Rich Gannon Seemed to Take a Gentle Jab at Derek Carr on Social Media

The Raiders will soon have a big decision to make on the long-term future of their starting quarterback. Derek Carr won’t be a free agent until 2022, but the thinking has been that both sides want to find clarity on Carr’s future with the organization before next season.

It’s anyone’s guess how that situation is going to play out, but it probably isn’t a stretch to assume that if Rich Gannon was the one deciding on Carr’s future with the Raiders, he would move forward with someone else.

Gannon weighed in on one of the great quarterback debates on Wednesday and offered the QB stat that he believes to be more important than any of the others.

It’s hard not to connect his comments on Twitter to Carr.

For his career, Carr has a 54-70 record and by Gannon’s standards, that says more about Carr than all the career passing records that he holds.

But what Gannon might be failing to consider is his own career.

Gannon spent 12 years in the NFL trying to keep his head above water before joining Jon Gruden and two of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the game. Gannon’s career exploded in a great situation and that’s why it would be foolish to judge Carr’s first eight seasons with an over-emphasis on his winning percentage.

Even Tom Brady, who sets the standard at quarterback, looked like a pedestrian quarterback this week without his starting wide receivers. Zero points is as low as you can go.

Supporting casts and coaching matters.

That’s one of the reasons why the Raiders are going to have teams lining up in the offseason if they decide to move on from Carr. A first-round pick gets you in the door to have a conversation.

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84 thoughts on “Rich Gannon Seemed to Take a Gentle Jab at Derek Carr on Social Media

    1. But the QB has his change everytime the opponent score. Need to do his job when its his turn. Eight yrs of never been on the playoff is enough’s excuses.

      1. 8 years of the defense giving up almost 30 points per game. There’s about 3 QBs ever that can win consistently with defense that bad. Carr has scored on more game winning/go ahead drives than any other QB during his time in the league. It’s NOT Carr’s fault. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

        1. That “fact” is a junk stat. The defense gets tired with all of the 3 and outs he gives them.
          It’s 3rd and 8 and Carr dumps it off for 3 yards. (Sound familiar?) You have to be losing to have a “come from behind” victory. Carr has as much to do with getting behind, as he does with coming from behind.
          Its time to move on from all of his great stats. I would trade them all for a couple of playoff appearances.

    2. I’ve always thought Gannon was just an above average QB that fell into the perfect situation. That fellow can’t throw stones. He was nothing before Gruden and the Raiders.

  1. Cmon, Without protection and at least 2 WR’s of outstanding quality you cant put the blame on Carr. Think if they had a fast Renfro type that not only could run routes and get open but catch most everything thrown his way. At least 3 top OL’s to protect and road grade for RB’s.
    Must make a real play for Davante Adams this offseason. Draft or sign at least 3 top Offensive Linemen and I think we are in decent shape to finish better than 500. Add to the DL, and DB’s and we make the playoffs next year. For those that want to blow it up with some average rookie QB and add ons we’ll be another 5 years before we sniff the playoffs.

    1. Indeed! And go for a top shelf LB too! Then we be above average and make a playoff run! Game..

      1. Carr is decent but if we have a chance to get a 26-yr-old D. Watson, you have to pull the trigger, especially considering the ages of Mahomes (26) and Herbert (23) …both are better and younger than Carr…

        If the Broncos snatch Watson we’ll be at the bottom of the AFC WEST for the next 3-5 years .. trade Carr to Houston along with Jacobs or Abrams (both are injury-prone), offer the HC job to Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy (weakening the Chiefs) and we just might play in the 2024 SB in Vegas!!!

        Derek Carr will never take us to the SB .. almost lost the last game against a depleted Browns team but the defense bailed him out

    2. Bullshit. 7 going on 8 years with one playoff. Get real dude. How long is a team supposed to wait to start winning again. ? You are so wrong. Most teams and coaches would of moved on from Carr longtime ago. You Carr people will stay with him untill the end of time with more losing seasons. Wake up dude.

      1. Who else on this team is gonna win games when Carr is gone? I hope you’re happy when Carr is winning games on a team that isn’t trash. You probably won’t even admit you were wrong then.

