Report: Ronnie Lott Group Offering $300M For 20% Of Raiders Ownership

As the quest continues to keep the Raiders in Oakland, many are wondering where Mark Davis really wants the team. At one time it appeared Oakland was his first choice, but bridges have been burning between Davis and the city in recent years. One of the more hopeful Oakland proposals at this time is coming from a group of investors including former 49ers and Raiders safety Ronnie Lott.

According to Bay Area blogger Zennie Abraham, the Lott group is offering Davis $300 million toward a new Oakland stadium in exchange for 20% ownership of the team.

Davis, of course, still has plenty of options. Los Angeles isn’t off the table and presently Las Vegas seems to be getting the majority of Davis’ attention.

To this point, Oakland politicians haven’t been willing to concede the public funding to bridge the stadium gap, but Lott’s group is at least the second group seeking partial ownership of the team.

Davis has acknowledged in the past that he’d be willing sell a percentage of the team to achieve a new stadium project.

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81 thoughts on “Report: Ronnie Lott Group Offering $300M For 20% Of Raiders Ownership

  1. M.D. I been a Raider Fan sense 1968 ,I ask you Sir to please stay
    In Oakland that’s Home.

  2. Ronnie had too many concussions. FACT OF LIFE: California is dead as long term solution. The place is BROKE and has run off the right demographics for American Football. Besides, I can recall that the so-called maniac fan base usually was blacked out due to crap ticket sales.
    And that’s back in the glory days…

    In vegas or texas, the team will return to dominance! Money seems to have that effect.
    No state income tax, lower cost of living, and no strangulation state bureaucracy who looks at any successful business as a cash cow for their increasingly expensive and insane projects. BTW, how long will it take to SELL OUT every luxury box in Vegas? Every hotel, resort, and casino will have to buy at least a couple or fall behind with platinum clientele. Biggest issue will be who will be the first season national anthem and half time performers.

    In the name of God, Mark…LEAVE NOW!!!

    1. They haven’t been blacked out in Oakland. You’re thinking of L.A. They sell out in Oakland.

        1. But he said back in the glory days, there was no mount Davis then, just sell outs.

        2. Cmon now, oakland hadg trouble selling out for years on top of cheap tickets. You can’t compare broke oakland to loss Angeles

        3. They are taking information from that dumdass zennie? Wtf? Zennie is An idiot, and if anyone is sucking up what he’s selling theyre idiots

      1. California is the World’s 8th largest economy according to the World Bank. That’s the entire planet , just in case that isn’t clear.

        1. I was just there. It’s a **** hole everywhere compared to TX, and I am from CA! The economy you speak of is Hollywood and silicon Valley. No money anywhere else, and plenty of takers and illegal aliens! Leave CA MD!!! Come to SA.

          1. Yeah places like Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Napa, St Helena, Yountville, San Francisco, ect…are so shitty compared to the flat and uninspired Texas that’s why everyone vacations in Texas and not the places I just named. I mean San Francisco is so terrible that houses cost more there than anywhere else…people buy the and pay $3000/mo for a single apartment in SF BC it’s a shithole. Come one man!!!

      2. Just years back they were getting blacked out.. That’s why that tarp is up block off the top deck.

      3. Just years back they were getting blacked out.. That’s why that tarp is up block off the top deck. Raiders all day!!

      4. What is it with you people and Vegas. Vegas is not the cash cow you think it is. The casinos have been cutting back and the city itself and the overall region are poorer than the Oakland East Bay. Sorry Vegas fanboys but cold hard economic realities can be hard to accept.

      5. I’ve been a raider fan all my life. Born and raised in the east bay. They left once before for greener pastures and it didn’t work out as planned. They came back, had some success, but it’s still not what is used to be. As much as I hate to say it, they should go to Vegas. A new market would embrace them as their own. And die hard fans would catch a $50 flight to go see them. Isn’t that what parking cost anyway?? Oakland can’t afford a new stadium. Aren’t we all still paying for the last remodel 20 years later?? I’ll a always be a fan whether it’s Oakland or Vegas, but LV just makes more sense.

