Sean Smith In Danger Of Being Cut?

Sean Smith is only a year into a four-year, $38 million deal with the Raiders, but some are wondering if the 30 year-old cornerback will even make the team.

After an inconsistent 2016 campaign, Smith declared that he would return to form in 2017.

So far, that hasn’t happened.

After spending much of training camp working with the reserves, Smith struggled in the preseason opener and former Raiders’ linebacker Bill Romanowski believes Smith may be playing himself out of a spot on the roster.

“I wonder if Sean [Smith] can make this team,” Romanowski said on 95.7 The Game last week. “This game is about speed and here’s the deal. With his salary, he’s not going to be a backup. It ain’t going to happen.”

For what it’s worth, Raiders’ play-by-play announcer Greg Papa agreed with Romanowski and what’s worse, their comments actually came before Smith’s sloppy performance against the Cardinals on Saturday night.

Smith continues to struggle against quicker receivers and hasn’t shown the same foot speed he once possessed.

If the Raiders were to release Smith, he would count for $9.25 million in dead money in 2017, but no dead money beyond this season.

In other words, with Khalil Mack’s contract looming large, there’s almost no chance Smith is on the roster beyond this season anyway – especially given Smith’s $8.5 million cap number in 2018.

The Raiders have been creative with Smith in training camp, matching him up against tight ends and moving him around in the secondary, but unless he shows something in the weeks to come, Smith’s time in Oakland could be coming to an end.

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6 thoughts on “Sean Smith In Danger Of Being Cut?

  1. His skills eroded rather quickly. Raiders should cut there loses and consider the signing a bust.

  2. His skills eroded rather quickly. Raiders should cut their loses and consider the signing a bust.

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