Report: Raiders Top Free Agent Target Will Be Rams CB Trumaine Johnson

Everyone is wondering where the Raiders will make their biggest splash in free agency this offseason.

According to Tony Pauline, the position will be cornerback and the player will be Trumaine Johnson – or at least that’s the position and player the Raiders hope it will be.

This is Pauline’s report via

“I’m told Trumaine Johnson is the No. 1 target for the Oakland Raiders in free agency and that the team will make a pointed effort to sign the cornerback. Johnson is expected to have numerous suitors once free agency opens, and Oakland views Johnson as a great pairing with Gareon Conley.”

Johnson turned 28 in January and played for the Rams under the franchise tag in 2017. He has 18 interceptions over six NFL seasons.

For what it’s worth, he was born and raised in Stockton, California.

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14 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Top Free Agent Target Will Be Rams CB Trumaine Johnson

  1. He’d be a pretty big upgrade over the trash we had back there last year. Hopefully Reggie doesn’t lowball him and Oakland picks up a solid veteran. As of now we have trash Smith, a rookie (Conley) and whatever rookies we pick up in the draft. It would be nice to draft a monster DT high in the draft to crush the pocket so our DB’s don’t have to cover WR’s for 8-10 seconds.

    1. Smith played like Trash for a lot of the season but I think this biggest problem was Ken Norton scheme….. I think he plays better this season if he’s makes the team

    2. RM pays guys he wants, just look at KO and Hudson, both “prized” free agents RM brought the Brinks truck for. If this article is to be believed, Reggie will pay Johnson like a lockdown CB, but front load it so there’s no long term impact. I’m cool w/that bc he’s only 28, so RM will be guaranteeing the money for Johnsons prime years. Agree w/the DT, VV is a monster and should be available @9 or 10.

    3. I dont know if we can trash Smith yet. I dont think the scheme that the DC played until they got rid of Norton was conducive to his style. When Pagano took over he did play better. I guess we just see if we can find someone better for that money. I dont think we will afford Johnson. he will get offered north of 12 mil. I think Reg is looking for 10M or less.We could certainly get some more cap room by letting Reggie Nelson go. We could certainly find someone better than him cheaper.

      1. The fact is, NONE of our DB’s has an INT until something like week 11 or 12 (the first INT we got was from a linebacker who had the ball fall on him while laying on his back). There’s a “bad scheme” and there are DB’swho are playmakers, with enough athletic ability to find at least ONE interception in 10-11 games. Even a defensive tackle gets the lucky INT now and then…..pathetic!

  2. Reggie has been great job controlling the team salary cap Belichick doesn’t blow through his money. Don’t try to build a solid defense in one season over time so I can last over time

  3. Definitely should go hard after Johnson, with the caveat being Smith gets the axe (you likely won’t hear many, if any complaints when you consider Smith’s age, cap number, lack of speed, and legal troubles). Win win situation. Go younger, yet not too young so as to avoid too much inexperience.

  4. Overrated. He played just as well if not worse than Sean Smith (post Norton JR firing). Not worth the money. Find a cheaper/younger option or keep Smith (preferred if pay cut/legal troubles work out).

  5. Yeah, I think it would turn us around if we pick up T.Johnson or K.Fuller, then Draft V.Vea or M.Hurst to help Mack out, and that would really help. I understand that we do need a linebacker, and will really need one if Bowman or Irvin is gone, so if we go that way, it has to be linebacker with the first pick, maybe we can get Da’ron Payne or Marcus Davenport in the second. Or we could probably sign D.Poe and K.Fuller both, for close around what T.Johnson will ask, then a little breathing room in the draft incase someone slips like M.Fitzpatrick or S.Barkley which I don’t see happening, but crazier things have lol… just give us FA-K.Fuller, D.Poe, 1st rd-Smith or Edmunds, 2nd rd-Davenport, 3rd rd-RB and (We Be Rolling) ……..

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