Simms: I Don’t Think The Raiders Are ‘All In’ on Derek Carr Yet

Former Jon Gruden pupil and current NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms still doesn’t think the Raiders are committed to Derek Carr.

The Raiders are 2-0, Carr has a 114.9 quarterback rating (throwing to two rookie starting receivers), and Jon Gruden is celebrating like a maniac in the locker room… but Simms isn’t buying the hype.

“I’m not sure [the Raiders] are all-in on [Derek Carr] yet… I don’t think they are,” Simms said Tuesday on the Dan Patrick Show. “I think this is a prove-it year for Derek Carr where he’s going to have to continue to play the way he’s played these first two weeks and probably then some.”

Maybe doubting Carr is a prerequisite to working for Mike Florio because there aren’t many other reasonable explanations. Especially right now when it seems like Gruden and Carr have patiently, yet painstakingly, turned the organization around.

It’s the NFL, so just about every quarterback is a bad year away from being replaced, but what other top-10 rated quarterback has talking points like this around him the night after KO’ing a Super Bowl contender?

None of them.

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29 thoughts on “Simms: I Don’t Think The Raiders Are ‘All In’ on Derek Carr Yet

  1. I watch pro football talk regularly and I actually enjoy the show. They have good talking points on subjects from around the league and are pretty objectionable in alot of their opinions .that’s for the rest of the league but when the RAIDERS come up they are punk *** haters! Chris Simms wants to see carr fail with gruden because he did. He wants the RAIDERS to trade carr to another team and then succeed with that team so he can act like it was grudens fault. Florio is one of those dudes who thinks he’s smarter than gruden and can’t accept the fact that mark Davis turned this franchise around by giving gruden a 10 year contract and putting complete faith in him to rebuild this organization. Florio and Simms are going to cry like little French school girls all year long …GO RAIDERS!!!!!

    1. Florio’s a douchebag…a used one in fact, and Simms is a commentator because he was a mediocre QB

  2. I remember when gruden and mayock sent all of Mackenzie’s scouts home before the 2019 draft and florio and Simms acted like the wheels had fallen off the organization and gruden had lost the plot…then mayock goes out and delivers what’s probably going to be our greatest draft class in team history….my point is florio and Simms can suck it. GO RAIDERS!!!!!

    1. My thoughts exactly. It gets really old. He has total command of the offense. He’s A FIELD GENERAL and Gruden and Mayock would be idiots to get rid of him.

  3. From day one, when Derek Carr was first drafted, I said that Derek Carr was a second tier quarterback. Through the first two games, this year, it “appears” that Derek Carr is comfortable with and has a working command of Jon Gruden’s offensive system. Further, it appears that, after six years of being a starting quarterback in the NFL, Derek Carr HAS LEARNED a lot about how to be a quarterback, in the NFL, but still has room for improvement. This is called growth, plain and simple. Through his first six years, as an NFL quarterback, Derek Carr has experienced just about every growing pain possible for just about every reason imaginable. What I have to give Derek Carr credit for is perseverance. So many quarterbacks, drafted before and after Derek Carr, have not faired very well in the NFL. Fortunately, multiple coaches and General Managers have given Derek Carr a vote of confidence and, equally as important, the time and opportunity to become what he appears to be, through the Las Vegas Raiders’ first two games, this season, a reasoned and seasoned quarterback that understands what it calls for to become successful. While “some” quarterbacks “seem” to come into the NFL and never miss a beat, it appears that the hard work, knocks and bruises and past disappointments have proved vital to Derek Carr’s learning curve on his way to becoming an above average quarterback, in the NFL. At this moment in time, Derek Carr an opportunity to write his own script as to how the Derek Carr story will be told. May the rise of Derek Carr be unencumbered by injury, for his and the Raiders sake, and continue all the way as far as his destiny has preordained him to go. Godspeed Derek Carr.

  4. Simms’ analysis about the Raider’s coach quarterback relationship is flawed because if Simms is correct, how does he explain coach Gruden passing on drafting a quarterback in one of the last two drafts when the Raiders had multiple 1st round picks to use for drafting a “hand picked” quarterback?

  5. Well let’s just see how season goes. We are 2 an 0
    Quit hating on your opinions. There like assholes they all stink. Go Raiders

  6. Chris Simms….hmmm a guy who played about 5 years and threw for 3117 yards in his ENTIRE career. 12 TD’S to 18 Int’s, and he’s bad mouthing Carr? I believe Simms is the one Gruden couldn’t bear to watch in his time with Tampa. I think Simms still has some issues over his own failed career with Gruden. He isn’t talking about any other QB and there has been some bad quarterback play in the league these past two weeks.

  7. Simms is no longer (if ever???) qualified to asses football players, let alone quarterbacks. He spews stuff out with no justification. He is the ‘shock jock’ of the sports world. NOBODY takes him seriously.

  8. Chris’s Simms is fuckin jealous of Carr. Watch the video of ” Simple Jack” Simms trying to call a play be just got seconds before. He went Full Retard!! You never go Full Retard!!

  9. When is the media going to give up on their stupid narratives? For 3 years now we have heard Gruden getting rid of Carr from these guys. Eventually they will be right LOL.