      6. You sound like a Donald trump supporter. Vegas is not the answer. If you grew up in the Bay Area you would see that Oakland need the raiders. With them gone Oakland (the city) would really fall apart. And it is not just $50 to fly to Vegas Do you probably never go to raider games and never flew to vegas

    2. California is broke.??? Wtf are you smoking? There is a lot more money in the Bay Area or La then there is in Vegas. Vegas is a pipe dream.

    3. California is dead??!! 5th largest economy in the WORLD and a budget surplus. The Raiders will thrive here wether it’s LA or Oakland but it’s got to be one of the two. Vegas is hardly a solution, let alone Texas. Must be getting your info from Fox News…..

      1. California is over $431 BILLION in debt, which comes to over $11,000 per citizen of the state. One year of having a ” budget surplus” of $3.6 billion is a drop in the ocean when compared to the overall debt we’ve accumulated. Learn the difference between “debt” and “deficit” before you pop off…it’s such a simple and basic economic concept, yet everybody makes the same stupid mistake.
        But for the record, I’m a lifelong raiders fan and really hope they stay in broke-*** California!

    4. Right on! You’d have to be the biggest fool to pass up on the entertainment capital of the world which is Vegas for tax me to death California.

      1. What the **** does taxes have to do with **** bro!!! and who cares about entertainment capital…it’s all about OAK!! Do you not have honor and tradition? I definitely don’t want my team moving, hell with that! Back in the day, mother fuckers used to fear coming here, and that’s what we have pride in. That’s about to come back, mark my words!!! Raaaaiderrrrssss!

        1. ive been a Raiders fan in England since the LA days . Saw them in London in the 80s and 2014 bit finally got to Oakland in 2014, great experience in the parking lot and inside the Stadium. I will vist Oakland iagain if i get chance but if they move out of Oakland it wouldnt be their home…i may as well go to an away game in the East coast or MidWesti to support them.

          $300 mill for 20%…. Why doesnt Mr Davis offer half a 1million. $600 upfront for shares to the fans and get in return a few tickets spread over 5 seasons. green Bay manage without a billionaire

    5. Seriously misinformed people should not embarrass themselves with stupid comments. California has the top economy in the USA and if they were a separate country then they would be Top 10 in the world.
      California is broke? That us hysterical.

    6. Whatever dude!!! OAK is home and always will be! That’s what’s up! Watch how they do this year…winning solves problems, Any sports fan knows that. This year,,,10 games! As for your brain fart comment regarding Cali, you’re doing a fantastic job making yourself look like an idiot, so I don’t have to work so hard. Are you even a Raiders fan? Wow

    7. Great points. As a football fan and Chargers fan, I prefer the teams stay in San Diego & Oakland. Unfortunately, I believe the bolts will end up in LA and the raiders will end up in Las Vegas. What I do like about that is LA and Las Vegas are tourist towns that football fans from around the world could bring their family to see a pro football game in person.

    8. Your facts are in FACT lies and make no sense. The OAKLAND Raiders have a waiting list for the first time in team history after failing to post a .500 record for the 10th time in 11 seasons. The Raiders fan base is strong everywhere but NOT HOW IT IN THE BAY. Vegas does not have the population or the tv market to support a NFL franchise. Oakland is apart of the greatest economy in the world, no one leaves that for the middle of the desert.

  3. It’s time to prosper this Raiders franchise already come on Mark the Raiders are one of two teams left playing in a substandard stadium Green Bay being the other dating back to the 60’s if I’m correct, so you would be giving up 20% of the ownership it’s time to see our beloved Raiders play in a state of the art stadium for Gary’s Raider fan insider I’m out.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention that a $5M annual check in California is effectively a $5.7M salary in Vegas. An extra $700k a year means a Ferrari 488GT spider AND a new Rolls/Bentley EVERY year… Maybe a new house for the parents.
    But then, what red blooded 25 year old man could manage to find things to spend money on with the extra cash? The smart ones will invest the “found” money to fund an AMAZING life after his playing days are over. On second thought, SCREW IT! Just send the cash to Sacramento so they can make THEIR dreams come true.

    1. owners would never allow vegas to happen lol . bay area market craps on vegas from a league revenue standpoint now go wash some dishes the buffet line is getting low.

      1. Mr Dunbar you fail to realize that people in California have significantly higher salaries than people in Vegas. And if Las Vegas is so great why do so many people choose to live in California as opposed to Nevada?

