Respected Analyst Predicts Derek Carr To Have “Best Season” In 2018

Generally a prediction isn’t something worthy of a storyline, but this one is especially bold and since it involves the cornerstone of the franchise, it’s getting passed along.

Coming off a miserable season that no one really saw coming, there’s a little uneasiness surrounding Derek Carr entering his fifth season in the league (I know, where has time gone?).

But well-respected ESPN analyst Louis Riddick says there’s no reason to worry about Carr. In fact, he says 2018 will be Carr’s best season as a professional.

Some of Riddick’s confidence comes with the arrival of Jon Gruden, but Riddick also spent much of the year criticizing the Raiders offensive philosophy under former offensive coordinator Todd Downing.

Considering he finished third in the NFL MVP voting a year ago, it’ll take quite a season to qualify as Carr’s best season as a pro.

Also a nice thing to see next year would be a healthy Carr play a full season in good health.

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1 thought on “Respected Analyst Predicts Derek Carr To Have “Best Season” In 2018

  1. I’m not sure why people are pushing the panic button on this kid . Before last year , he was making marked improvement year to year . He wasn’t having a bad year until that Washington game and that night the whole team fell apart . The following week he suffered 3 broken bones in his back . He only took a week off before going back . I’ve had that same injury and trust me , it hampers even the slightest movement that requires twisting your back . Add Todd Downing’s helter skelter offense and you’re bound to have issues . Finally , his receivers weren’t all that reliable which can really blow up a quarterback’s statline . Derek is fine . Will be fine and if the rest of the team responds , the Raiders will be fine .

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