Radio Host Shares “As Much As I Can Say on the Record” About Raiders’ Disastrous Trip to West Virginia in September

The Raiders 38-10 loss to the Bills in week 2 was their most lopsided loss of the season.

The disastrous trip to Buffalo (and West Virginia) is the primary reason why the coaching staff decided to stay in Las Vegas this week, instead of traveling early to Florida to get acclimated to the change in time zones.

Raiders radio host JT The Brick talked about the team’s trip to Buffalo this week and apparently it was even worse than advertised…

“I think it’s a good thing [that the Raiders aren’t staying in Florida this week],” JT said this week on his Raider Nation Radio program. “As much as I can say on the record, the trip to West Virginia was a disaster. It was a bad idea led by the former regime to go there. It didn’t make sense [in terms of] mileage, it got them nowhere closer to Buffalo. I think it was a terrible move to do that.”

For what it’s worth, the distance between White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia and Buffalo, New York is approximately 260 miles. The two cities were in the same time zone, but that’s about it.

Last year, the Raiders made the decision to stay on the east coast and that trip didn’t go any better than the West Virginia trip did this year. That road trip led to consecutive losses to the Saints, Jaguars, and Colts… and a host of other drama that has been kept in house, as well.

Because as they say… what happens on Raider road trips stays in Vegas.

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6 thoughts on “Radio Host Shares “As Much As I Can Say on the Record” About Raiders’ Disastrous Trip to West Virginia in September

  1. Simply a lack of discipline. It’s why you don’t win many Super Bowls

    Way to go Aiden Boiler Up!

  2. I can finally put on all my Rai Dah gear again..
    Rich I wish they would of kept you…intead we had to put up with McDumbA$$.
    Go Rai Dahs

  3. This article is just another opportunity to trash McDorko… so let’s take full advantage of this opportunity. I for one, wouldn’t piss on that miserable SOB if he was on fire. He needs to be disemboweled with a rusty piece of rebar! He got fired, but he got paid out so he doesn’t give a f**k, but he set us back years and for that I feel like something should break a thermometer and force feed him some Mercury…just saying!

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