Report: UCLA Left Tackle A “Top Target” For Raiders In The Draft

Another day, another player and position linked to the Raiders in the first round of the draft.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, the Raiders may try to move down in the draft and take an offensive tackle:

“If the Raiders do in fact trade down from the tenth overall pick – with someone like New England or Arizona or whomever coming up for a quarterback – look out for UCLA tackle Kolton Miller to be a top target for them.”

“Problem is, they might not be able to move back far at all and still get him. I continue to hear from evaluators and offensive line coaches I most trust that Miller, and not Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey is the best tackle in the draft. Miller has the potential to be an elite left tackle with tremendous feet on a 6-foot-9 frame. Too much potential to ignore. Plenty of teams in the teens have their eye on him.”

Offensive tackle could develop into the Raiders greatest position of need if Donald Penn doesn’t return to full strength and/or no one impresses at right tackle.

Penn is returning from a difficult foot injury and he’ll be 35 when the season begins.

If you think Penn is old, imagine how Gruden must feel. He was Penn’s head coach in Tampa Bay.

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6 thoughts on “Report: UCLA Left Tackle A “Top Target” For Raiders In The Draft

  1. OT has been Oakland’s biigest need since the last day of the season.

    Anyone else who thinks otherwise is wrong.

    Journeymen RT. All of them. LT Penn. 35. Xoming off major foot injury. Rehab all summer long.

    Franchise QB with major injuries last two years.

  2. your new LT is playing LG as we speak. He played tackle with the Ravens. Slide him over and find a new LG they are easier to find than LTs

  3. O-Line is the absolute least “sexy” pick in the NFL draft, especially in the first 2-3 rounds. However, if you think about a scenario where we pass on top-tier tackles and Penn misses ANY time at all; we’ve now got right AND left tackle problems, with Carr running for his life on every passing play, possibly getting crushed and seriously injured yet again. It sure would put a ton of pressure on McKenzie, Gruden, and the scouts to make sure we got some solid talent in round 2 and beyond, though.

    1. Sign bowman trade down pick kolton and pick up defense in the second round plenty of talent there

  4. Trade back, pick up another pick in the second or third round, then address the defense. OT Miller would be a great addition to a line that must keep Carr healthy. With Miller, the Raiders O-line continues to be among the best in the NFL, short of that there are glaring weaknesses in depth.

    With another pick in the second or third, we now have three picks in the top 50. That is huge…huge.
    I love a great defense, that doesn’t do us much good if we can’t keep our QB from getting hammered.

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