Rumor: Raiders Owner Mark Davis to Hire Antonio Pierce if “Big Swing” Doesn’t Work Out

Antonio Pierce is making a strong case to have the interim tag removed from his job title, but he might not be the owner’s top choice to be the Raiders’ next head coach.

Mark Davis loves to make a splash with his coaching hires and some believe he has his eye on a higher profile candidate than Pierce.

According to Sports Illustrated insider Albert Breer, there is talk that Davis is considering a “big swing” at head coach in the weeks ahead…

“One thing I’ve heard is that Davis may have a big swing in him, and that he’d go with Pierce if that swing weren’t to work out. Either way, Pierce seems to be positioned nicely…

A couple things should really help Antonio Pierce with Mark Davis. The first is that Davis still harbors some regret over not giving Rich Bisaccia another year after Bisaccia united a team that was going through a lot—the Jon Gruden fiasco, and Henry Ruggs’s and Damon Arnette’s off-field problems—and got the Raiders to the playoffs. The second is that Davis does listen to his players. I believe the three in particular he counseled with earlier in the year (Davante Adams, Josh Jacobs, Maxx Crosby) will be strong supporters of Pierce.”

If Davis does have his eye on someone other than Pierce, the two names that come to mind are Jim Harbaugh and Jon Gruden.

Harbaugh is very likely to leave the University of Michigan after the college championship game and the fact that he hired NFL super agent Don Yee is no small development. Harbaugh is almost certainly headed to the NFL and if he doesn’t go to the Raiders, he could end up with the Chargers.

As for Gruden, Davis didn’t want to let him go two years ago, but he caved to the pressure of the league and three months later introduced Raider fans to Josh McDaniels.

The hope now is that Davis has “smartened up” since his last big swing at a head coach.

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18 thoughts on “Rumor: Raiders Owner Mark Davis to Hire Antonio Pierce if “Big Swing” Doesn’t Work Out

  1. Stories like these are what makes your posts less credible with every sentence! Stop writing about something you have no idea about!. If I remember correctly you also stated that Bradyvwas coming to Vegas to replace Carr!

    1. Let me guess you know what Mark Davis is going to do. Cause you **** sure dogging the writer of this article for reporting what he’s hearing. So I’m pretty sure this writer knows what’s going on with Mark Davis a helluva lot more than what your azz knows. So why don’t you just shut up and stop being rude and believe in what the writer is reporting.

  2. We have the most delusional, clueless, unknowledgeable, unprofessional, idiot owner in the history of this league. He has NO BUSINESS being an owner. You could lack football knowledge but possess business savy and succeed, but Davis lacks any traits, acumen, or applicable skill-set to operate any business let alone a valuable NFL Franchise.
    The fact that these similar postings continue to pop up whereby it avers that Davis regrets not giving Rich Bisaccia opportunity then proceeds to suggest that Pierce may receive opportunity IF Harbaugh or Gruden are no longer options only shows how wrong Davis is for the betrothed task Al Davis placed upon his shoulders.

    The fact that people believe Gruden is an option should he drop lawsuit is further indications that this franchise will continue to suffer through laughingstock syndrome. Gruden had several seasons to do something and he not only failed but ultimately was exposed for the fraud Al Davis knew him to be (not too mention myself expressing same sentiments for years.)
    The truth is Gruden was about to lead Raiders to a horrible season prior to his finally smart decision to bounce. That said, Gruden deserved to be fired based upon his lack of production and the exposure of character defects only supported what should have (and would have if this was any other franchise besides the one Mark Davis has turned into a joke) been a contractional performance firing instead of the man-crush resigning arranged by Gruden n Davis.
    We fans need to take control of the franchise’s future direction and right a ship long overdue for time travel back to the glory days.

    1. Quit crying you pos. If you don’t like what Mark Davis is doing then bounce.. carry your azz to another team. Raider Nation don’t need no sucka azz crying whining lil bich . Tired of reading all these negative comments about this and that. Like I said you don’t like how Mark Davis is running things then see ya. Roll your negative azz right on over to the commanders or maybe the Panthers. See if you like the decisions those teams are making.