  5. So Lott is valuing the Raiders at 1.5 billion? Seems a little low, I would think more like 300mil for 10-12%

    1. I’m pretty sure Ronnie Lott alone came up with the offer or the projected value of the team

    2. They’re worth that much to forbes, at least that what they said, so lotts evaluation is pretty spot on

  6. Yeah that extra cash that you save on taxes is nice and all, but you are in Las Vegas aka Sin City and are 25 years old. That extra cash is going right back to casinos, clubs, and strippers. Oh yeah, and it might be a little harder for players to hit their performance bonuses in Sin City, so they might not have that extra 700k to spend now would they?

    1. Good thing that they don’t have clubs and strippers in Oakland, MP. Oh wait…

      Why specifically will it be harder for players to hit their performance bonuses in Las Vegas? Is the field going be 150 yards or something?

      1. Actually there isn’t any strip clubs in Oakland, I would know I live here. And there might be a couple lounges Downtown, but yeah the only clubs in Oakland are Cannabis Clubs.

        And why would it be harder for players to hit their performance bonuses? Because when these 22, 23, 24 year olds making millions of dollars and partying until 5am on Saturday night in a city that never sleeps, those 10 tackles just became 5. Those 5/80 yard games just became 3/40 yards and 2 drops or a fumble.

        1. True!! I worry the players won’t remain disciplined if the team goes to Vegas.

  7. California is broke???? We have the 5th biggest economy in the World now. Wtf are you talking about?. Do you think that the casino and hotels want people and their money to leave their casinos??? No, they don’t. They don’t want you to spend money outside of their casinos. They want them to stay there on a Sunday afternoon making bets and dropping their money at the sports book not at a studium. The Bay Area has a lot more money then Vegas does. ALOT more! If Mark had any Brains, he needs to get it done in Oakland, or wait it out and sees what happens with LA. Moving to Vegas would be a bad move.

    1. You dumb asses need to better understand the economic issue here before commenting. Size of economy or salary of the elite don’t mean jack. California is broke. Bottom third in the country. You measure things like revenues vs. debt obligations, unfounded pensions, etc. look it up and let me repeat….California is broke…a freaking mess of a financial situation. A net poor State. Got it? Now go google it.

        1. “Deficit” and “debt” are two completely different animals that everyone seems to confuse. Just because there may be a “budget surplus” for one year doesn’t mean you’re out of debt. California is broke. There are more unfunded liabilities, like pensions, than one year’s budget surplus could possibly make up for. Learn the difference. Basic economics.

          1. Budget Surplus means that the state government is on the road to recovery, thanks to Governor Brown. He is cleaning up the problems of past Republican governors who believed in over spending and lining their pockets. Voters who vote those put those corrupt individuals in office should go back to the dumfukistan states they come from.

            The state government is a separate issue from the state economy. California is still the 7th largest economy in the world, which means that there is a heck of a lot of money moving around in the state. And, why leave the #3 media market in the U.S.(bay area) for the #49 media market in the U.S. (las vegas)? Dumb, da da dumb…

          2. While it’s certainly better to have a budget surplus than a deficit in any given year, the amount of this surplus ($3.6 billion) is a drop in the ocean when compared to the $431 billion debt the state is carrying. Very laughable that you are blaming the debt on “big-spending Republican governors”, when it was actually Gray Davis who raised the pensions of unions in the state and subsequently caused the unfunded debt we see today.
            Do your homework before you call people dumb, and maybe try to hide your Democratic homerism just a little bit…..
            So yes, California is broke.

      1. Dude this isn’t even the point! Who here gives a hookers dirty panty about the fuckin economy of the entire state of California??? The Raiders are going to make money regardless. Wtf do you stand for on loyalty and respect for your team?? OAK is the Raiders…the Silver and Black is OAK

  8. 20% for 300 million…mark has 500 million that 800 million,a new stadiums going to be a billion and a half minimum exclamation point they are still short 5 to 700 million.VEGAS HERE WE COME!the stadium in Vegas will be nicer than the Cowboys Stadium with retractable roof I am hearing

    1. Mark has stated himself that a stadium in Oakland will cost $900,000,000. You are confused by what it will cost in LV.

