Silver: Raiders Might Draft Another Offensive Tackle On Day 2

The Kolton Miller pick wasn’t particularly well received by Raider fans and draftniks alike, but if you happen to be down in the dumps after the pick, NFL Network’s Mike Silver has good news for you.

The Raiders may draft another offensive tackle in the second round.

Silver also listed nickel cornerback, inside linebacker, and hybrid linebacker/safety as options tonight for the Raiders.

In fairness, the Miller pick made sense considering Donald Penn’s age and status, but drafting another offensive tackle says a lot about what Jon Gruden thinks of Vadal Alexander and last year’s fourth-round pick David Sharpe.

But give Gruden credit for this much: he’s determined to protect his franchise quarterback – an idea that would have served the Indianapolis Colts well in recent years.

That said, feel free to draft a defensive tackle, baby Beast Mode, or an impact player on defense tonight, Jon… or Tom Cable, or whoever has the loudest voice around there.

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14 thoughts on “Silver: Raiders Might Draft Another Offensive Tackle On Day 2

  1. I was disappointed with the Miller pick. I wanted an impactful defensive player. Alot were available & defense sure could use some talent. With that being said, I will be devastated if our defense doesn’t get the help it needs. I will acknowledge that once Denver took Chub, the Miller pick was necessary. Now they need to shore up the “D”. Maurice Hurst looks good. Make it happen.

    1. The most important thing for the Raiders is to protect Carr. I’m glad they realize that. He’s great when he has time.

      If Roquan would’ve been there, and they had passed, I’d have been upset.

      They took safeties in rounds 1 and 2 the last two years. Can’t just keep drafting safeties even though Derwin James is a stud.

      Now, let’s draft some defenders today.

    1. He’s got nothing on big Reg. Reggie is basically the man who takes the heat for Gruden’s terrible decisions now. He has no real say anymore other than contract negotiations. Sad part is Tom freaking Cable the man who has run the Seahawks O-line the last few years, worse in football, actually got a job and now seems to be the loudest voice in Grudens ear. Smh

      1. I don’t love zone blocking for Raiders personnel, but Cable is a solid OL coach. Don’t forget that Seattle kept letting veteran OL’s leave as free agents or trading them, then tried to coach up mid to late round picks. At least Miller is a high pick, athletic and hard working. He’ll be better than the weak RT’s they’ve had for so long. Plus, he’ll be in there with KO and DP and Hudson. They’ll make him play meaner.

    2. I’m not too bummed with taking Miller, but we settled for far too little from Arizona. They get a franchise QB. We should have gotten a 2nd or next years 1st

  2. It’s hard to see another tackle being drafted!!
    But if Connor Williams is still there. I’d think about it!! I think that would potentially give us the leagues Best Oline. Especially if teams go defense in front of Raiders

  3. If Raiders land Conner Williams in the 2nd, you can go ahead and pencil them in for having the best OL in the NFL for the next 5+ years. I like Williams @LT more then Kolton, though Kolton would be a premier RT. That would truly be a bully of an OL, something I’m all for.

    A mediocre defense is all the Raiders need to contend, and it can be argued that they would have been better then mediocre last yr had a qualified DC took over the defense sooner.

    Lee isn’t getting the credit he deserves @ILB, nor is Morrow, and Raiders just signed Tahir. A star @ILB would be nice, but it’s not a necessity. Plenty of elite defenses didn’t have a star @ ILB, just guys like the ones Raiders have.

    That said, the pass rush and secondary need to make up for middling LB’s, and with Melvin, Conley, Joseph, and Obi, at least there’s talent there to work with and mold.

    If Gruden can fix the offense, then Guenther just needs to be competent…..which he is.

  4. Brandon Chubb, Von Miller, Justin Houston, Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram…….

    That’s why you draft a tackle in the first round.

    Say what you will about Millers potential, you can’t argue that his upside is as good as any other player at any other position. He just so happened to be the best prospect on the board at the Raiders biggest need.
    That biggest need is to protect Derek Carr from those names mentioned above.
    Good choice.


  5. Miller was the best OT available really?

    Top 5 OT

    1. Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame
    2. Orlando Brown, Oklahoma
    3. Connor Williams, Texas
    4. Tyrell Crosby, Oregon
    T-5. Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State
    T-5. Kolton Miller, UCLA

  6. Jerry, your rankings are old. After the combine was complete and teams could examine players mentally and physically the rankings changed big time. Example: Orlando Brown ran one of the slowest 40 yard dash times for OL in the last 10 years. Then could barely break 20 reps on the bench press. Slow and lacking muscle. Mayock moved Miller up to 2nd.

  7. So like most Raider fans at first I was pretty disappointed about them passing on the defensive players who were out there. But I went and watched 3 entire games that Miller played and he is super athletic and smart, I just think he needs to get stronger and improve his hand technique and he could be a Pro Bowl/All-Pro level LT. His analytics measure like a more athletic Jared Veldheer.

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