    3. finally someone that understands the game!!! Being a Bama boy, I’d like to blame the differences of leatherwood on his rookie year. at least someone to replace Simpson and WRs!!!

    4. M getting pretty upset at all these people blaming Carr for the Raides problems. And f__ck Gannon to not stand behind Carr. We sure were on fire the beginning of the season. We had weapons. The offense line sucks get off of the Carr bashing. Do you think Brady would be as great if he didn’t have the line giving him time. HELL NO is the answer do you think Brady would be so great without Aplus recievers? HELL NO I stand behind our quarterback some people really need help.

      1. Agreed. We took some serious hits this season. Who can blame that sh1t on Carr. He didn’t send those emails that got Gruden canned. And he isn’t the one that put Ruggs in that car to screw up his life and are offense. Give the man a break. He is only as good as he can be with almost all of our strongest are out.

  2. Carr can’t do his job when no one else does there’s. Davis needs to fire the entire coaching staff and most of the team. Keep Carr, Waller, Crosby, Ngakoue, Renfro, Jones, Perryman, Jackson and Abram. Use Jackson while he’s there. Stop handing the ball off to Jacobs every play. Let Carr use his brain and arm.

      1. No coach, the weakest run game, no ruggs or waller, only a few studs on defense. O-line is weak af And everybody think it’s Carrs fault. If they get rid of DC this off-season it will be the biggest mistake. Get him a team around him and he’s the MVP.

    1. You hit the nail right on the head they will rue the day they got rid of Carr chasing their tales trying to find a quarterback playing rookies and old blowed out quarterback s you don’t want him give him to us we will show you how to build a steel wall around this elite quarterback, Steelers fan playoffs here we come,stacking a couple of Super Bowl’s

    2. ALL he’ll do is dump it off the the back or go dink n dunk with the WR! He has proven for over 8 seasons that he doesn’t have the presence to let a play develop! Plays scared. Time to trade him and get something in return.

    1. I love DC. But with another rebuild in progress it might be smarter to get some picks for the 2023 draft and let the man actually have a chance to compete on another team. He deserves it and we’re not being very good to him.

    2. Don’t want it too happen…. But, I feel that a team willing too give up a 1st, 2x 2nds(1 this year, 1 next year), and a 4th round this year. Then, the Raiders will be forced too strongly consider the possibilities of draft capital on the table. As well as, the possibilities of resigning Mariota at a discount compared too Carr, to finish an offensive rebuild, while beafing up the defense and fine tuning it. This would allow a year or two for the offense to stay competitive with Mariota knowing the system and players. While creating a dominant defense, solid core of offensive players, and picking an appropriate time and talent to draft for Mariotas eventual replacement… while grooming a rebuilt O-line with added talent and depth, Mariota’s mobility could possibly help cover up some of the difficiency in the existing line.

    3. Two 1sts and two 2nds would be my best guess. But that’s only if they blow the whole thing up otherwise, they don’t want to trade Carr so no (reasonable) offer would be enough.

  3. Carr gets the blame but what quarterback can win with out a supporting case around him.In the NFL you need stability to win. The offense line is a mess no deep threat at receiver and poor play calling his entire eight years.What ever quarterback you bring in will have the same problems.

  4. If Carr had better protection and one better receiver that would make him tremendous ….
    …Edwards cant seem to get open…Waller is not a WR!! Renfrow is a great slot guy ..So we do not have a #1 WR and our #2 is average and probably really a #3 at best so far ….Our OC is awful …So we have a #3 WR as our #1 wr ..Let that resonate !!

  5. Also if Carr was really mobile like Rogers then it would cause overages to break down..Thats what makes the real difference from someone like Carr to Rogers ..Besides having Adams to throw to …News flash not many guys like Rogers in the NFL so Carr is not to blame ..

  6. The excuses rain for carr , people fail to forget we had cooper , jared cook , crabtee, seth roberts , murray , we had an complete build with him when Del rio was our coach . Why arent they playing for us now , cooper doing good , crabtree and seth are done , cook and murray still running it on other teams . Carr had repour with all the names i have mentioned, when now its just a select of few , i felt he had to make that repour with Ruggs , if not it would make him look bad and selfish . Gannon had star players yes , but Gannon also played his heart out for the team not just for himself or stats , Gannon always taken the game under his control when needed the most CONSISTENTLY, unlike carr its a spirts thing when it comes to that , so for people to throw shade at Gannon , Gannon has proven to be a RAIDER carr hasn’t.

