Did The Raiders Already Leak Their First-Round Draft Target?

An ESPN report on Wednesday said that Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith is “the guy [the Raiders] want” in the first round.

Is it possible someone in the know leaked the player that Jon Gruden and company are targeting in the first round?

Everyone knows it’s the time of year where draft rumors are flying around as thick as gnats and the majority of the stories are obviously untrue.

But some are true.

In 2013, a Jason La Canfora report surfaced on the morning of the draft that the Raiders were wanting to draft D.J. Hayden in the first round.

Everyone got a good laugh… and then Reggie McKenzie drafted him.

If the scouting department knows who the general manager likes, there is always the possibility that information is being shared.

NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah had an interesting thought as to why more good information may be finding its way to the media in recent years.


The Raiders have a solid scouting department, but there is reportedly some uncertainty because personnel people understand Jon Gruden could be inclined to hit the reset button on the personnel department after the draft.

McKenzie did it when he showed up. Why wouldn’t Gruden think about shuffling things around, as well?

That doesn’t mean it will happen or that anyone inside the Raiders building is sharing information. But if they are, and Smith really is the guy the Raiders want, Gruden would surely pop his top.

As for the Smith rumor, hopefully he’ll be on the board when the Raiders pick. Because who wouldn’t like find out the truth?

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8 thoughts on “Did The Raiders Already Leak Their First-Round Draft Target?

  1. If it is Smith, at least it’s a top-tier, quality guy and not some dude who was nearly DEAD 6 months ago or some guy who is under investigation for rape or a project. McKenzie has been absolute trash in the top rounds of the draft, so Roquan Smith is perfectly fine.
    IMO, a trade down (if it’s available) would be best because there would be some great players available in the teens at DT, CB, or even OT.
    I just don’t wanna hear we’re looking at a 2nd or 3rd round prospect in round 1…….

    1. Ppl say reggie has been trash but we don’t know what we have in conley. Karl Joseph is solid and maybe great in Gunther’s scheme, Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack are total bums, right? I Can’t say anything good about DJ Hayden.

    2. Get your frustration but you undermine your message by ignoring the facts. Reggie also picked Mack and Cooper in the first round. Are they trash?

    3. Yeah he’s been trash, Mack, Carr, Cooper, Joseph, Jackson…. Those guys are trash! 🤦‍♂️

  2. RM, did hit on Mack, Jackson, Coop & Carr. Other than those; up to this point you’d have to agree that the majority of his picks leaves a lot to be desired.

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