    2. Sorry, man but you are poorly informed. The stadium cost in Oakland is 900 million.

  9. R W
    The Raiders belong in Oakland…this is their true home!!!! Ronnie Lott and his group are the exact right people to bridge this stadium gap!
    FYI THE RAIDERS ALWAYS SOLD OUT IN OAKLAND IN THE GLORY DAYS! The only non sellouts came when they built the horrible seats in the sky known as Mount Davis and that was only in the bad years! They have already sold out this upcoming season even with all the moving talk…that’s how loyal Northern California Raiders fans are!
    I feel strongly that the NFL commissioner and the rest of the teams want them to stay if there can be a solution also and they feel very good about an almost all African American group over a very skeptical person (Adelson) in Vegas!
    The Raiders will “Just Stay Baby”!!!!!

    1. Ese there’s plenty of Sur Cali Raiders fans that have season tickets, don’t act like it’s just busters from up Nkorth that buy season tickets.

      1. Dude, So Cal needs to get over itself, the number LA fans driving from LA is a small number and makes no significant impact on ticket sales. I’m from LA and had season tickets. I now live in Bay Area, so I know the difference when I say LA ain’t **** when it comes to fan support

        1. You stupid AF. Right off the top of my head I know of about 10 huge groups that go up to Raiders games every season so you don’t know **** about LA so stay claiming the gay area….

          1. 10 Groups – Oh Wow, that must account for at least 40-60 (maybe even 100 on a good day)tickets out of 55,000. I go to all the games, I meet some from LA, but it’s nothing like you want to fantasize about. Like I said – Drop In The Buckety. BTW – I lived in LA from 1962 to 1988, so based upon you limited vocabulary and homophobic stupidity I will make the assumption you are still in jr. high and truly don’t know **** about anything. Like I said LA needs to get over itself.

  10. 300 million for 20% puts the Raiders at 1.5 billion. For the most popular sport on the planet and the Clippers selling for 2.1 billion? Start at 500 million! The Jaguars could sell for 1.5 billion, Raiders are global!

  11. Im not sure vegas could support the team long term. People dont go to vegas for football. Even if the fans wanted to go, flying, driving and a hotel will add up to a pretty penny most cannot afford. Some will go but most will watch on TV. I wouldnt srive 7 hours for a game when I can kick it at home. I want them to stay but I’ll be a fan irregarfless of where they go.

  12. From a Rams fan glad to have his team back in Los Angeles…
    PLEASE stay in Oakland. Those loyal Oaklanders deserve to keep their team…the Raiders are Oakland’s pride and joy!

  13. 31st in the league
    $1.43 billion
    Revenue $285 million

    Lott’s team offered 6 percent over the team’s current valuation. And that was just the opening offer.

    Mark is not going to Vegas. He realizes Oakland and is growing population of rich techies is his second best option. He wants LA and if the Chargers do something stupid and don’t take it that’s where he’ll go. Vegas is his short term bargaining chip until the Chargers make their decision public.

    Mark may be an idiot but his people aint

  14. The Raiders have already sold out the 2016 home season. When i asked the ticket sales manager why the dont re-open the tarped areas he said “don’t ask”. Obviously Mark is trying to manipulate the numbers to make his case to his partners…

  15. Nah. Folks go to Vegas to gamble and get high with unfortunates ( whores ). Repeat after me. Oakland =football Vegas =gambling, extortion, Chinese mafia.

  16. This upcoming season is the first time in Oakland Raiders history that season tix are sold out. If the team is as good as most up pundits think they’ll be there should be a revenue explosion. With the success of the NWA movie and the need to express solidarity in stopping police violence, the Raiders cultural significance will also balloon the fan base…as long as team plays well.

    Vegas would be a terrible market BC it’s in the middle of the fucking desert. Its an isolated market. How the hell are they going to sell games out there? Its not like Vegas is a homogenized demographic of sport fans like Oakland. That’s a city of gamblers and they don’t necessarily go to games.

    1. “This upcoming season is the first time in Oakland Raiders history that season tix are sold out.”

      Absolutely hilarious. Did you just crawl out from under a rock?

      The OAKLAND Raiders had 16 straight sellout seasons before heading down to the sparsely populated LA Coliseum games.

      The only thing that prevented some sellouts in the later years is charging $65 for Mt. Davis seats. It is better to listen to the game on the radio that sit in those shithole seats. My. Davis was a huge mistake and the coliseum remodel destroyed a perfect Oakland A’s baseball stadium; there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

  17. the Raiders ARE NOT staying in Oakland. they have tried for YEARS and its just not happening.

