Report: Washington FT Tried to Trade For Marcus Mariota

The latest storylines around Marcus Mariota are that the Raiders may not end up finding a trade partner for him.

Believe that if you will (the true test of his value will come in about two weeks when free agency starts), but according to The Athletic’s Ben Standig, the Washington Football Team tried to trade for Mariota last month.

“Washington tried to acquire Marcus Mariota from the Raiders, according to multiple sources, but talks have cooled off,” Standig reported on Monday. “Whatever the reason, Mariota’s salary in the remaining year on his contract — $10.75 million to $22 million, based on reachable escalator clauses — makes for tricky math and planning when calculating the balance sheet. Reworking Mariota’s contract to cap his max in the $14 million to $15 million range, and fully guaranteeing that money, is plausible.”

It would be interesting to know if the Raiders balked at trading Mariota (possibly wanting more trade compensation) or if the WFT couldn’t pull the trade off for a different reason (like Mariota didn’t want to adjust his contract).

In either case, Mariota figures to lose some of his value as free agent quarterbacks begin to sign around the league. Once the Patriots, Bears, and Washington Football Team commit to paying a potential starting quarterback, how much trade interest (and salary cap room) will be left for Mariota?

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6 thoughts on “Report: Washington FT Tried to Trade For Marcus Mariota

  1. Braddah Marcus , Go where you are wanted , Raiders are treating you like A Pawn , Take Da Bull by Da Horn and start Your Own Negotiating , Throw Da Long Ball and Whomever catches it GO THERE 🌺

  2. Going to a football game is virtually impossible due to the salaries of the players. If they were paid $250,000 annually they would still play because a majority has no other options!

  3. I say keep Marcus Mariota let him play against Derek Carr in the preseason see who comes out on top and keep them both just in case it’s a very good insurance policy I think Marcus Mariota will end up being the starter

  4. You rather keep Carr than Mariota he didnt get a chance to compete for the starting job Cause gruden wants to coddle Carr No O-line Carr keeps going 3 and out Mayock and gruden continue to make questionable moves Getting Rid of Khalil Mack Mayock destroyed front Office now look what he doing to Vegas because he wants to Stay 22 million under salary Cap isn’t gonna Make the Las Vegas Raiders a contender

    1. Cart keeps going 3 and out?? Really? He scored 28 pts a game bruh!!! That’s not many 3 and outs!!! With a defense that wasn’t 30th in the league, this teams a playoff team no question!! Mariota is a solid backup. Played ok when he had to, but threw int’s and should have been a few more. He lost his job to an average qb in Tenn.

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