Simms: Jon Gruden Will “Micro-Manage” Derek Carr

With Jon Gruden all but certain to be named head coach of the Raiders in the days ahead, former quarterback Chris Simms (whom Gruden coached in Tampa) knows what’s coming for Derek Carr.

“He’s going to micro-manage [Carr] every step of the way,” Simms said Wednesday via The MMQB. “He has to get used to Jon Gruden being his coach, but also being in his life on an everyday basis… Gruden will be perfect for him.”

Contrary to his reputation in the broadcast booth, Gruden is known for being tough on players – particularly quarterbacks – as a coach.

Former league MVP Rich Gannon, who may be Carr’s next position coach, thrived under Gruden with a fraction of the physical tools possessed by Carr.

Carr and Gruden are known to have a good relationship and Carr addressed the Gruden rumors earlier in the week.

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2 thoughts on “Simms: Jon Gruden Will “Micro-Manage” Derek Carr

  1. I hope Gannon becomes the position coach. One of the overlooked skills of a quarterback is knowing when to tuck the ball and pick up three or four yards on the ground. This contributes to creating short third down distances. Gannon was superb at this skill.

  2. This is how i see it:

    Gruden will take us to the promised land!!

    DelRio- might have eventually taken us to a AFC Championship and lost.

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