Reports Indicate Khalil Mack’s Trade Was Overwhelmingly A Decision By Jon Gruden

If the Raiders do, in fact, trade Khalil Mack, two of the most recognizable names in the organization have already been distanced from the deal.

According to separate reports, owner Mark Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie don’t share the same enthusiasm for dealing Mack as Gruden apparently does.

Last night, it was NFL Network’s Mike Silver who said Davis was “not excited” by the notion of trading Mack and Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman offered a similar report regarding McKenzie on Saturday morning.

McKenzie has always preached that his philosophy is to “keep his own” so that mindset would presumably apply to a team captain and future Hall of Famer. Davis, of course, would have been on the hook to write a check for Mack had he been extended and Mack’s departure does little to squash the stories that Davis didn’t have the financial resources to pay his best player.

Maybe this was all on Gruden and his ego clash with Mack’s agent, but ultimately it doesn’t matter. Gruden isn’t going anywhere and neither is the owner.

McKenzie, on the other hand, might just ask to be packaged in the deal to Chicago.

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14 thoughts on “Reports Indicate Khalil Mack’s Trade Was Overwhelmingly A Decision By Jon Gruden

  1. This whole situation stinks as high as land fill! Since we all know Gruden runs the show and he is working like hell to have an unstoppable offense, he better be working like hell to have an unstoppable defense to match and this trade shows me that he wants a defense just good enough, not dominate and that bothers me. What the hell is the point if Derek Carr throws for 4.5-5K with a 4/1 TD/int ratio every year yet the Raiders can’t get past the 1st or second round of postseason or not make postseason because of defensive struggles? WHY is it that year after year this team gets upended by other AFC west foes? Because those foes have darn near elite defensive units!!!? Show off how prolific the Raider offense is all you want Gruden, but as a life long fan I will not be moved until you show me a dominating Raider defense to match!

    1. The defense got a quantum leap better when Norton was shown the door. Now it makes another huge leap forward upgrading to Guenther. The issue was never talent, with or without Mack; it was scheme and horrible game time adjustments.

      There’s a reason that guys like Calhoun and Lee are suddenly looking like starters this preseason, because they are now put in a situation to excel. With all the young guys on the DL, improved secondary and LBs, and a better DC this will be at least a top 20 defense this season. Which paired with a top offense is how you win in today’s scoring friendly rules in the NFL.

      Also, a dominant offense keeps the D off the field and inflates their numbers. Just ask the Eagles. Their D had the lowest time of possession in the league, and that worked out pretty well for them.

  2. “McKenzie, on the other hand, might just ask to be packaged in the deal to Chicago.”

    This would make the trade worth it! Dude is so overrated……

  3. SMH. All my excitement for Gruden’s return just evaporated. Picks are only good if you know how to use them. His track record as a talent evaluator is garbage. Tampa still hasn’t recovered. MD is going to regret this. I’m ready to auction off my fandom. Before anybody says the guy from NE does this all the time what’s the difference. I say the difference is Gruden hasn’t proven himself to be a good evaluator of talent.

    1. I totally agree. My confidence was high, 80% sure we would have a solid year and at least go over .500

      Now, I just literally have 0 faith, we might as well be the Browns. I wear my Raider hat in shame today. Gruden seems like he is trying to destroy the team as revenge for trading him 15 years ago. Get rid of Clown Mark Davis, this guy is a joke and has no place owning an NFL team. We have the worst owner, a clueless GM, and an insane coach. Can we trade them all in before the move to Vegas. I am going to burn my Return of Chucky shirt, now.

  4. Well, it’s time to move on!! I’m a “#52 Mack” fan believe me!! But, you can’t expect to hold a team like the (Raiders) to be held hostage!! Everyone forgets, “Al Davis” would never, ever let a player, no matter who that player was, try to hold this team hostage!! Jon Gruden, learned from “Al Davis” and he’s not going to let one player believe that he’s above the rest of the team!! Everyone, thought when the deal was finally made with the Rams that Mack#52, would get paid next!! Jon Gruden, is not the only one, they’re other coaches who weighed in on this decision like maybe the new DC, Paul G had some input, after all it’s his defense that we’ll be running this season and he’s not going let one player disrupt what he’s trying establish a new and hopefully defensive scheme. The “Raiders” are going be alright” not to worry stay positive and don’t believe the “bullshit” ☠️☠️

  5. Mack closed out 3-4 games by himself in 2016, Defensive player of the year. The man is a HOF player. Breaks my heart

  6. Starting to hate chucky came back.Never did like the GM since he came in an fired Hue who gave us are most wins at the time in about 8yrs.Now Gruden comes in an quickly cuts king a top punter never has a conversation with the guy now k mack which he also never has a sit down with .Are we looking at chip Kelly 2.0 wtf is going on he better win.

  7. Jon Gruden is the guy that said that Johnny Manziel is a franchise QB and he wanted the Raiders to draft Johnny Manziel instead of Derek Carr.

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