Restructured Deal Indicates Raiders Are Committed To Marshawn Lynch

Any doubts surrounding Marshawn Lynch’s return to the Raiders next year have been squashed.

The proof, as it generally happens to be, is in the money. The Raiders essentially doubled down on their commitment to Lynch with a restructured deal that was done last week.

The Raiders got $500k in cap room out of the deal, but Lynch now gets $4.5 million guaranteed which is a huge win for him.

Until the new deal, the Raiders could have pulled the carpet from under Lynch at any time before the season with only $1 million lost.

Now Lynch knows the Raiders have serious skin in the game and he also gets additional opportunities for incentives – reportedly making his deal worth as much as $9.25 million.

The Raiders gave up a lot for just $500k in cap space, but should get an even more motivated Beast Mode with the added incentives.

Even if the Raiders land a running back in the first two rounds of the draft, it’s almost inconceivable that it would be worth $4.5 million to dump Lynch.

Other than the bank, Beast Mode isn’t going anywhere…

twitter: @raidersbeat