Should the Raiders Make a Move For Lions CB Darius Slay?

Is Darius Slay a player the Raiders could consider trading for in the offseason?

Entering the final year of his deal in 2020, it’s no secret that Slay wants a new deal, but Detroit seems hesitant to give him a market-setting contract extension and Slay has already said that he wants more than $15 million per year.

The question is, are the Lions more likely to trade their 29 year-old cornerback or let him play out the final year of his deal and potentially get nothing in return?

The Raiders don’t have a second-round pick, but could they potentially get Slay for a third-round pick?

Remember, the Raiders have three third-round picks (80, 81, 91), so they can afford to be aggressive in round three. The real issue, if Slay can be acquired, is the cost to re-sign him, but that will be part of the formula that could make him available for a mid-round pick. At this point, the Raiders should value draft equity over cash as they should have plenty of Vegas money to work with going forward.

If the Lions do shop him, the Raiders should absolutely consider a trade for Slay. With Trayvon Mullen showing promise in his rookie year, the Raiders have an opportunity to have a dynamic cornerback pair if they can add a top player at the position.

So while the majority of the Raiders rumor mill is concentrating on which below-average quarterback the Raiders will sign in free agency, keep an eye on the cornerback position. It’s a position that makes a lot more sense for the Raiders to be anxious to find an upgrade and there might be real options on the table.

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2 thoughts on “Should the Raiders Make a Move For Lions CB Darius Slay?

  1. dont sign him hes to old an wants to much money if i spent money on a free agent i would go after a pass rusher an not from a team like the lions you want someone from a winning orgonzation

  2. Lions have a D minded coach and struggled on defense last season. Why would they deal one of their only talented D players? They are not in rebuild mode so they are gonna keep the pieces they have and build around it. He hasn’t got a new contract yet b/c he doesn’t deserve it. They will let him play out his contract and resign him in 2021. This sounds like a Madden trade instead of a real world trade

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