ESPN Offers Worst Derek Carr Take of the 2020 Offseason

Finally, the worst offseason take of them all.

It took weeks of clicking and scrolling through links, but leave it to ESPN to take home the distinguished prize for the worst take of the offseason.

So thank you, Bill Barnwell and ESPN, for this gem of an Onion take.

“The Titans made a move last year to add an unexciting veteran backup for their starter and landed on Ryan Tannehill, who had a career season,” Barnwell wrote this week for ESPN. “While they re-sign Tannehill, his injury history should lead general manager Jon Robinson to sign another veteran backup, with Carr, who gets cut by Las Vegas, fitting the bill.”

The prediction by Barnwell (surely the idea was just for kicks) is that the Raiders get nothing in return for Carr (he gets cut), Jon Gruden signs Cam Newton (there is no way Gruden is considering Newton), and Carr ends up being a backup in Tennessee (not even a starting QB). All this while Teddy Bridgewater signs a three-year, $90 million deal with the Chargers.

For what it’s worth, don’t expect any of the 2020 free agent quarterbacks to end up in Las Vegas in any more than a backup capacity. The one scenario that could shake things up, though, would be if a team decided to go hard after Carr by way of a trade.

Could Gruden and Mike Mayock be enticed to take a trade?

After all, if the cost to sign Bridgewater is $30 million per year, every team in the league looking for a quarterback should be salivating over Carr’s contract.

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14 thoughts on “ESPN Offers Worst Derek Carr Take of the 2020 Offseason

  1. That is the most stupidest prediction ever written!!! There is nothing wrong with Carr!!He needs good targets to pass too!!So you can just quit with this Carr ****!!

  2. Carrs stats speak for themselves in every category but wins. It is publicly known that the raiders D sucks. It is also known that Carr has no supporting staff to include coach and staff. Why don’t these writers focus on the bigger problem. Which is everyone BUT the 2019 raider rookies, Daren Waller, and Derek Carr.

  3. The collective sports media has gone crazy with these Derek Carr Doomsday reports! He isn’t going anywhere but to Las Vegas to remain the starting QB for the Raiders! The Free Agnecy period can’t come soon enough so we can put this nonsense to rest! #derekcarrraidersstartingqb

  4. I’d like to see any QB (current or former) do much more than Carr did with the receiving corps the Raiders trotted out week after week. Give me a break. If the Raiders move on from Derek, I may vomit myself at the decision making. Is he the best QB in the NFL? Of course not. Better than many current starting QBs? Without a doubt. Better than virtually any realistic options for a replacement? Absolutely 100%.

  5. ESPN is the WORST!!! They Know NOTHING about Anything… That is why they have been Tanking for Years and are taking the Mouse with them…

  6. ESPN… again out proving that they have lost all grip on reality and instead would rather have click bait than pay to hire REAL sports reporters. Next week they will say that Patrick Lavon Mahomes II has signed for the Browns and will play offense for BOTH KC and the Cleveland this year.

    They are the National Enquirer of sports news…

  7. WHY IS CARR JOB EVEN A DISCUSSION.good fundamental quartback who don’t commit alot turnover who can move the offense given the weapons add where seem to be doing now.what good is it to put points on the board and opposing offense go down the field a score less the 90seconds .it’s defense let get the defense back mean and stingy in not given up point.

  8. I’m about tired of all the Derek Carr talk. Let the guy do his job and quit with the BS. He was in the top 5 quarterbacks this season without any reliable receivers around him. I hope Mike & Jon get him some help this year so he can make all of you reporters eat all this BS your dishing out! Don’t you guys have anything positive and true to report during the off season!
    Raider fan 4 life!

  9. Thank you. It’s mind-boggling that this was actually published through a major sports venue.
    It was/is just the worst take of the offseason I’ve seen for any team in any year.
    The Raiders move on from Carr? Arguably possible, though not wise.
    They cut him after part of his salary gets guaranteed, rather than before that? Insane.
    They cut him rather than trade him? Ragingly insane.
    They cut him for Cam Newton, who played worse in recent years and has more injury concerns? Insane.
    Carr signs for $7-9 million? Insane.
    Carr signs to be a backup? Insane.
    Whatever drugs they were on when they came up with this, they were strong ones.

    1. only dis agreement with you is “Major Sports Venue” Like CNN only Morons continue to watch…. they are doomed by their own stupidity

  10. ESPN is staffed by moronic monkeys that wear suits. Just the premise that the Raiders would just “cut” Carr, should have been enough for the ESPN management to ask for a psychological exam on Barnwell. Leave it to ESPN to come up with a lame story line and call it news. But then again, ESPN thinks Mel Kiper knows what he’s talking about too…SMH…

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