Raiders May Still Be Looking To Trade Up In The Draft

After drafting Kolton Miller with the 15th pick and trading for Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant, an NFL Network report emerged that the Raiders were considering a trade back into the first round.

It never happened, but according to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, the player the Raiders were targeting is still available.

The Raiders are rumored to be considering another offensive tackle in the second round, but they also have significant needs at defensive tackle and linebacker.

Those positions seems to be the most likely trade targets for Jon Gruden and company, but LSU running back Derrius Guice is also still available.

Guice is something of a Marshawn Lynch clone – which may or may not make him more enticing for the Raiders.

For what it’s worth, it has been rumored that the Raiders like Guice.

Then again, there has been a lot rumored about the Raiders in the past few weeks – a lot of which actually turned out to be true.

One final draft nugget… Gruden is reportedly looking to trade away another of Reggie McKenzie’s most recent contract extensions.

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15 thoughts on “Raiders May Still Be Looking To Trade Up In The Draft

  1. I love Guice. Seth Roberts is definately expendable with the acquisition of Martavis Bryant. Too many dropped passes. Can the Raiders somehow get Guice & Mo Hurst? I’m all in on any scenario that can produce that kind of talent.

  2. Getting rid of receivers that can’t catch. Might be on to something.

  3. I don’t seem to know what the Raiders might do, I think I’m with you a lot of Raider fans. I about passed out when they picked an OT, with all the defense players we need. It makes me think of when Payton Manning came into the league with the Colt. He would throw 6 touchdowns and lose the game by 1 point. Is that what we are going to suffer through? Then trow away a 3rd round pick for a WR. My Oh MY!!!!!

  4. They’ve signed a bunch of stopgaps on defense so it looks like they are focusing on the offense side of the ball.. we need a pass catching back badly and maybe that was Sony Michel they were targeting.. Guice is a younger lynch, doesn’t really provide us with a different style of weapon.

  5. Hmmm not another O-line man. We need a CB or the DE Landry I really don’t like the first pick. It reminds me of the draft with DJ Hayden and he sucked.

  6. Another offensive player, of ANY kind, would be monumentally stupid. What happens i you start filling in glaring needs in the later rounds with trash like Ben Heeney, Vadal Alexander, Neiron Ball, Max Valles, Cory James, David Sharpe, Jihad Ward, Shilique Calhoun, Marquel Lee, Jylan Ware, etc. These are the guys who you now have to start or give significant playing time because you messed around in the upper rounds of the draft too much!
    Looks like we’ll bring back old man Navarro Bowman to play MLB once again. Lord knows who they’ll get at DT who can actually crush the pocket and get to the QB. We have enough run-stuffing fat guys already.

    This is a disastrous draft for Oakland taking a 2nd or 3rd round project with a high round 1 pick.

    1. The best defense is a great offense. You wanna stop the run? Take a 24-3 lead into the 3rd quarter. We loss more games last year due to a stalled offense (dropped passes, lack of creativity, sacks) than a lack of talent on defense. Our defense was on the field way too long because we were 3 and out a lot on offense.

  7. This is Jon Gruden’s team now. What we need to understand is that we now have the most 1 year contract players signed since free agency. When he goes to the 2nd and 3rd and looks for some defensive help, we may get a gem from all of that, mix out the vets who will no make the cut, sprinkle in the Rookies, and it just might work that we end up with a decent defense. I Cant believe a guy as football savvy intelligent as Gruden does not have a plan B, C, D etc for all of of this roster minutia. There is a plan…………………

  8. Gruden building a bully…. Cable Buyaka got the first piece with Miller…. I expect we go with the OL from Oklahoma or we go LB…. really want Guice but dont see us getting him….

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