Rodney Harrison Thinks Derek Carr Is Overrated

Rodney Harrison apparently wants to be NBC’s version of Skip Bayless.

After the Raiders loss to the Bills on Sunday, Harrison went full throttle after Derek Carr – and not just in reference to Sunday’s game. Harrison essentially went after Carr’s career.

“He’s the one guy that we always seem to give a free pass to,” Harrison said of Carr. “What has he done so spectacular in this league… I just think he’s overrated.”

What has Carr done in the league?

Well, last year the Raiders’ 25 year-old (at the time) quarterback finished tied for third in the league MVP vote. The year before that, Carr threw 32 touchdowns to 13 interceptions.

Carr also has more 4th-quarter comebacks than any quarterback in the league over the past three years.

Sure, the Raiders offense hasn’t been much this year, but to ask what has Carr done to earn respect? C’mon, Harrison. You’re paid to give commentary, but it’s okay to mix in a little intelligent commentary, too.

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13 thoughts on “Rodney Harrison Thinks Derek Carr Is Overrated

  1. I tend to agree with Rodney. Carr is not consistent like Brady Wentz or Stafford. Neither are the receivers with the exception of Crab.There’s a lot to be desired of the CBS except TJ. The coaching is subpar. The whole organisation needs a wake up call. The OC has done little to take it to the next level. In fact it has gone downhill. There is talent in the team but not used effectively.

    1. You obviously don’t know what your talking about because wentz had almost the same amount ints to tds last yr and this yr he is playing great big whoop Carr has the most 4th quarter comebacks since last yr and was a mvp candidate so calm down

      1. I am not commenting on past performance, but, where we are today. That’ where the inconsistency arises.

      2. Hahaha thank you? Lol who is Carson Wentz? What has he done? Super Bowl? Playoff win? Cmon now…..don’t kid yourself… and Stanford!?!? Okay I won’t even travel down that path(etic)…. 😂

      3. I can’t believe you said Wentz and Stanford, as if they’re compatible to Tom Brady lol …

          1. All I am saying is these QBS are improving whereas Carr is not the same as last year despite all the new offensive weapons he has.

  2. Amar, you obviously have never played nor do you even make an argument for your dumb *** Carr comment. In fact you gave the reasons why the Raiders are losing and non of them were Carr. They have won because of Carr. Oh yea dipshit you fail to mention their biggest failure, THE O_LINE!!!!!!!!!!!! Know what your talking about before you post. We can still finish on top of the AFC West!!

  3. Check Harrison for CTE. A better question is what makes Rivers so special? Throws for a lot of yards, but chokes when it matters. Had one of the best teams with LT and choked. Carr is just getting started. Those come from behind wins are almost as much as Rivers for his career. So yeah, maybe that back injury is still bothering him, but go ask teams like Cleveland, the Jets, or Jacksonville if they’d draft Carr, guaranteed a hell yes!

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