  7. How many passes you going to give Carr? Excuses,excuses. every year.
    Guy slides 10 yards in front of defender. Changes play every other down. Loves that 2 yd.pass to his RB even though its 3rd and 12.

  8. People need to stop talking about dumping Carr when there’s plenty of areas on this team that are of a more pressing concern. Gruden destroyed the offensive line, he didn’t draft a single defensive player that is at an elite level i.e. Micah Parsons, traded away another one in Kahil Mack. We have not had an imactful defense
    since our last Super Bowl win. As good as Woodson was he had his best. Years in Green Bay. I can’t even remember the last time we had an above average run defense

  9. The main thing is WINS who gives a crap about statistics he been their about 7 yrs and did nothing don’t blame receivers he had them and still crap get rid of him !

  10. Carr throws to his check down option more then any other qb. Doing this on 3rd and long is unbelievable. He is not a bad qb just a qb who makes some bad decisions. We need to remove our check down to just a blocker and force him to find someone deep. He also throws in to double coverage with an open receiver which all qbs do on occasion but he misses open receivers a lil to much all and all good trades would be another wide out and move Mariota to starter

  11. Hit job on the organization! They did gruden dirty. Ruggs, arnette… it fell apart and carr isn’t to blame!

  12. Carr needs to move on period if nothing else so he can win some games. 8 wining seasons in 35 yrs This organization is long past its over days

  13. All you have to do to sum up Derek Carr is watch the game they just played against the Browns. First red zone drive 6 minutes on the clock. Watch Carr throw a short gain in the middle of the field, at the 5 yard line. Watch the replays, two different angles, Moreau is wide open in the end zone. When I say wide open I mean all alone and there was no way Carr didn’t see him cause he’s right where Carr is looking. He does that crap almost every drive. He’s useless as a starting QB. Might make a backup for some team desperate for a QB.

  14. When your QB loses more than he wins, and you have another potential starter on your roster…they owe it to themselves, players and fans to give him a chance to prove he can provide wins.

  15. Yea you can’t just look at qb wins when talking about the Raiders. For so many years we didn’t look like a real team. No true defense and a few great players. Actually I think it’s impressive the stats he has put up with the lack of talent at wr. And how they got rid of our star lineman. Look at what he has done. If you give Carr a great line and great receivers, he has shown he will light it up.

    No qb could consistently do well with a bad line and wr that can’t get open. My only criticism is I wish he would run more to keep the chains moving on third. A lot of times teams will man up and the middle of field is open for him to run while defense back is turned. Carr will roll to right and throw ball away like he did a couple times against the Browns.

  16. Carr is underpaid and undervalued by the Raiders. Gannon is short sighted. Must build the rest of the team. Carr is a star!! If I were him I’d be looking to jump ship but he’s been loyal to a fault. He deserves support in every way

  17. Lots of reporting on this years draft class for QBs. Stinks. So why get rid of Carr? For who? Who is better out there right now?

  18. His value this year is more off the field than on. He has been the pillar that the teams.players can throw rope around went through grudens firing, ruggs tragedy. High draft pick d.b. getting cut, he’s the first in line to support each player emotionally even ruggs during their roughest times including coaches. Works timely in community. Survived 6 head coaches and stays healthy. Waller would have been difference in.last 2 loses. Davis needs to throw his rope around carr, that he’s the man that would do wonders.

  19. If remember it right, Gannon wouldn’t run if his *** was on fire after the Siragusa squash. Had 4th and 2 against the Browns and a wide open field to run for the 2 yards and he tried to force it to Rice in double coverage on the sideline. Game over stay home.

  20. What Gannon seems to forget was he was a no body until Gruden got a hold of him. Yes he is one of my favorite raider qbs that I have gotten to watch next to Carr. You give Gannon the teams and defenses that Carr has had to play with and I’m willing to bet he doesn’t even come close to Carr’s numbers.

