Reports Say Marshawn Lynch Has Been Meeting With Raiders

A report that Marshawn Lynch had been dodging calls and avoiding a meeting with the Raiders has been squashed.

The report was also denied by Lynch’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, and other Bay Area media.

The purpose of this website, which bears responsibility for passing along the story, has always been to promote accurate stories and in this case that wasn’t what happened.

The writer of the Lynch report had broken a number of detailed reports within the past six weeks, most notably the news on Jon Gruden’s impending hire and details surrounding Jack Del Rio’s firing – all of which were later reported by more mainstream news outlets.

This was a portion of Friday’s retraction and apology from Scott Winter, who wrote the original story…

Despite relying on multiple sources for this information, the veracity of the claim could not be verified after further editorial review. The story has been removed from our site and we apologize to the parties involved for the error, including Mr. Lynch.

Given the report that Lynch has met with Gruden on several occasions, the 31 year-old is evidently at least open to the idea of returning next season.

Equally as important, the Raiders are obviously still open to bringing him back.

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11 thoughts on “Reports Say Marshawn Lynch Has Been Meeting With Raiders

  1. Fees like we’re being “softened up” for bringing Lynch back next year. He’s our best RB at the moment, but I just get the feeling that he’s a locker room problem.
    Its a deep RB class, so I’m interested to see if we take one.

    Cut Washington and promote Elijah Hood? Lots of questions….

    1. We don’t need a RB this year! But we can draft one for the future and depth in the later rounds just like recievers, there always there to be had in the mid to late rounds! What we desperately net is a PASS RUSHING DT! And to Sign Mack and Navorro and get another NFL QUALITY LB! A decent corner, doesn’t have to be great as long as we get that DT who will push the pocket and keep QB’s from stepping up and KILLING our secondary!

  2. Lemme explain something for you “fans” that really don’t know… whether it be ‘Shawn (I do) or football.

    How can u deduct that he is anything but that MONSTER that he has been his whole football life??
    A few bullet points for the remedial….

    • The best OL in football regressed to the worst… whether from the TRASH OC, lack of desire… WHATEVER. Enough to make JDR limit him out of PRESERVATION, and enough to cause our Future MVP to endure…. say it with me, dummies….

    • Locker room cancer?? The only thing he has done that u truly idiotic, lake of human rights respecters, is not salute the SSB. Absolutely NO ONE ON THE TEAM has called him a problem. Hard worker, harder runner. Coach likes him. Gruden even more. He is THE TOWN…. and for y’all that will never know… we don’t give a ****. But like my dude said…. “We bout that ACTION BOSS.”

    How do u not feed the hardest runner since Walter?!? Todd Downing was the trash… and it was taken out. Chunky ain’t gonna allow his prized General to be subjected to them underachieving fat bastards not doin their job. And if the do their job, Shawn gets 15gs…. EASY.

    I am taking all bets to the contrary….

    1. Whole lotta wannabe GM’s talking smack about things they know NOTHING ABOUT ie; locker room CANCER, selfish, not Beast Mode anymore! When he was used properly he was the BEST OFFENSIVE WEAPON WE HAD THIS YEAR! Can he do it at his age for another year? I don’t know? But people been betting against this dude since he came into the league. And they always lost. I think he’ll be a Raider again next year. He’s EXACTLY WHAT GRUDEN WANTS IN A SMASH MOUTH BACK. And Washington and Rashard fit the “Charlie Garner” change of pace back Gruden loves to a tee!

    2. You missed the part about him being out of shape until he came back from suspension, and it was too late.
      You missed the part about him running into the KC/Oakland melee to help “his boy” Peters, A CHIEF.
      You missed the part about him prancing like a little girl when we beat THE JETS, with the hard part coming in which he laid an egg.
      You missed the reality show, the stupidity with the press, the rumors of his teammates being fed up with his antics.
      And there was the flag.

  3. A lot of hate for beast mode but I don’t listen to the chatter I look at the results on the field. He was misused early in the season especially during that 4 game losing streak when the offense was struggling. He should’ve touched the ball 20-25 times a game to take pressure off of an ailing Derrick Carr. At the end of the season when most had checked out beast mode was running hard and angry. Another issue I had was the misuse of jaimaze olawale. Why didn’t he get any touches? Guy is a former receiver never saw him lined up at WR or in the backfield He’s a matchup nightmare. I like what we have in house. Lynch and olawale can be a solid interior punch may need to sign or draft a scat back because of Richards fumbleitis and Washington’s ineffectiveness.

  4. You also missed the part where you guys claim that website “broke the Jon Gruden hire” Read the article. It’s all speculation that was out there already. They did not say ONCE in that article that Gruden was signing they said Gruden COULD take the job…Gruden to Raiders dated all the way back to November as rumors. Google it..
    Those people who lied about Lynch story got you guys by the balls with their imaginary sources huh?

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