Starting to Sound Like the Raiders Could Be Without Darren Waller For the Remainder of the Season

Is Darren Waller going to return to the Raiders’ lineup this year?

It’s starting to feel like he might not.

Waller’s initial knee injury occurred on Thanksgiving day against the Cowboys and this week will mark a full month that he has been out.

In the days following his injury there was speculation that Waller might not miss any games. The Raiders initially listed him as ‘questionable’ to play against Washington in week 13 (before ruling him out), but there hasn’t been that kind of optimism in any week since.

Waller has now been out for 27 days and there are only 19 days left in the regular season.

On Tuesday, Raiders’ head coach Rich Bisaccia described Waller’s injury as still a “work in progress” and there are starting to be whispers that Waller might not play again this year. Any injury that is still a “work in progress” after 27 days certainly sounds capable of dragging out for another 19 days.

One thing we do know is that the Raiders’ offense desperately misses Waller. His injury combined with the loss of Henry Ruggs has taken away the explosive dynamic from the Raiders that was the trademark of their offense at the start of the season.

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50 thoughts on “Starting to Sound Like the Raiders Could Be Without Darren Waller For the Remainder of the Season

    1. I don’t blame waller he’s out there busting his *** double coverage laying down blocks throughout the white game only for Carr to throw a 2yd pad to Jacobs

      1. Carr, the guy with the most 20+ yard completions, who’s 2nd in passing yards this year and who is probably top 10 in yards per attempt. 2 yard pass. Got it.

      1. Did you know that Derek Carr is one of only 3 players who currently have 3 consecutive 4,000 yard seasons? DC, Brady and Mahomes. Rodgers will probably get there this season too but he hasn’t yet. Not Russ, not Stafford, not Lamar, not Dak, not Baker, not Cousins. DC also has the most 4th quarter comebacks to start his career. Most in the 1st 4 seasons, 5 seasons, 6 seasons, etc. The Raiders also lead the league in penalties and are 2nd in drops. And it’s Carr’s fault they’re not 9-5 or whatever? C’mon.

      2. It amazes me how stupid people are when it comes to football .If we had Brady right now it still wouldn’t help.We have no top receivers , o line sucks and defense is hit or miss, miss most of the time. So bringing in superman wouldn’t help if u don’t have the weapons for a quarterback to use.
        Wake up, learn some football and quit blaming carr all the time. Sure he hasn’t been perfect but many teams would die to have him for a quarterback!!

    2. I knew that. Right?!
      “The” root of all the Raiders woes is DC. If he hadn’t been the Raider’s QB…..
      Gruden would still be here.
      Our O Line would still be here.
      HRIII would be on the field.
      ALL our first round picks would be Super Stars!
      ****, why didn’t we trade him years ago?

      1. R u hearing what’s coming out of your mouth? It’s DC fault that Ruggs is not there? Ruggs made a choice to get hammered and drive. That’s on him no one else. It’s DC fault that the Raiders top draft picks would still be there? Com on dude. And Gruden got screwed by Goodell and the NFL. That has nothing to do with DC! Get your facts straight

    3. How in the world is it Carr’s fault? Players get injured its part of the game. Yes he is a threat on the field and losing Ruggs didn’t help things. Carr would spread the ball to all receivers, which made it hard on the defense of the other team. I’m sorry but that is one of the dumbest things I heard all season

  1. The tight-end Waller is a victim of an offense that was over reliant on him being involved
    In all phases of the game every week. His body was being over used and vulnerable to
    Injury. Now, he has keep from being put back in the grind until he is 100% healthy or
    end up getting hurt again. Likely affecting his career.

    1. Travis Kelce doesn’t complain. These players are superior athletes and sometimes they get hurt . It’s not from too much playing time thats 4 sure .

    2. Over reliant on Waller?..& the Chiefs are not over reliant on Kelce? This is football.
      You pass to your best players. I suppose Carr is over reliant on Hunter Renfrow now. Give me a break.

    3. Looked to me like he was a victim of fake grass. Not nearly as prevalent as it was with the awful Astroturf of my youth, but it looked like his knee jammed into that artificial surface very hard. Bet if it happened on the grass in Vegas he’d be back by now.

    4. Really? “Overused?” 😂🤣😂
      We really do have the dumbest, most football-illiterate fans in the NFL.

    5. Not really. He missed games earlier this season and outside of the Baltimore game wasn’t targeted excessively.

  2. He needs to stay out until SOMEONE FIGURES OUT WHAT THE NEW LEADERSHIP wants to do ! This season is a wash and the TEAM doesn’t have a leader ! Surprised there aren’t more player’s added to the list for risk of injury …

    1. “Is a wash?” The Raiders are one game or of the playoffs, facing the Chargers and Colts who are each ahead of them and own the tie breaker with like 5 teams who are one game off of them or tied with them. They are very much in the playoffs hunt and once you’re in the tournament, anything can happen. Every good team this year has looked like garbage and/or lost to a terrible team at some point this year. The Raiders could win a Super Bowl this year if everything goes right. It’s definitely not likely, but it is possible.

  3. I’m not gonna blame anyone, I pray Waller gets well soon…..what a fantastic player……😘

  4. Waller is shirking. He’s fine, but he doesn’t feel like playing. Disappointing. He could easily get in there this week and help his team make the playoffs. I wish he would.

