Report: Wade Phillips “Particularly Interested” in Raiders Potential DC Vacancy

After firing Paul Guenther on Monday evening, the Raiders are back in the market for a defensive coordinator.

One of the popular candidates (among the fan base at least) is legendary defensive coach Wade Phillips, and according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Vinny Bonsignore, Phillips would be interested in the Raiders’ defensive coordinator job if it becomes available.

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Via sources: Longtime NFL defensive coordinator Wade Phillips absolutely wants to coach again next year in the NFL and would be interested in the @Raiders defensive coordinator position. (Phillips coached both Cory Littleton and Lamarcus Joyner in his time with the Rams)

In his Monday Review-Journal column, Bonsignore was even stronger with his message, describing Phillips as “particularly interested” in the Raiders’ potential job opening.

Phillips did not coach in 2020, but he presided over 8 top-10 defenses over the last 13 years (including a Super Bowl team in 2018), both as a head coach and a defensive coordinator. So is it realistic to think Jon Gruden might pursue Phillips?

One potential roadblock to Las Vegas for Phillips might be the presence of new defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, who is very well-respected by Jon Gruden. Marinelli will surely have the opportunity to hold onto the position after the season, assuming the defense shows improvement in the final three regular season games.

Of course, there is also Atlanta’s Raheem Morris, who is operating under the interim head coach title with the Falcons for the remainder of the season. Morris has ties to Gruden and surely made a solid impression on his former boss by blowing out the Raiders 43-6 in week 12.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Wade Phillips “Particularly Interested” in Raiders Potential DC Vacancy

  1. Reclaiming Our Swagger

    GARY DAVENPORT of the Bleacher Report says; (what ALL Raiders fans already know all too well)

    “And until Vegas does something about a defense that has been absolutely embarrassed in recent weeks, it’s a paper pirate of a franchise and a pretender of a challenger to Kansas City’s throne in the AFC West.”

    So, usually this is where a team in this situation starts to play their backup players to see who is worthy of a job next year, or as I say, NOW the fun begins. Let’s see what 7.5 million a year Marcus Mariotta has left. Or, if that’s not enough “fun” for you, let’s see what the absolute worst, lowest rated quarterback in NFL history has “learned” under Jon Gruden’s tooteledge. Because, while it’s obvious that this team doesn’t need a COMPLETE OVERHAUL, it certainly needs to “upgrade” some not so functional parts.

    In the past I have, and still do, advocate that the Raiders sign Anthony Gordon, the former Washington Huskies quarterback, off of the Seattle Seahawks’ practice roster. While I AM NOT saying ANYTHING derogatory about Derrick Carr, and his performances, I AM saying that the success of Tua Tagovailoa, Jalen Hurt, Kyler Murray and Taysom Hill point to the NEED for any team to have a viable option at the quarterback position and to, if nothing else, promote spirited competition, at the position.

    Additionally, as seen last night, the Cleveland Browns showed the effectiveness of having a two headed monster at the runningback position in the tandem of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. Although the Raiders cut him, William Stanback was just awarded a new 2 year contract by the Montreal Alouettes so he is off the market, again. And, for all the efforts of the runningbacks currently on the Raiders’ roster, they have ONE of the TWO types of runningbacks needed for the Raiders to have their own two headed monster. Just imagine how effective Josh Jacobs COULD BE if he had an equally complimentary runningback to SHARE the load. Perhaps, the Raiders should “consider” bringing in another YOUNG runningback to add some fresh legs and depth to the offense, Alec Ingold not withstanding.

    Obviously, the Raiders have a plethora of weapons at wide receive, some utilized more than others. Nonetheless, let’s see more of Derrick Carrier, Foster Moreau, Bryan Edwards, Zay Jones, whose speed rivals that of Tyreek Hill and Henry Ruggs, Rico Gafford and Marcel Ateman, who will be back next year after Jason Witten leaves. These are players that Jon Gruden obviously coveted so let’s see if they truly represent starting caliber merit because that is what they would surely be should a starter go down, at that position.

    Now that the quarterback, runningback and wide receiver positions have been addressed, let’s discuss depth at the offensive line. EVERYONE the world over knows that the heart and soul of any team is the offensive line. While I think that it would be absolutely correct to say that the 2020 Raiders’ offensive line, in my opinion, is / was a top 5 line in the league, I don’t think that anyone would disagree that the more depth, the better at this position. Just me talking, I think that Richie Incognito has played his last game as a professional football player. Also, Gabe Jackson, the subject of much trade talk earlier this year, EARNED his money this year along with Rodney Hudson and Kolton Miller. Of course injuries took their toll on this group starting with the afore mentioned Richie Incognito, Trent Brown and John Simpson, most notably. While the players that were “plugged in” did an adequate job, certainly depth, depth and more depth IS the order of the day.

    Now the defense, Oh boy, where to start. One thing is for sure though, Nicholas Murrow, an undrafted player, showed that he has the desire and hutzpah that more players on defense need to demonstrate. As an undrafted player, he knows that he has no choice but to bring it every play or risk getting cut for some other player with a vaunted college resume’ so he plays like his job is on the line, every play. This CANNOT be said about “some” players on this team and EVERY Raiders fan knows it. When Jimmy Johnson was winning championships in Dallas, he built the defensive roster with TEAM SPEED. When Al Davis consulted with Bill Parcels about his Oakland Raiders “problems,” Parcels said that the Raiders, at that time, didn’t have enough TEAM SPEED. In short, I believe that this “problem” still exist along with missed tackles, poor tackling techniques, lane and eye discipline. With that said, ALL Raiders fans know that “some” of the Raiders’ “acquisitions,” via free agency JUST DON’T FIT. Raekwon McMillan, Corey Littleton, Nick Kwiatkoski, Maliek Collins and LaMarcus Joyner are players that immediately come to mind.

    Next, there is the play calling. Maybe just maybe, the play calling could possibly be ever so slightly “more imaginative?” With the offensive weapons that this team has couldn’t the pass possibly set up the run? When Bill Cunningham took over the Raiders, after Jon Gruden left, the Raiders were a pass happy group rivaling only the San Diego Chargers and Dan Fouts, at that time. THIS edition of the Raiders is set up for that same type of productivity. Ruggs and Zay Jones have blistering speed that not could command attention but DOES command attention from ANY defense and Agholor, Renfrow and Waller stand to be the beneficiaries of this top end speed. So, obviously, the offensive philosophy has to change to adjust to the personnel.

    Surely, I can’t be the only one who sees these things and is flummoxed as to why Raiders management can’t see them. In short, this team has too much talent to be so ineffective. It should be clear to ALL Raiders fans that Paul Guenther WAS NOT / IS NOT the only ineffective person on the Raiders senior management staff.

  2. Guenther should have been gone long ago.
    Bringing in Phillip’s is another step in the right direction IMO. This team can beat the best when on, but also lose to the worst when off.
    So hopefully this happens and Phillip’s can right this defense with some needed playmakers. It’s no mystery. The Raiders need to score 30+ points a game to win because this defense cant stop a cat from going to the litter box!

    Bring in Wade Phillips and let him fix this mess!

  3. Lots to take on here! Sad for me to say, Gruden is not the answer! No innovative enuff with that much talent! Anyone off the KC staff would be a welcome upgrade, also anyone off the Steelers defensive coaching staff would put us over the top! Present regime in place will never get it done! Too out of touch, stubborn and cant elevate team consistently!

  4. Kwiatkowski is probably the best mike linebacker the raiders have had in a long time. Gotta keep him around! I love abrams’ energy, but he’s TERRIBLE in coverage!

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