  10. Chris Simms is a moron. He talked smack about Carr in the off season and now just can’t admit he was wrong again. Carr has never been the problem, he has played well every season with the Raiders. The constant change in coaches, systems and the team around him has been an issue for the team, nevertheless, Carr always performed very well in spite of the instability in the organization and lack of supporting cast around Carr!

  11. Florio has ALWAYS been down on Carr. Look, Carr is Solid at the very least and I have never heard a positive word out of Florio’s mouth or computer yet. He talks to his “connections” about Gruden and Carr, tries to connect dots that most of the time are not there. What is his REAL exposure to Gruden, a guy who played for him that ultimately was not good enough. Carr is in the 3rd year with Gruden, that is a comfort level most good QB’s share, continuity. Regarding this topic, Florio is wrong, and always has been. He keeps waiting, and wishing Carr fails, just to claim he is right and in the know. I have watched and read this topic’s chain from Florio and Simms for years, I am a Raiders fan and Carr is not the greatest QB of all time, but he yearly exceeds expectations with, up till now is secondary talent on his side of the ball. Florio and Simms should call it like it is, they are chatty wannabes about everything NFL, about this, they have been always wrong. Keep it up Derek.

  12. Just because Gruden didn’t like cry baby Chris Simms doesn’t mean he’s not going to like Carr. Tell that bum to stfu.

  13. I am SICK and TIRED of the endless negative talk about Derek Carr, especially by those who have hung themselves out to dry believibg he was on his way out and instead he continues to achieve … move along naysayers

  14. I think this article is public stunt. Why bring a man down when he’s doing great. Mayock nor Gruden ever put Carr down enough with this chitchat

  15. This gets really old. Who is Chris Simms to talk anyway? He was a bust in the NFL. He did absolutely nothing. He and Florio are both hacks with no talent, so what they say doesn’t mean squat.

  16. I have been a raider since the late 70’s and 80’s and if Carr plays as hard as are old favorites then the raiders will be AMAZING! Carr is a good QB but they are expendable!

  17. This is SO RIDICULOUS!
    Chris Simms is an idiot… he didn’t even know Nelson Agholor and Corey Littleton were with the Raiders until the 2nd qtr of the Monday night game… and he stated, in the same interview, that Gruden was in his 6th year as Raiders coach! WTF?
    He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!
    Look around the NFL… they don’t say this kind of crap about any other QB in the league! Carr outperformed 27 of the NFL starters last year (4000+ yes, 72% completion, 100+ passed rating) and started 2020 on track to exceed 2019 stats… and is finally surrounded by a talented supporting cast.
    Chris Simms shouldn’t talk about things he doesn’t know about… and shame on you for blindly repeating it!

  18. I’ll tell you the truth, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would say,
    IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! Yes! It doesn’t matter who’s Quarterback! The word is… JUST WIN BABY!!!

  19. For all of the Las Vegas Raiders success, thus far this year, let us not forget that should an injury occur to Derek Carr, God forbid, that Nathan Peterman is the next quarterback up in the Las Vegas Raiders offense. I hve advocated that Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock sign Anthony Gordon off of the Seattle Seahawks’ practice squad. While the Las Vegas Raiders currently have Marcus Mariota and DeShone Kizer on their roster, I believe that Anthony Gordon has a better upside than either of the three afore mentioned players. It seems to me that, the Las Vegas Raiders have adequate backup players on the offensive side of the ball at every position other than quarterback. In my opinion, the Las Vegas Raiders made an excellent move in keeping and not trading Gabe Jackson, adding John Simpson and keeping Denzel Goode. Additionally, adding Jason Witten, having Foster Moreau, DeVontae Parker and Alec Ingold hasn’t hurt either. So, given that Marcus Mariota isn’t healthy and DeShone Kizer is still trying to find himself certainly NO ONE wants Nathan Peterman anywhere near the field. The Las Vegas Raiders gave Demarius Thomas guaranteed money this year and cut him. In my opinion, it would behoove the Las Vegas Raiders to sign Anthony Gordon and cut Nathan Peterman as well. HOPEFULLY nothing will happen to Derek Carr but the real question is, if something does, does ANYONE want Nathan Peterman anywhere near the football field or said another way, does anyone believe that Nathan Peterman represents adequate Carr insurance?

  20. Great news for Raiders, Richie is one of the most under rated line men in the NFL. The difference, and adjustment made with Carr was great to watch he is really figureing it out, drop back, set your feet and Fire, 2.5 to 3 seconds max. Great job Coach’s and Carr. Go Raiders.

    1. Everytime the Raiders win games Phil Simms and Florio seems to criticize Derek Carr who can be good Quarterback and improve without being hurt. Because he lead the Quarterback statistics in passing completion and exceed in the 2019 year. Derek Carr needs to believe in the coaches who know how to become successful and win championships in the NFL also believe in team players and himself. Don’t let negative influence or disrupt his abilities to be a good Quarterback. LET’S GO RAIDERS and win more games this year. HEY RAIDERS!

  21. What does Chris Simms know about being an NFL quarterback? The most memorable play of his career is the one where he lost his spleen.

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