  3. I’d take Gruden in a Minute… he built a team that went to the playoffs in three years. It would have went deep in the fourth year minus The Assassination by Baddall and the NFL. Those who complain about Gru’s draft choices… look at the Players on today’s Raiders and how many of the contributors were Gruden choices.
    Kolton Miller, Josh Jacobs, Maxx Crosby, Hunter Renfrow, Amik Robertson, Divine Deablo, Trevon Moehrig, and Malcolm Koonce. That does not even include players cut or given away like J Abram (New Orleans), Cle Ferrell (49’ers), Mo Hurst (Browns), Trayvon Mullen (Ravens), Foster Moreau (Saints), John Simpson (Ravens), Bryan Edwards (Saints), Quinton Bell (Miami), Tyree Gillespie (Chiefs}, Jimmy Morrissey (Texans), Arden Key (Titans), Lynn Bowden (Saints), Tanner Muse (Chargers) ALL contributing to Mostly winning and Playoff teams… not to mention FA pickups like Alec Ingold (Miami) and Darren Waller (Giants). Show me another team with so many players STILL playing in the League and doing well.
    Gruden is also experienced in WINNING, is a Master Motivator and has a great Offensive mind… and HE IS A RAIDER!!! WAKE UP Detractors!! THE Raiders would be Fortunate to have him back at the Helm.

  4. Jim is a good call. Jon I think is past his prime. Antonio is 2nd choice, pretty green

  5. Decisions have been devastating to this team. They don’t try to get Lamar Jackson. They
    sign Jimmy Garropola to a multi- million dollar contract. They sign Chandler Jones to a
    multi-million dollar contract. They let an all-pro linebacker Prettyman leave. They sign and
    then release a washed up cornerback. They refuse to pay their league leading rusher to
    a multi-million dollar contract. They release their multi-million dollar contracted Q-back
    go and still have to pay him. Now, they after a quarterback that has an unproven record
    with his current team. And there is more. And, the owner wants to look past his current
    Interim head coach? “No wonder they perennial losers these days!”

  6. I would take, Pierce and Harbaugh. Not Gruden Harbaugh took the 49ers to the Super Bowl and lost on another bad call from the refs

  7. Gruden would be a disaster and those players will indefinably NOT play for a proven RACIST. IN San Diego you have Justin Herbert, what do the Raiders have ?
    Belicick will be 72 y/o next year………………..
    I’d hire Pierce and hopefully snag Press Taylor away from the Jags.

    1. Gruden isn’t know proven racist. I guess he’s a racist just cause he said Demaurice Smith said he had big lips like tires or something like that. How is that racist? Cause it’s a white man joking on a black man. I guess white men these days can’t say nothing about black people or if they do they’re racist. That’s some BS if you ask me. I hear black guys everyday just about calling white people crackers. But I guess thats ok and not racist. Black people holler that racism stuff alot even when it’s not even a racist situation. If you wanna be honest I notice a lot of racist black people that are quick to call someone else racist. Maybe they need to look at themselves before they talk ish about another person

  8. Great, we get to start all over again. It’s bad enough the refs **** us but now Mark Davis will too once again.

  9. Gruden would be a disaster again. He’s old school. His my way or highway attitude is a bust. The locker room won’t like him. His offense is outdated.
    Keep AP and get a progressive offensive guru for OC.
    I wouldn’t hate Harbaugh, but the team might.

  10. Harbaugh would be THE MAN as GM, Antonio HC. Should AC go south in 2 yes, Harbaugh could be HC. 3yrs in a Raider job is enough time to prove ya bleed silver n black. If Raider investers could dump Davis, that would be the crowning jewel for Raidernation. All of Oakland/LasVegas can bet Davis don’t know football in ANY manner. Amy Trask shiuld return to the club as do her thing with legal and trade concerns. Al did right by hiring her.

  11. Note to Mark Davis,
    If your top players are wanting AP as the a head coach, and publicly telling the world that. Then realize, that you are not a general manager. You are the owner of a team that has been consistently horrible for years. You haven’t won a playoff game in how long????? Listen to what your TEAM wants for once! Hire the man that changed the culture in the locker room and on the field. Your coaching picks haven’t exactly worked out right? Draft a qb that can run to extend plays. Then hopefully say hello playoffs next year!!!

  12. I have been a Raider fan since 1967 when they acquired George Blanda. But I had enough and bolted from this disfunctionally run fanchise. I am too old to wait for something to happen, so I bolted.

    Those guys who want Gruden back just think of his busted first round draft choices like Conerly(?), Ferrel(?), Leatherwood, etc.

  13. My best friend is black and when I greet him I ask, “How is you?” His response is “I is fine.”

    So am I being a racist.

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