Papa: Donald Penn Holdout “Really Going To Drag Out For A While”

Donald Penn still hasn’t reported to training camp and while many have speculated that Penn’s holdout will probably only last another week or so, Raiders play-by-play voice Greg Papa believes the stalemate isn’t particularly close to ending.

“The Donald Penn thing, I think that’s really going to drag out for a while here and I think that may throw off the entire preseason,” Papa said on the 95.7 The Game’s Mornings W/ Joe, Lo & Dibs.

Papa’s perspective is interesting in part because he is an employee of the Raiders.

Assuming the information Papa receives is sourced within the organization, it doesn’t sound like the Raiders are prepared to blink on negotiations with Penn.

Or at least that may be the message they’d like to send their Pro Bowl left tackle at this time.

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18 thoughts on “Papa: Donald Penn Holdout “Really Going To Drag Out For A While”

  1. Donald Penn has never been paid anywhere near his value. Give him another year and more money. Can they afford an injury to DC

  2. I really thought Penn was a better man than this I just watched him say it was all about Superbowl not money 1 year into a contract which he signed now wants more sounds like blackmail where else but NFL can u say screw what was our deal I want more would to to see him back soon but the NFL and Raiders will keep on spinning with or without him thought our Raiders were about family and this man has bragged how he has DCs back and now hell only have his back if he can get away with holding this team hostage not right DP not right at all. Years ago I signed a contact to go on a boat in dutch harbor AK I can imagine how that would have went over there woulda have been throw overboard just saying making rock star money on greatest team ever isn’t good enough go back to Tampa settle this get back to work

  3. My take on this is the man signed a contract and he should live up to it. that’s his word when he signed.

    On another note for this up coming season: I think that if the Raiders are up by 10 points in the fourth Quarter in any game this year they should put in their back up QB. Look what happened last year, when Carr went down we had 2 QB’s with no playing time that couldn’t get the job done. The back up needs to get real game experience during the year to stay sharp. The Raiders where up 33 – 14 when Carr got hurt. I’ve been a Raider fan for over 50 years and I need a couple more super bowls before I die!!! GO RAIDERS !!!!!

  4. I love DP. I was a huge fan of his and was happy when he signed tgat contract. But if he chooses to sit out i say dont blink an eye cut him and let him fight for another job.

  5. Teams void contracts all the time, just look at A.Howard, signed a 5 year deal but Raiders cut him after 3…..why can’t it go both ways? Penn is grossly underpaid for his performance so why shouldn’t he ask for more money? If he was playing below his value do you think the team would think twice about voiding his deal??? I think not…
    There is still money under the cap so pay the man and let’s get one of the best OL’s in the league back together

  6. Just pay the man! He makes the least of all the offensive lineman, Carr got his money, Cook and Lynch got theirs. Pay him!

    1. Hey matt tell ur boss ur not coming in unless u get 5 mill c how that works out for u haha

  7. He has played great for us but he did sign that deal last year. In the end, they should give him the extra million or so hes lookin for to get in the top 10 highest paid then move on next year.

  8. I absolutely love DPENN, but dude you signed a new contract last year for 2 yrs, and you are making somewhere towards 7 million. Like Reggie said “Get to camp, put in work and we will start talking about new contract.” I honestly think the Raiders are being too nice and not fining him that $40,000.00 a day, I know if I don’t show for work I don’t get paid

  9. let him go, Mike Tice can then know how to play his cards.
    Penn you said Superbowl not Benjamin’s were your priority.

    good luck Penn on your next move.

  10. Dude NFL is cut throats look if he was terrible he could be cut in a heartbeat so if he is a top 10 tackle pay the man. You people always say he signed contract honor it 99 percent of the people who say that would do the samething Donald is doing you gotta get yours while you can cause after it’s over no one will give a **** about you get your money

  11. . I have no problem with paying players who perform well more money. BUT if they are going to demand more money in the Middle of a contract, They need to be willing to get paid less when they don’t play well. It goes both ways. Donald. Derrick needs you.. Come back..

  12. He is an aged excellent tackle. The Raiders are one more year away from the diamond rings. He knows that. He not good enough to bolt on his contract. We have time build/acquire another.

    After that wiff? After Derek’s leg? Now a holdout? It is sickening that he would do this now to his teammates and Raider Nation. Let him walk.

    1. Distraction distractions we don’t need distractions Marshawn sitting Sean Stupid *** smith (get paid and suck good example of other side of penn thing can we have our money back) Penn’s hold out,move to Las Vegas distractions really – bad side off gettn good every thing that happens blow outta proportion really hope we can just play our game again this year

  13. Reggie needs to start fining Donald Penn for everything he misses, then we will see who really has the power and who will give in

  14. I’m shaking my head on this one. Do we need him? Yes. Is he underpaid? Yes. Is he being a jerk blackmailing the RAIDERS right now? Yes. Do we have another top shelf LT on the roster? No. Should he report to camp and then negotiate? Yes. Do we want a legit shot at the Super Bowl? Yup! All we can do right now is sit back, wring our hands and wait to see what happens. Sucks.

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