Lincoln Kennedy: Khalil Mack Is Not Going To Be Traded

Newly promoted Raiders radio voice Lincoln Kennedy says that regardless of the news that’s out there, the Raiders will not be trading Khalil Mack.

“There’s a lot of rumors circulating out there about [Khalil Mack], I’m here to tell you he’s not going to be traded,” Kennedy said Saturday on Fox Sports Radio.

“They know how impactful of a player and how important to their scheme that he is. And also when people are talking about a trade, well the Raiders aren’t even thinking about a trade, they haven’t taken phone calls about a trade unless you’re coming with two first-round draft choices and there aren’t a whole lot of teams who could do that and be prepared to sign the kind of contract that Khalil Mack is eventually going to get.”

The Raiders may decide against trading Mack, but based on a report from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, it might not be the asking price that holds them back.

Rapoport says the belief is that someone will be willing to give the Raiders two first-round picks for Mack.

As for what led to this point, Kennedy said the disagreement that led to the months-long standoff between Mack and the Raiders was about a $3 million per-year difference in his valuation.

“At first Khalil wanted $23 [million] and the Raiders were offering $20 [million],” Kennedy said, adding that he believes the Raiders will now meet Mack’s asking price after seeing Aaron Donald’s deal.

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2 thoughts on “Lincoln Kennedy: Khalil Mack Is Not Going To Be Traded

  1. Right now, there is NOTHING this team can do to easy my pain right now but make the postseason, that’s it! I am sick and tired of the Raiders having a below average defense!! You mean to tell me that they aren’t willing to build around their best defensive player but will always build around Carr? I’m sorry but they should have paid that 23 million. I’d trade Amari Cooper before I trade Mack. Carr can throw for 5000 yards with a 4 to 1 TD/int ratio and the team would have zilch to show for it because the defense is substandard!!! When the hell will the Raiders have a dominate defense!!!? Can anyone answer this?

    1. When we went 12/4 two seasons ago, our D was trash. Who won all those games in the 4 the quarter? Derek, that’s who. Don’t get me wrong Mack is the absolute best and I’m going to miss him but DC is just as valuable, if not more. Only good things to come from here on out for the Nation. Embrace the change my guy, in Gruden we trust

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