Report: Warren Sapp A “Nightmare” To Work With At NFL Network

We knew he wasn’t a hit with Raider fans. Now it seems Warren Sapp wasn’t the most endearing to NFL Network employees either. According to a TMZ report, Sapp was a “nightmare” to work with.

In fact, some NFL Network employees implemented a “Sapp Disclaimer” as a set of guidelines for working with the former Raider and Buccaneer. Here are a few of the rules…

  1. Don’t look Warren in the eyes. This is a weird one. What happens if you look Warren Sapp in the eyes?
  2. Introduce yourself, but do not try to befriend him. Another interesting rule. If you follow rule 1, this rule should be easy enough to follow.
  3. Call him “Warren” but never call him “Sapp.” Technically, a “sap” is someone easily taken advantage of.


For what it’s worth, it doesn’t sound like everyone at the Network hated Sapp. One employee told TMZ, “I know certain people [at the Network] complained about the guy a lot but overall he was always cool … just unpredictable.”

Whatever the case, Warren “Don’t Call Me Sapp” was fired from NFL Network last week. You can probably find him on twitter, but he hasn’t been on social media since February 1 when he tweeted “deflate that” to presumably the Seahawks, or Earl Thomas… or maybe he was just tweeting to one of his hired hotel guests?