    $300 mil is nice.. but only a small drop in the bucket towards the cost of a new NFL stadium. that might pay for the scoreboards.

  18. I hope the Raiders stay in Oakland first, but would love for them to move to my home, Las Vegas Baby!!! No income tax makes our team more competitive and who doesn’t want to visit Vegas?

  19. It would be nice for me to stay. But the problem is other than the fans and Lotus group there’ isn’t any power brokers pudding for the team to stay. The city government only cares about the A’s. If they cared about more than that they would have a site the Raiders could lease fort a stadium available. Remember they already drove out the warriors. As for raider fans traveling 7 hours to games, plenty drive up from socal and Vegas is closers to socal than Oakland. I live in Oregon and it would be easier and cheaper for me to fly to Vegas and see a Raider game than go to Oakland. There had been no financial support by the business community or the city/County gov to keep the Raiders in Oakland

  20. The Raiders were/are sold out for home games. TRUST… I AM THERE!!! It was the stupid NFL rule (that has since been abolished) that if a game wasn’t sold out by the Thursday before, it was blacked out in the local market. Get your facts straight!!!
    And for the record, Mrs. Davis (Mark’s mom) was the team! They’re not going anywhere. It would be GREAT for the organization & city if Ronnie Lotts group gets involved. Someone who understands the history of the team and the area will definitely help. So Vegas & SA, don’t get your hopes up! OAKLAND (The Town) is where the Raiders will be FOREVER!!!

  21. Haha… This is why I only TRUST Vincent Bosignore and Stephen Michaels (The Raiders Daily) who both tell the truth and just don’t throw things at the wall and hope it sticks. No offense but I’m not buying what a “blogger” says. Especially when this blogger has been saying things about Raiders and a new stadium now for 3 years… If you go back he also claimed that Floyd Kephart and Davis are about to reach an agreement.. Which was a complete lie…
    You guys can be fooled by some random blogger all you want but let’s be honest here this guy post stuff about The Raiders because all his other post get zero attention. Do some research! Go look at his Youtube views for the last 15 videos NON RAIDERS related some have 0 views up to 15 views.. That’s it… But when he makes up bogus stuff up about Raiders he gets 700 or more views.. You think he does not know this?
    Also let’s be real here. The guy is a 60 year old blogger? 60 years old and never made it to the national stage in his career? He’s pretty much a failure that is probably broke and the only way he can pay his electricity bill is if he makes a Raiders stadium video. By the way he also cause a HUGE divide with Raiders fans by making up lies about Mark Davis. Now there’s people who hate Mark over this guys lies. Here’s the reality… Mark Davis is not selling the Raiders and Oakland is not even number 2 in this race. It goes Vegas, LA then Oakland…

    1. This is not even close to factual! The truth of the matter is MD has no $ clout like Kronke and the NFL will basically decide where they want or don’t want the Raiders!
      Oh and let’s see the decision is between a very prestigious former player Lott and his group and one of the biggest markets in the Bay Area or some shady character named Sheldon Adelson and the 43rd market???!!! It’s pretty obvious to the commissioner and the NFL!

  22. I see where the proposed new stadium for the Chargers is in real trouble because it could disrupt…wait for it…the annual Comicon convention. You can’t make up this level of lunacy. It never ends and it never gets better. I escaped The Peoples Republic in 1993 and my kids thank me on a regular basis.

    I think I might have a real solid idea for the die-hard inmates. Perhaps a series of huge soccer games where the players wear Pokémon suits.
    The State could mandate the downloading of an app (for a hefty fee, of course) where people could “participate” as players in a virtual reality sense. Upon a given signal, sheeple fans could enter the stadium, as directed by their smart phones, and do what they can to help their individual characters prevail. At the end of regulation, each group goes to their assigned safety zone and remove their fake Pokémon heads. The winning…I mean most inclusive…group is the one with the most cultural diversity based on how the players identify themselves. Post game hugs would be mandatory. The most inclusive group gets mentioned on the State’s web page and tickets to a Justin Bieber/Los Tigres del Norte concert. The LOSING group has to attend a Raider game in Los Vegas.

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