Report: “Strong” Push For Antonio Brown Expected By The Raiders

As speculation heats up over where Antonio Brown is going to be traded, the Raiders continue to look like the team to beat to land him.

According to Tony Pauline if, the buzz at the NFL combine this week is that the Raiders are the team to watch with Brown. Asked about how strong of a push the Raiders are expected to make for Brown, Pauline offered his thoughts on what he is hearing in Indianapolis.

“According to a couple people I’ve spoken with, a strong push [is expected by the Raiders] for a couple of reasons,” Pauline said on Friday. “Number one, they think that Antonio Brown is a Raiders type of player. They think he’ll fit in perfectly with head coach Jon Gruden.”

“I had a conversation with someone earlier this evening and what they said to me makes total sense,” Pauline added. “People are talking about a third-round pick for Brown, maybe a second-round pick, but that third pick that the Raiders have at the bottom of round one, Antonio Brown is more valuable than any player they are going to select with that choice.”

With ESPN reporting that the Redskins and Titans are the other teams pursuing Brown, there’s a good chance the Raiders could eventually walk away with Brown for this year’s second-round pick. More than likely, the Steelers won’t see a better offer than the 35th-overall pick from Tennessee or Washington. So patience might be the key if the Raiders want to hold on to all three of their first-round picks (which, of course, they do).

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  1. Let’s Bring This Future Raider Home. Cant go wrong with this Future HOF’er. He is a Raider in waiting. C’mon Mr Davis & John Gruden pull the trigger. This guy co.bined with your draft picks will put us back in competition for the west crown.

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