Sure Sounds Like Someone Has Already Found Jon Gruden’s Dog House

One practice is too early to already be in Jon Gruden’s dog house, right?

Maybe not.

Gruden spent portions of the offseason talking about getting more production from recent draft picks and even mentioned Obi Melifonwu by name.

On Tuesday, Gruden was asked about Melifonwu and his answer didn’t sound encouraging.

“He doesn’t look close to me at all,” Gruden said with some after the Raiders first OTA session. “I’ll leave it at that. He doesn’t look close to me at all.”

“He doesn’t look ready to roll yet so I don’t let anybody practice without being ready to go physically, but he doesn’t look like he’s 100 percent. So haven’t seen much of Obi, except in the training room.”

Gruden’s words don’t look good on paper, but they actually sounded even worse. There was some obvious spice behind Gruden’s comments.

Here are both comments (bookmarked to begin with Gruden talking about Melifonwu) for you to be the judge…

Doesn’t sound particularly pleased, does he?

For what it’s worth, Obi was out there, but there is obviously something going on.

Remember, Melifonwu fell out of favor with members of last year’s coaching staff so if it’s happening again, there is some precedent there.

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4 thoughts on “Sure Sounds Like Someone Has Already Found Jon Gruden’s Dog House

  1. Dumbass Mckenzie reaches for the “combine hero” to blow yet another high draft pick. It’s little wonder why this team is la king talent in so many areas. McKenzie has absolutely blown the last 3 drafts before this past one…….which looks like another swing and a miss by the Raiders. This is EXACTLY the same as the later Al Davis yrs. We”re in for another decade is site from this team….mark my words

    1. I understand getting upset but you sound like RM stole your HS girlfriend…Chill out- or as Aaron Rodgers says R-E-L-A-X I have a feeling this team will overachieve so with your pessimism and my optimism it balances out

  2. Obi also fell out of favor with some of his teamates last year or at least it was reported he did . One of them said he lacked dedication and didn’t believe he really wanted to play football .

  3. I wouldn’t read too much into Gruden’s comments, either. Gruden just might be playing a psychological game with Obi. Gruden maybe trying to push Obi to push himself physically. And I would never put any stock into what the former regime had to say about Defense. JDR and KNJ combined didn’t equal the positive results that Pagano brought to the Defense when he started calling the plays.
    If it is all about Gruden’s words, Michael Crabtree would still be a Raider. Gruden lauded him early on. And he’s gone. On the other hand, he didn’t say a word about Marquette King. And, he’s gone.
    Let’s just let it play out. Which is all we as fans can do any way.

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