, according to a number of reports, is his contract and injury history. Teams apparently aren’t entirely comfortable with those two dynamics. Either that, or they’ll bluff until the decision comes down to trading for Mariota or rolling out a quarterback like, say, Jameis Winston or Mitch Trubisky for the season opener.

Look for the trade interest in Mariota to heat up soon.

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7 thoughts on “Tafur: Reports of Raiders Moving Toward Contract Extension For Derek Carr are “Just Speculating”

  1. So what do you call all the so – called reports about Carr being traded that the raidersbeat.com loves to run? I’m sure if this insider information came from a betting site you’d wouldn’t consider it speculation.

  2. All I can say is if the Raiders brass were smart, which they are, they will ice up Derek Carr and give him his well deserved extension. End the QB controversy in Las Vegas and let’s talk about building that defense!

  3. Vic Tafur is a hack now it’s just speculation because it doesn’t fit his made up narrative of Carr being traded and he a Gruden don’t get along yada,yada,Yada,,! If Tafur is denying then I’m more than sure an extension is forthcoming

  4. Just keep both QB’S, Y trade one, U MIGHT need him if Carr goes down. As a coach, U DNT WANNA make a mistake of trading one n be SORRY later. But I’m just a fan, my opinion DNT matter, they gonna do what they want anyway . . . WE WEAR THE SILVER, WE WEAR THE BLACK, cuz WE r . . . RAIDER NATION.

  5. There’s a lot of Fresno State Surpport for Derek Carr! I Remember him play for the WAC When Fresno St use to be in! Derek Should play for San Francisco 49ers! Closer to home!

  6. Wow Vic tafur has the nerve to call others out? This dude is the queen of making stories up and claims they aren’t speculation when he pulls them out of his butt. I can’t stand Vic tafur and I don’t take anything he says as the truth.

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