What We Know About Martavis Bryant And A Potential Suspension

The next six weeks were supposed to be peaceful and quiet for Jon Gruden, but that was before a report surfaced on Thursday that Martavis Bryant may soon be subject to another round of discipline from the NFL.

Right now, not a lot is known about Bryant’s situation other than that it involves the league’s substance abuse policy.

The good news, for now at least, is that Bryant hasn’t been suspended and whatever incident is in question had to have happened since Bryant joined the Raiders (see the tweet below).

Based on a report from NFL’s Ian Rapoport, there is hope that Bryant will still walk away from whatever the league is looking into without punishment.

Judging by the information above, it sounds like Bryant may be dealing with a matter other than a failed drug screen. Maybe a missed drug screen or miscommunication with something along those lines?

Whatever the case, there appears to be some gray area and Bryant has not yet heard anything from the league.

For what it’s worth, any violation of league rules would likely come with significant consequences considering the repeated violations Bryant has accrued over his career. A year suspension or more could conceivably end his tenure with the Raiders.

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2 thoughts on “What We Know About Martavis Bryant And A Potential Suspension

  1. I can’t fIgure out why NFL teams can’t hire personnel to watch over and submit paperwork for the potentially troubled players. Or just get them to scheduled tests. With that much money on the line it seems like a no brainer.

  2. You would think a grown man getting paid millions for a game would be responsible enough to make all his scheduled tests and meetings and slack of the reefer until he retires but like so many others in the league they just keep thinking they can get by with **** like this till they end up like Aldon smith did. He should have never had a problem with weed again after the first time. Hopefully it’s nothing but he has proven time and time again getting high is more important to him then staying on the field.

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