  21. This would have been a 12 win team if the nfl did not sabotage gruden. With that said bring in Harbaugh we need a kick *** type of coach Olsen is horrible

  22. Rich Gannon also had one of the best offensive lines in the history of the Raiders period to play behind! Great receivers, Tight ends, Running backs, Full Back and a pretty **** good Defense to boot! Better not leave out the Hall of Fame Kicker & Punter too… Sorry special teams! He should’ve walked away with 2- superbowl trophies too, but we can thank the Tuck Rule for one and the Starting Center for the other!

  23. Carr is playing for a owner that doesn’t have the resources (personal wealth) to go above & beyond on payroll/player contracts (ie.. Joe Lacob/Peter Gruber).. like the A’s & Cohen era Warriors they are nvr willing to spend to put the best supporting cast around their best player.. Derek Carr.. 2016 they had 1 solid year after drafting Cooper & signing Crabtree.. TE’s Walford & Cook.. most important they drafted/signed one of the top 2-3 offensive lines in the NFL.. The Raiders made the playoffs.. Carr got injured & they lost.. they couldn’t recapture the magic in 2017.. then came Gruden.. goodbye Cooper.. Crabtree.. Cook.. most importantly.. goodbye O-Line..

    evry year regardless the players on offense.. regardless Carr passing records.. despite best O-Line in football.. the Raiders defense has been dysfunctional throughout Carr’s whole career in Oakland/Vegas..

    sure he’s a check-down charlie at times (missing Jackson for 2 wide open game winning TD’s in 2 straight weeks) but more often than not he’s able & willing to throw the ball downfield..

    it’s NOT Carr’s fault he plays in for a brokeass dysfunctional franchise (you’d think Davis would be printing contracts with the revenue from the new stadium & evrything else that goes with moving to the glitz & glamour of playing in Las Vegas).. the Raiders & Davis would be stupid to trade away Carr.. period

  24. It’s time to move on man!
    Clean house and start over towards a winning goal.
    The coaches are a farce!
    Carr is a check down Charlie no matter what weapons he has!
    Let him win with a super bowl from another team.

  25. Carr’s récord stats are explained because the Team is always down in the score and a lot of them from garbage time

  26. He’s been here for eight years. Build a team around him. Haven’t done anything like that to put players around him. He can get us to the super bowl if Mark Davis can get the right players around him to get us to the super bowl in two years. Let’s get it done. Build around him Mark.

  27. When Carr had two good receivers Crabtree and Amari Cooper he went 12-4 Although he is inconsistent.

  28. F Gannon mister backup most of career till blessed to be a raider with good all around team . Talk about getting it done well what happened his sorry *** did nt come through in AFC championship choke then oh the biggest game of all the SuperBowl SUPER CHOKE. By the way how much did you and Callahan get paid to throw the game against the bucks F”N Traiders that’s right TRAIDERS!!!!CARR RULES RAIDER NATION F THE REST!!!!

  29. lose carr and chances of getting another JaMarcus Russell you know all to well, plus somebody going to get mariota, he won’t stay without carr, not going to play bitch to rookie, ain’t that right Rich. How many yrs did you play bitch to wannabes, cuz marty cudn,t pickQB that was standing right front if him, coach Dabo Swinney or coach Kurt Warner or both , bring in Peyton as QB coach , mayock goes, Olsen goes, send Jackson home, too many youngsters, makeup rest with experienced trades

  30. Gannon wasn’t terrible b4 he became a Raider. The chiefs started that loser grbac over him. Gannon hung 30 on the Raiders a couple of times as the backup for KC.

    Carr is a good player. A leader like Gannon, he is not. The big difference is that AL used to sign nice big name free agents like Rice, garner, Armstrong, Romanowski, etc… we can’t/don’t do that anymore. We sign bums instead.

  31. We need better play calling when it comes to Derek Carr, we need better coaching on both sides of the ball. We gotta protect d.c. an an oline that can run block as well as pass protect, we wide receivers such as a ruggs an an true 2 an 3. Being healthy is also key.

