Rod Woodson Doesn’t Seem To Know What He Said About Derek Carr

Rod Woodson is getting more confusing (or more confused) by the minute.

On Wednesday morning, Woodson said the Raiders lost their “toughness” and “backbone” when Michael Crabtree was released. He also said Derek Carr and Jordy Nelson can’t offer the same toughness as Crabtree.

On Wednesday night, Woodson logged onto social media to say he never said Carr wasn’t tough only to realize that he had said Carr wasn’t tough and went back to his previous position that Carr, once again, wasn’t tough.

Did you get that?

Here’s the exchange on Twitter between Woodson and the one and only Raider Bandido…

Is it any wonder the Raiders couldn’t figure what to do in the secondary with Woodson talking in circles like this?

And what exactly is the “toughness” that Woodson is talking about?

Carr has consistently sacrificed his body, played through injuries, and never thrown a teammate under the bus. He has also accepted responsibility repeatedly when the Raiders have fallen short – a concept that Woodson would be wise to consider moving forward.

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20 thoughts on “Rod Woodson Doesn’t Seem To Know What He Said About Derek Carr

  1. F him and every other coordinator/coach we’ve had the past decade! Hopefully the buck stops here with gruden and his boys. No, I don’t think gruden is the end coming of Vince Lombardi, but he comes in with a great deal of respect as do his assistants.
    Hopefully they can get something special started with this team and move on in a positive direction.

    1. Also f the returning coordinators? Just **** everything that led us to this rebuild? Sit down kid.

    2. My concern with Gruden’s new team of coaches is Greg Olsen. He wasn’t good during his first go-round with the Raiders. He was the King of Run, Run, Screen, Punt. And the team’s record showed it. Hoping Gruden sticks him to only handle being an over paid QB coach Babysitting Carr and Gruden does the play calling, otherwise I’m nervous about the offense.

  2. Hey Rod I think your alittle bitter here, just never thought you your the kinda guy that loses his job & start bashing the team, always respected you on & off the field, now not so much!!!!!!

  3. I remember Crabs being Talib’s and Sherman’s bitch. What is this toughness he brings?

    1. **** are u talking bout? Think Derek woulda ran that chain snatcher off the field like that? Love Derek but he doesn’t have that kind of toughness to him. He’s driven and dedicated but he won’t swing at someone like crabs.

  4. Salt…salty…saltiest…most saltiest…saltus maximus. Helped the RAIDERS secondary to an all time NFL record. Under the leadership of Rod Woodson, the RAIDERS established a new record in 2017. In collecting ZERO interceptions through the 7th regular season game, the RAIDERS became the first team in NFL history to accomplish that achievement. On November 26th, the streak came to an end when a LB recorded an interception for the Silver and Black. Stay classy Rod, see you when the NFL needs another coin flipper.

  5. Rod, much love but rethink , Raider Nation needs to come together. Loved King Crab wish they could have kept both, but let’s not reach a verdict when were picking the jury.

    Much love r”ed

  6. I liked that he started the whole thing by saying “I don’t want to sound like a lover scorned….” then proceeded to make the pettiest argument ever. haha. But oh well, the dude did get fired from his job, there is bound to be a little bit of sour grapes about it. They’ll turn to wine eventually.

  7. Wikipedia and the Raiders website says “Corner Backs” coach. There was a “Safeties” coach.

    Technically, Rod is correct.

    Factually, the Corner Backs SUCKED last year.

    He can’t take the blame and own up to it. Carr does.
    Shows the character of a person.

    You want a coach to own up to their mistakes and not go to the media and bash your old team. That really doesn’t land you too many jobs moving forward.

  8. Well, well…where do you begin? When you’re called out on the play of the Raiders#1, defense especially the secondary, which we all know you at least, tried to help coach up….but, it obviously didn’t work!! But to come back with a remark “Technically, I was never the head DB coach!” Too sad, Mr. Woodson, you will never will be mentioned in any of the context of the real great players that played for the one and only Oakland Raiders!!

  9. Our secondary was the worst in football, Rod Woodson is like a lot of great players, he’s not a good coach, you got fired, that’s what happens when you’re not a good coach

  10. These comments are ******* embarrassing, he didn’t say anything wrong. Carr is a leader not a fighter like Crabtree. love having gruden back but we guaranteed 10 years at 10 mil for whats really an unknown, ffs bill only gets 7.5.

  11. Carr doesn’t like to get hit but what Qb does? Carr needs to get better at avoiding pressure instead of throwing the ball too soon but he’s shown that if he does get hurt he will play through it unless someone snaps his leg in half. So it’s not about him not being tough enough it’s about him improving his pocket awareness.

    1. Wally isn’t it more likely he meant tough as in “backbone”, like how he said in the tweet? Tough is Crabtree driving talib thru his own sideline or lynch jumping off the bench to defend his cuz. Carr gives leadership like woodson said, not a an aggressive edge. Appreciate you not jumping straight to hating on a dude n throwing shade like these other comments.

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