Report Says Antonio Pierce Has Endeared Himself to Players by Acknowledging His Mistakes

After two games under the title of Interim Head Coach, Antonio Pierce is the early favorite to be named the Raiders’ next Head Coach.

Aside from his 2-0 record, Pierce is making a lot of popular decisions in the locker room and the players have rallied around him.

The players trust Pierce, and Sports Illustrated insider Hondo Carpenter shared one of the reasons why…

“When you look at Antonio Pierce, there are a lot of things he can do [to earn the job],” Hondo said on his Las Vegas Raiders Insider podcast. “He’s done everything right… his communication with players, his communication with Champ [Kelly], his communication with ownership, the way that’s he’s making decisions.”

“I was told that we walked into a room and after congratulating everybody, he apologized for some errors and mistakes that he made in coaching. That stuff endears you to a team. Not saying that the previous regime didn’t do that…”

Josh McDaniels may have endeared himself to players at different points in his tenure with the Raiders, but acknowledging his mistakes to the locker room was definitely not his strength.

Not even close.

Based on a report this week, McDaniels was in many ways the opposite of Pierce. He didn’t have a feel for the locker room and apparently had no idea how unhappy the players were prior to his termination.

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5 thoughts on “Report Says Antonio Pierce Has Endeared Himself to Players by Acknowledging His Mistakes

  1. I sincerely hope that Owner Mark Davis and the Raider Organization give this coach a fair
    chance to succeed. After two weeks the writers are already naming other candidates for the
    permanent head coaching job etc.., I look at the Del Rio, Gruden, and McDaniel regimes. None of them were plagued with this type of coverage without having the chance to prove
    themselves. If the Raiders lose a game, I wonder how the media and the writers will write
    then. They are burying this man up to his waist without any proof of whether he can do the

    1. I agree with you, but we all know why, but besides that he truly does want “THIS JOB” not just “A JOB” he embodies the mystic of the SILVER & BLACK & now, more than ever the RAIDERS need him at the helm! Let’s go coach AP & GO RAIDERS 🩶🖤☠️🏴‍☠️💯

  2. Just when I was “funnah” throw in the towel and give up, I heard AP speak. I had all but given up, then AP had his presser, I got chocked up because he reminded me of why I love this team. AP is a Raider to the heart, a keeper and just when I thought that there was no one left, there was AP. We need the stability of a great people person, collaborative leader, Coach, Raider motivator. We need stability and time like Dan Campbell got for his Lions. The turn over must be turned off here in the RN!

    To this end, I want to say AP I want to take you more seriously, two ear rings at 45 years old? (Come on dude, we are all from somewhere now, shake the earrings Essay.) I don’t want my Grandpa or Head Coach trying to wear two earrings over his head set Holmes.

    Just watching now if our Offensive Coordinator is more than a one trick pony with a spread offense passing scheme and zone run blocking run game. (You have to be able to do more than this in the red zone.) This is where we will decide if our OC stays or goes, red zone production. Our OC must put up the production with six points (6). We just need touchdowns to just win baby. It’s just football, so we just have to win in the trenches with power running here and get our Tight Ends more involved, we also need Renfro more involved too. You Remember third and Renfro right? Right!

    Raider On,



  3. I have a theory about why Del Rio, Gruden, and McDaniels had less negative coverage out of the gate compared to Pierce.

  4. As the old saying goes” Make a mistake yo-yos fool (Mark Davis), make a mistake twice and it’s a choice.” Don’t make a bad choice Mark. Give AP a good long chance and a shot at it next year! Everyone has to start somewhere .

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