  32. Yo creo que DvCarr ws muy byeno pero se necesita yna buena linea ofensiva y defensiva novpuedes hacervmilagros con equipos parchados y con remiendos de ultimo momento y con payasos como Antonio Brown menos y asibpusieran a Tom Brady no se pueden hacer milagros con jugadores mediocrescque nada mas quieren cobrar y no tienen amor porcser Raider

  33. Carr is not the problem, how many head coach’s changes did he have to go through? and as for Cooper, yeah that was a big mistake, but who call was it Gm or coaching staff? I say if we have to trade half of the fucking state of Nevada get Adams, keep Jackson and either let Monroe get more snaps or find someone else (which would be stupid) this is Leatherwood 1st year, Miller is our only dependable offensive lineman. What is the one thing Stabler, Plunkett, and yes even Gannon had in common great offensive line, tight ends and even backup tight ends, great halfbacks and yep fullback too. We need great primary players but good backup players also, one year the RAIDERS had 22 first round draft picks from other teams on the squad and what happen? worst fucking season ever, Miami did the same thing ….again worst fucking season ever.

    Yeah, Carr has made some bad decisions on passes, but imagine if the opposing defense had to just count 1 Mississippi,2Mississippi,3 Mississippi ok let’s go and **** up the qb, I guaran gotdamn tee you, you’ll make some bad decisions too. Some of the coaches need to go, but we need to stop (rebuilding) every time something goes wrong, because if we keep rebuilding? we’re gonna be the atlanta falcons on the afc, and trust me, that’s when you hit rock fucking bottom.

  34. Derek Carr should get out from a disgrace losing organization like Raiders and start a winning organization like Pittsburgh or so,I have been a die hard Raiders fan since 1970, looks how many coaches GM, they have gone through looks at their drafts,for carr haters you guys should bring back JaMarcus Russell be your qb ,I am totally a Raiders fan but from top to bottom they’re pathetic,,carr get out from Raiders before you ruin your career, no decent receivers ,ugly offensive linemen, ugly defensive for so many years since 2002,for rich Gannon did you get trashed by the bucs in superbowl even with great receivers and offensive linemen and very decent defensive team then, I wish Derek carr taking **** from ugly Raiders team year after year.

  35. Carr is a good qB…he needs a good defence ….a oline that can protect…Brady would have never won any super bowls if he hadn’t had a good oline and defence …remember,brady average winning all those Superbowl was just in by 3 points a game…wow what a super star…if Carr would have a good oline and good defence he would have probably won a super bowl already….who the **** do you all Carr haters going to replace him with…when the raiders won superbowls they had bad *** defences…their offences were decent… Carr has never both a good oline running game and a defence with all 3 clicking at the same time…hell Brady had that but only averaged a 3 point super bowl winning what a goat….just fucking lucky horseshoe up dat ***….Carr is better than average….just give what goat Brady has had …a good d…good oline…good running game….**** you don’t have to have a 3 point average Superbowl win qB like Brady to win one….just win baby

  36. Mark got rid of Del Rio for Gruden!! That was dumb *** mistake. Gruden belonged in the both. The game had progressed since the last time he was a coach.

  37. Most of the time in the NBA the team with the most rebounds wins. 70/ 30 infrastructure would help defense 70 offense 30 Force alot of three n outs that’ll give Carr more opportunities to gain a rhythm . Fn Ruggs was a big loss but things happen. Raiders on correct path Gannon could n should be OC and Head Coach. Mayock did a good draft also coaches are good ones.

  38. If Rich would suit up right now, he wouldn’t even come CLOSE to what he had in the early 2000’s. On the other hand, if Derek would’ve been there right around the time when Rich came over from the Queefs, the playoff consistency would’ve been there. We’re talking about a quarterback that went 12-4 when he had good wide outs and a good O-line to protect him. Now that he doesn’t have that, all of you negatives are all here. If they keep him and get better, stronger and faster people around him, all you negatives would s.t.f.u. You all honestly would. And Greg Olson doesn’t help the matters either. Jeeeez.

  39. I hate to say it, but I think that Carr deserves a better team and better support. So many different weapons taken away from the guy, so many different program changes with so many coaches. We always seem to send off our players and they flourish in someone else’s system. Get a good foundation with a good solid head coach, make some decent trades, and have some good draft selections for once. Then and maybe then, we can get back to our winning tradition.

  40. They offered Gannon the job to be the quarterback coach and he turned it down years ago. Now he wants to step in and run his mouth?

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