This Is The Detail In The Marshawn Lynch Story That Might Matter Most

In the wake of Thursday’s reports on Marshawn Lynch, a number of denials (including one from Lynch’s agent) have emerged, calling the details of the story into question.

If you’re not familiar with the story, you can find it here.

Was there a missed meeting between Lynch and Gruden or was it simply canceled and rescheduled?

Has Lynch just been slow to respond since?

That’s what everyone would like to know right now.

From Lynch’s camp, the response hasn’t been particularly specific to the details, but calling the writer of the story a “coach potato” sufficiently implies that the details of the story aren’t factual.

With that in mind, the opinion that matters most right now belongs to Jon Gruden.

Maybe the most important detail in the story was the suggestion that Gruden was beginning to lose patience with Lynch.

Whatever the timeline (and the different versions of that timeline) of Lynch’s interactions with the Raiders, it’s significant if Gruden isn’t pleased with the way the process has played out to this point.

The best thing going for Lynch’s chances of returning to the Raiders was the clean slate that Gruden was apparently willing to offer him.

If that slate is no longer clean after only a matter of weeks, chances aren’t great that Marshawn will be back.

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8 thoughts on “This Is The Detail In The Marshawn Lynch Story That Might Matter Most

  1. This isn’t based on fact; just rumors and opinions. Lynch is still a Raider and no official word has come out on any of this stuff. If it was true he may have been cut already.

  2. There is no question that Lynch ran hard for the Raiders this past year; he is a good player. But at what cost? How did the team do in 2017? Football is a TEAM game and Marshawn Lynch has never been a team player. His suspension this season shows where he is at and these selfish antics will not charge; he is who he is. His presence and attititude clearly affected the TEAM in a negative fashion. Cut ties with this guy fast and let him take his antics to his TV program where he can entertain like-minded fools.

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