Report: Raiders Coaching Staff Turned On Derek Carr Following The Chiefs Game

According to Raiders play-by-play voice Greg Papa, the Raiders coaching staff turned on Derek Carr in front of the entire team after the 26-15 loss to the Chiefs.

Via his 95.7 The Game program, this was Papa’s Tuesday afternoon description of what happened…

“This coaching staff turned on Derek Carr as well. After the Kansas City game they called him out in front of a whole team meeting. It wasn’t just the offense or the quarterbacks, a segment of the team. It was the whole team and they ripped him in front of everybody and Derek’s a prideful guy, but when you have a head coach that’s not designing the play, calling the play, and then second-guessing the play and the quarterback’s play on a certain play, it doesn’t go well.”

Papa also suggested that Jack Del Rio’s coaching staff managed erode Carr’s confidence as the season progressed.

Based on the Raiders’ body of work, it’s fair to assume the entire team was losing confidence by the end of the season – quite a ridiculous accomplishment considering what the team achieved a year ago.

Ultimately, it feels like Del Rio ran into many of the same problems in Oakland that he seemed to create in Jacksonville.

Look at what players said about him then.

The sentiment is eerily similar to what we’re hearing about today.

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8 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Coaching Staff Turned On Derek Carr Following The Chiefs Game

  1. I never thought of Del Rio as an NFL head coach . He never seems to have his team prepared to play . Doesn’t ever seem to interact with his players or assistants on the sidelines and passes out a lot of blame when things go poorly . He’s a terrible judge of talent where coaches are concerned and relies too heavily on his assistants to do the job he’s paid to do . Every Sunday we had to watch him being out coached by his opposition . Even when Oakland won , I got the feeling they won in spite of him not because of him . Rather Gruden is a success or not , I say good riddance to him .

  2. I am not surprised, why would anyone like this guy?He could be just about the most unlikable guy I have ever seen.

    1. ****, I got mixed tabs and meant that about Conley, not Carr… as far the 25 million dollar princess..oh no, did the big mean coach yell at you? Just imagine, if you had a real job…your boss would have yelled at you, and fired you, and no one anywhere with a mind for business would throw away 125 million on a qb who is made of glass, and likely chokes when he tries to even drink water. The good thing is, with all this talk about Gruden, Gannon, Vegas, and last years drama, no one is going to think about how they literally took a stack of millions, 125 of them, and burned them in a big pile in the black hole. Does anyone doubt if we had a decent quarterback, we would have been in the playoffs again? Why blame the coaches, although the defense was always suspect, it was keeping us in games, while our offense did nothing. Part of it was bad play calling, but mostly it was just Glass Carr and Trash Mode being very very very mediocre. I only hope somehow Gruden can take us to the promised land.

      1. Decent quarterback??? Smdh Carr ran the plays that were called , and defenses were 2 and 3 steps ahead of Downing all-year-long…Downing failed to make the right adjustments all-year-long….Pro bowl or no pro bowl , the LT definitely didn’t look like he did last year , and held out for more money to boot…yes Derek Carr accepts all the blame , but that’s what leaders do, but us as fans know better and we know where to distribute blame , and there is plenty to go around , I remember JDR calling Carr out at the post game (KC) presser , now that’s very unprofessional and …Even after all that , Carr still has nothing but positive words for his coach…..Carr is someone I’d run through a wall for if I was on his team …He’s a true leader….Let’s see what folks have to say next year when he’s back on top again and in the running for the MVP again

        1. Yep Downing To blame all the way showed his experience mediocre defenses had his number from the start Capt. Jacks biggest mistake by far

  3. BE GONE DEL RIO, BE GONE! Under god’s eyes I give you respect, but for reals.. GTFOH! Take your payoff and ride into the sunset, cuz I don’t think anybody will give a flyin’ f*ck. That’s game.. outty.

  4. I was one of Carr’s biggest critic. When I found out how Del Rio called Derek out I was livid. As a former coach, you never chastise the leader of your team. Take him behind closed doors and then you chew the guy out. As I observed Carr the latter part of the season, I notice he was only throwing with his arm not driving the ball with his entire body. The year before’ his deliver on the ball was flawless. I blame the entire coaching staff to allow Derek to play with all the injuries he encountered during the 2016 season. As far as the Del Rio fire, it’s bittersweet because the way he keep blaming everyone but himself gave me an indication he wasn’t a very good coach. On the other hand the way Del Rio was fired was very bad on Mark part. Made him coach a game when he knew he would fire him after. I really feel the problems started before the National Anthem of the Washington game. The beginning was a huge part, but for some reason I think there is some type of problems from Reggie and above. I hope there is not a clash between the top brass and Gruden if he actually land the job. I feel the Raiders have been Micro-Managed for the last 4 years.

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