Reports: Leonard Williams Won’t Fall Past Raiders In The Draft

The draft is less than a week away. That, of course, means your NFL information feed is filled to capacity with rumors and lies. I’ll try to sift through the smoke and give a few opinions on the Raiders draft and a few scenarios I believe may play out.

  1. I absolutely believe Marcus Mariota is going to be the no. 2 overall pick. Whether it’s the Titans or someone else, I don’t believe Mariota will be around when the Jaguars pick third. That’s good new for the Raiders in terms of players they would actually draft (non-quarterbacks), but also means they probably can’t get a king’s ransom for their fourth pick.
  2. Everyone seems to believe the Jaguars will draft Dante Fowler Jr. (JAX is loaded at defensive tackle). If that happens, Leonard Williams would be there for the Raiders. Should that happen, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Vic Tafur says the Raiders will take him. Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported last week that the Raiders “covet” Williams. Some believe Reggie McKenzie will trade out of the pick if Williams isn’t there – something I think he’d consider if Williams is there. Remember, Reggie loves his picks – especially extra picks.
  3. Does that mean no Amari Cooper or Kevin White? Contrary to popular opinion, McKenzie won’t be against taking a receiver early in the draft. Mike Evans and Sammy Watkins were very high on the Raiders’ draft board last year. Also, Mark Davis will have some say in the matter and he’s been known to suggest a first-round receiver.
  4. If the Raiders don’t trade the fourth pick, I’d like to see them take Leonard Williams or Amari Cooper. Both would address a need, and neither appear to be bust material. Kevin White may have a higher ceiling, but I like Cooper’s NFL readiness – something that would benefit Derek Carr right away.
  5. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that we don’t know.


Two years ago Jason LaCanfora called the D.J. Hayden pick on the morning of the draft, so it isn’t unprecedented, but Reggie is unpredictable – especially when it comes to the draft. So maybe he’ll end up drafting a fullback and trading him for Tim Tebow… who knows?

Oh, and as always, your guess is as good as mine.