Report: Raiders Have Had Trade Offers For Marcus Mariota

There has been conflicting reports (or speculation as it may be) as to how much trade interest the Raiders have received for Marcus Mariota. Recent reports from beat writers around the team have hinted that the Raiders may ultimately have to cut him.

But according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Raiders have had offers for Mariota.

“He has generated trade interest,” Rapoport reported on Monday. “Based on my knowledge, right now, I’d be very surprised if Marcus Mariota is on the Raiders for the 2021 season. The Raiders have gotten some offers for him.”

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From NFL Now: It’s looking more likely that #Raiders starting QB Derek Carr is back for 2021, while backup QB Marcus Mariota is not. He’s been the subject of trade calls.

The quarterback market is difficult to project and quarterback-needy teams seem to be hoping the market will cool off in the days ahead. But as some have pointed out, the market could actually get more competitive as teams begin to get desperate.

As for Mariota, the chances of him returning to the Raiders in 2021 seem to be slim. Sooner or later, someone is going to cave and throw an offer at the Raiders that they will be willing to take.

A fourth or fifth-round pick maybe?

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17 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Have Had Trade Offers For Marcus Mariota

  1. If we can get out of his contract money due and get a fourth round pick, I would do that in a heartbeat.

    1. Fi totally agree. We can use that money to strengthen the O line and get our D to a respectable level.

  2. if i was going after a free agent in the defence backfield i know that bashard breeland is a free agent an juan thornhill could be had they are better than what the raiders have an the plus side they have seen p mahomes throw over an over id try to get one of them

    1. According to pro football focus Derek carr is the 58th ranked player in all of football Mariota has never cracked 100

  3. I am very disappointed that the Raiders are letting Marcus Mariotta.go!! He is a great athlete as well as a good person and certainly deserves much better than he has gotten!!!

    1. Amennnn….Brother!!! It is amazing, though annoying, how many times this has to be stated. We might have to create response shifts. LMAO. GEEZ. It never ends. Hopefully the ineptitude of our Defense ends. RN4L

  4. Silver and black needs #8 M.M He did more in three quarters Thursday night against the Bolts regardless defense prepared or not. He is a bad man…. Hawaiian style. Keep both … Just saying. Rotate #4 And #8 every game … every down… keep the defense confused like I know Mariota can do!! Imagine what he could do playing more then back up. All I know is Raider Nation has to get back to that commitment to Excellence. Watching M..M come into that game and do what he did sure looked comfortably committed more than #4 did all season. Gruden, Mariota and Carr with a strong defense could own the AFC. Seen it done with two QBs in the past? The world hasn’t really been easy lately. New State, New Stadium I’d say it’s been pretty damm tough. Our boys can do it though, I have faith. Had it In Oakland, LA & back to Oak Town and now in the City of Light’s. JUST WIN BABY. GO RAIDER NATION.

  5. Carr had his chance 7 yrs now go figure! Nothing good has happened but shitty games always squeezing to get bye and still looses. Mariota is a good quarterback moves on his feet makes touchdowns and able to complete passes. Get rid of carr time for him to move on and pass the football to mariota for 2021 2022 season!

  6. His contract is the killer. It’s at 10mil, but if becomes a full time starter + incentives it can balloon to over $20mill – he would have to agree to restructure it

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