Surgeon: Don’t Rule Out Derek Carr If Raiders Make A Run

UPDATE: According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Derek Carr “will try” to be available if the Raiders somehow make the Super Bowl.

Anyone familiar with Carr would expect this to be his mindset. The timeline for his recovery is reportedly a minimum of six weeks which extends approximately two days beyond the Super Bowl.

Certainly, expect the Raiders and sources close to the team to downplay the idea of a return, but if the Raiders are playing in February, good luck keeping Derek off the field if he believes he can play.


According to an ESPN report on Monday, Derek Carr is expected miss 6-8 weeks as he recovers from a fractured fibula suffered on Sunday. Other reports have suggested that Carr is done for the season, but the 6-8 week timetable would allow Carr to return 48 hours after the Super Bowl.

Is it possible Carr could be available if the Raiders somehow reach the Super Bowl? According to Dr. Robert Klapper, an orthopedic surgeon and ESPN radio host, a return probably isn’t out of the question. Klapper was clear that no matter how successful the surgery, there’s no way to anticipate how quickly a bone might heal, but one key to Carr’s injury appears to be that he didn’t suffer any serious ligament damage.

“I think six weeks is realistic. If they’re in the Super Bowl, this would be an amazing story,” Klapper told on Monday. “In my opinion, we can better protect an ankle with a brace than a knee or shoulder.”

In the long term, if Carr were to fracture the bone again in six weeks, it doesn’t appear his career would be at risk. “Obviously, more surgery. A longer plate,” according to Klapper. “The body heals fractures by laying down more bone called ‘callus.’ In the long run, not the short term, the fracture site is stronger than before.”

It’s a long shot, but the possibility that Carr could return might be the morale boost the Raiders need to steal a game or two in January.

If Carr can’t return or the Raiders don’t pull off a miracle run to the Super Bowl (and both are clearly the more likely scenarios), the expectation is that Carr will at least return for the Raiders’ off-season activities at full strength.

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9 thoughts on “Surgeon: Don’t Rule Out Derek Carr If Raiders Make A Run

  1. I hate Bill Muffgrave! Dude needs to go man. I’m no friggin’ OC, but my Engineering background would have persuaded my play calls to be run only and/or pull Carr and let the backup get some reps this close to the playoffs. Hey Bill, if you can read this, go eff yourself and GTFOH! Seriously, all year, the passings on 3rd and 1, the BS side pass plays/screens that fail miserably, ugh all of it. The Patriot/Cowboy OC’s would kill it with their tremendous game plans, unlike your effed up “experiments”. Go away Muff, go away! Season pretty much went limp. I’m outta here. Peace.

  2. If the raiders were to make the sb and carr was ready to go please dont play him , it means mcgloins done ok and why risk our franchise qb ? Let him heal ! I think the raiders will be even better again next season with a settled defence and an outstanding qb coming back with a point to prove

  3. **** all you haters
    A real Raider fan knows the history of our team. We were built on tough, dangerous, risk taking football. If you don’t like out front office, support staff, players, and our coach’ing staff go **** yourself and become a 49er fan.

    Tom Romeo
    Raiders Fan
    For Life

  4. I might be wrong but I believe there were a little over 11 minutes left in the game when DC got hurt. I do not blame Jack DelRio for keeping him in the game and absolutely understand the importance of that call at that time. Andrew Luck could have gotten streaky and there was a lot riding on this game. Although we did run the ball extremely well (over 200 yds.) and actually controlled the clock with somewhere around 10 to 12 minutes time of possession over IND which felt great until the injury. As much as I love my Raiders and DC as one of my favorite players,….I think getting him back in time is a true long shot which I am not sure the organization would choose to take a gamble on. I would absolutely hope and pray he would be available,…but at this point I don’t think it’s realistic. Still praying though!!

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