  5. I can’t help but think that dude is delusional! Waller gets paid nicely to play football and he does… at a level most everyone else only dreams of. But do you think he feels ‘abused’? He is the type of player that would still want to be out there making people look stupid even if we were up 45-0 (it’s been a long time since it’s been like that, but you get my point). He also doesn’t seem like the kind of player or person who lives his life regretting anything! The guy is a BEAST who just got injured. Next year, if we only keep five players from this years roster trust and believe head one of them! I love you, Nation! RAIDER 4 LIFE!

  6. I’m sorry but what kind of moron calls an entire fan base ‘BASE HEADS’? This is the kind of dude who went to his family reunion to find a wife; now the little woman is also his cousin, his sister and his baby’s mama! It’s amazing that such a stereotypical, uneducated, waste of space can even wake up in the morning and dress himself, let alone post a comment on raidersbeat. I’m also sure he didn’t consider the fact that I know a lot of Raider fans and well, we like to fight! We learned how over the years from fans of opposing teams who thought it was ok to run their mouths once they had a lead. Then we let it go until after halftime and suddenly when they get that score that puts the game out of reach, we go into destroy mode! Now they can’t understand why they’re on a stretcher and can’t find their starter jacket! They forgot that alcohol takes time to have an effect! At least, that’s how it was in Oakland FOR SURE! So my advice bro is to keep your ignorant opinions to yourself because THIS NATION will defend it’s territory! I LOVE YOU, NATION!

  7. Means absolutely nothing the team is going nowhere yet again and will get destroyed by Indianapolis

  8. Es un hecho que Waller es una pieza clave para el equipo y que sobrexponerlo en cada partido lo llevo a la lesión. Desafortunadamente en la posición de tight end no tenemos un buen reemplazo ya que Foster Moreau no es eficiente, al grado de dejar caer pases relativamente sencillos ¡ una lastima para el equipo!

  9. You obviously never played football – probably soccer ! To say his body is over used is absolutely ignorant to say ! That man wants the football every play ! Sometimes I just dont understand some of the stupid comments on here….

  10. Probably has played his last down for the Raiders. He basically quit by shutting it down. Raiders should try to get a 1st round pick for him

  11. Have the Raiders announced hes out for the season? No, just stirring the pot. We need him for Indy and LAC, they should be able to handle Denver without him.

  12. A premature return could be disastrous for the future of everyone involved..hope d.c 4 will still be wearing silver and black next year

  13. We need a new OC, the injury is part of the game.if you feel he’s per used, blame the management for not selecting more options. Derek Carr doesn’t call every play. I want a hard *** new coach, tell players catch that ball, tackle that runner n block that pass on defense. My vote is get Harbough for new HC.

  14. Waller preserving himself, he doesn’t believe in Carr and I don’t either. Love the guy(Carr),but he’s shell shocked.

  15. Waller preserving himself, he doesn’t believe in Carr and I don’t either. Love the guy(Carr),but he’s shell shocked.

  16. I can’t stand these Derek Carr “backers” who love saying “Must be DC’s fault.” Do you guys realize he has more losses than any QB in the history of the NFL except for his brother over the first 6 or 7 years of a career. At some point yes, it is Derek Carr’s fault. No top 7/8 QB in the league is losing to the Giants or Bears at home. Every year he collapses. Also, his stats aren’t the last few years weren’t crazy. In a passing league, the status quo is 4K in yards. Look at his game log….he puts up 3-4 monster games every year and has barely reached 4,000 yards. In fact, it’s taken Carr the last game of each of the last 3 years to reach 4K in yards!


  17. Hunter Renfro is next he is the whole offense I know it’s not their car’s fault but when he sits in the pocket and throws the ball and it gets intercepted it aggravates me it’s time to give Marcus Mariota a chance in every second half of a game desperation is setting in Derek Carr is a good quarterback but one time in the playoffs in 8 years is not good stats I don’t care how good his stats are not making the playoffs counts just as Dan Marino

  18. It no ones fault. They got to come together as a team and trust one another to do their job on the field. All the stuff they been through that’s yesterday days news NOW they got to move forward. Car can’t hold all the team. There’s no I in team. Come on RAIDERS it’s GAME TIME your still in it. Let’s do this you are all professionals this is there 9 to 5….

  19. I think the RAIDERS are the BEST that’s what my mama said and I’m still a RAIDERS fan for life…..

  20. Waller is awesome great story great person on and off the feild but rumors are going around he has new agents wanting him to get more money next year he has one more year on his deal he signed if healthy he s best tight end in the league my opinion I believe he s ready to go so I hope rumors are not true he s our best player period cmon waller let’s go (playoffs)

  21. Darren Waller is the man he needs to recover fully we don’t is covered fully we don’t want to as a raider fan jeopardized his future in football and as a raider he yesterday heal up,big guy. We need him for years to come, And I pray he stays a raider, hes a total asset. kjb

  22. You can’t have a shitty offensive line and then blame carr. If you want to keep a shitty offensive line, then of course you will need a running quarterback. But most running qb’s don’t win Superbowls. Raiders have to decide what their Identity will be. We don’t have one now. It was run the ball and then take deep shots with Ruggs, but Ruggs is gone now and waller is hurt, no more deep threats. Zay Jones is too slow and inconsistent. That Deep ball against WFT, ruggs would have caught that pass! Need another deep threat out of the draft. Chris Olave or another fast Alabama receiver if we are going to keep Carr. If we are going to keep this awful O line, then get a running QB!

  23. Thank God management doesn’t listen to you gang of dingdongs. Hating on your own squad. Team sports teach team play. Some of you ain’t learn nuttin. Love all raiders from Hewitt til keishaan. P’n’P/JWB. AL.

  24. When you don’t really understand much about the game….you blame the QB for everything.

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