Rod Woodson: Vitamin D Deficiency A Factor In Gareon Conley’s Leg Injury

If Rod Woodson has shown anything since he parted ways with the Raiders, it’s that he’s willing to talk.

In his most recent information dump on Friday, Woodson talked about Gareon Conley on NFL Network’s Up to the Minute.

“I think G-Money (Conley) has a good feel for the game,” Woodson said of Conley. “Watching him on tape, watching him at college, and when you watch him at OTAs before he had that little fluke injury, the vitamin D deficiency in his leg, he could see the game, he could see the field. He played like an old soul. He would see a guy coming and he could slide over top of the receiver and still get back in position.”

Woodson also used the term “lock down corner” to describe Conley, but the vitamin D deficiency (which explains the apparent stress fracture) information hadn’t previously been revealed.

In fact, it seemed the only information Jack Del Rio’s outfit ever revealed was the news that Conley would return soon – which never actually happened under JDR’s watch.

Woodson called Conley’s injury a “fluke” injury and hopefully that will turn out to be true.

For what it’s worth, there are six weeks until training camp and Conley is presently on the shelf with what Jon Gruden described as a very minor groin injury. Another innocent injury that hopefully stays that way this time.

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4 thoughts on “Rod Woodson: Vitamin D Deficiency A Factor In Gareon Conley’s Leg Injury

  1. Nice to see Rod say something positive about a Raider, but make no mistake Rod, you are still very much in the Raider Nations dog house.

  2. Very well put Lee, he will be in our doghouse for awhile, he meant every word that spewed outta his mouth, because he was let go didn’t mean he had to bash our coach & quarterback, maybe he should take a look at himself and his coaching, the defensive backs were horrifying under his watch last season, who wouldn’t have let him go!!

  3. A vitamin D deficiency in his leg… really!
    That is the absolute most ignorant thing that I’e read in a minute.
    The deficiency would be throughout GC’s system and he would be considered probably to brittle to be the thumper and lockdown specialist he’ known to be. The stress fracture probably caused a serious need for vitamin D’s help, especially the way Rod Jack and that great strength and conditioning group handled the initial injury… shroud it in mystery

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