Report: “Signs Pointing” Toward Marcus Mariota Restructuring Deal to Stay With Raiders

If Marcus Mariota is frustrated with the way the Raiders are handling his contract, he sure seems to be hiding it well.

According to a report out of Hawaii, Mariota flew back to Las Vegas on Sunday and based on a Las Vegas Review-Journal story, it sounds like the purpose of the visit is to finalize a restructured deal that will keep Mariota with the Raiders for another year.

“The status of Marcus Mariota with the Raiders is headed toward a resolution, with signs Monday pointing to Mariota restructuring his contract and remaining in Las Vegas,” Bonsignore reported on Monday.

“Bringing back Mariota at a reduced cost could create flexibility for the Raiders as he would be a more attractive trade option should a team need a quarterback later this year either because of injury or dissatisfaction with their starter.”

After a month of trade rumors around Mariota, it comes as a bit of a surprise that he is suddenly willing to take a pay cut to stay with the Raiders. Also, just a few weeks ago it was reported that Mariota was unwilling to adjust his contract to be the presumed starting quarterback in another city.

If the Raiders do end up keeping Mariota, they will undoubtedly have one of the best quarterbacks rooms in the league in 2021. Jon Gruden may have been willing to lose with terrible defenses over last three years, but it’s starting to look like he’s not willing to go down in 2021 on account of a bad backup quarterback. Or maybe with all the changes along the Raiders’ offensive line, Gruden suspects he might need two quarterbacks to get through a 17-game regular season… and the playoffs.

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3 thoughts on “Report: “Signs Pointing” Toward Marcus Mariota Restructuring Deal to Stay With Raiders

  1. What a surprise it’s been reported from the same bunch of idiots (I mean reporters) that demand that Carr be traded. None of them have inside info or any ties to a team or even the NFL and how they are called reporters is beyond me. The sports media is garbage they push out crap that can’t be backed up by a team source and most of the so called Raider sites like this one knowing the report is more than likely junk from the source it came from and yet still run it

  2. As I’ve sad before… it is amazing that the Majority of the “Insider” Pundits, both Print, Radio and Television get Paid. They are Idiots when it comes to Football. Not only the Game but what is going on with any given team or player. They make up Fantasy or outright Lie just to hear themselves or to cause a stir. They have ZERO info on the Truth. Vinnie B of the LVRJ actually knows his stuff and has reasonable sources. How do the rest get away with their Crap?? No one holds them accountable for anything.

  3. If its being said the RAIDERS are about to resign Mariota to a new deal to stay with the team then that makes me think he’s about to get traded. Because these dudes always get it wrong…..hopefully we get another 3rd rounder….F the RAIDERS haters media….go RAIDERS

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