Tafur: After Talking With People, Little Better Odds Raiders Stay With Derek Carr

Does anyone really know what’s going through Jon Gruden’s mind when it comes to Derek Carr?

It’s nice to assume that Gruden knows what is going on in his own mind (some may object to that) and maybe there are people in the Raiders building that know what he’s thinking, but both Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock have stopped short of giving Carr a full vote of confidence for 2020, despite plenty of opportunities to do so.

Since the powers that be in Las Vegas don’t want to give a firm answer on Carr, we search elsewhere.

The Athletic’s Vic Tafur is generally considered one of the most reliable beat writers following the team and it sounds like the message he is getting from inside the organization is that Carr will be back in 2020.

“I wrote last week that my number was 65 percent that [Carr will be back next year]. I have talked to some people since then and my number is up to 70,” Tafur wrote this week in The Athletic. “Gruden is very hard to predict, so I just this second talked myself out of 75.”

Tafur has downplayed rumors that the Raiders plan to pursue Tom Brady in free agency. Whether that’s because Brady might not entertain the idea or it’s a matter of the Raiders interest, Tafur hasn’t said.

At this point, the rumors are little more than speculation, but it will be interesting to see what other teams think of Carr and what kind of trade offers the Raiders might get for him. With the free agent market the way it is at quarterback (which is weak), the Raiders will definitely get calls on Carr.

The issue with taking a trade package for Carr is… then what?

There are no better free agent quarterbacks hitting the market and everyone knows Gruden won’t be interested in starting a rookie quarterback.

Safe to say, if Carr is the Raiders quarterback five weeks from now (free agency begins March 18), the discussion over his status for 2020 should effectively end.

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33 thoughts on “Tafur: After Talking With People, Little Better Odds Raiders Stay With Derek Carr

  1. Jon Gruden won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson as his QB (OK, and a smothering defense – built by Tony Dungy). So, suffice to say, he’s fine with Derek Carr, who can be very good with the right pieces around him. It would be nice if he had some top level wideouts to throw to.

    1. He’s had them. Can’t keep blaming the players around him for his lackluster performance. Seven seasons, six of them losing.

    2. Much different rules these days make it harder to develop the kind of stifling defense the Bucs had that run.

    3. Bless Carr with a #1 a solid #2 Renfro in the slot and Waller at TE with Jacobs behind him and that O-line healthy close your eyes and imagine what you’ll see 12-4 11-5 realistic

    4. He won that superbowl playing against his own team, and as you mentioned earlier, a defense who could keep a team from scoring, while the offense find its way. We had no chance in that superbowl. Straight from Lynch’s mouth,”They ran every play we practiced “

  2. Vice Tafur is bipolar on this Carr issue. He should look into what the Raiders are going to do to fix the biggest problem for this team, and that’s the defense. As far as I’m concerned 100%sure Carr is the starting QB in 2020 for the Las Vegas Raiders

    1. Get rid of Carr he stinks. Not helping the Raiders and new defense. The coach stinks get rid of him

    2. I personally think carr needs a better offensive cordinator grudens play calling defenses figured out and watch the games from grudens first stint . Field goals once they got into redzone and there is always a 4 game losing streak that’s with gannon and brown. Start calling plays to carrs strength and some defence would be nice cause if th iui s defence sucks again grudens gotta go 3 years of crap defence falls on coach sooner or later

    1. Carr should be back and give him a bonafied #1 WR and fill the holes on defense and this team WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!!! They were 7-9 after all the AB distractions while lacking a big time wideout and an injured Tyrell Williams. Look for the Raiders to make some noise if they improve the skill positions out wide

    2. Would a pick have been better though? Giving the opposing team the ball at the 20 instead of inside their own 10, or even a pick 6? Every WR had lost leverage to the defender, meaning any throw would’ve had to have gone through the defender 1st. It was a horrible situation, and Carr scrambled and bought plenty of time for someone, ANYONE, to get open. The WR’s just stood there, which is what bothers me the most about the play. Carr was even directing them, and they looked at him like he was using some ancient form of sign language the Earth hasn’t seen since BC. That’s not to mention that a score there does nothing for the game, which was well beyond out of reach. In fact, Those who want to get rid of Carr would’ve claimed it was a garbage time TD anyway. Any way you look at it, he was going to fail on that play.

    3. I absolutely agree! If Carr’s first choice isn’t open three yards downfield Derek will throw the ball in the dirt instead of god forbid look for someone open at least 10 yards downfield! Carr hears foot steps and sees ghosts and is terrified to get hit! Time to move on NEXT?

      1. If Carr continues to dump the ball off on check downs or spike it into the ground, then yes…look to the draft, keep him around for year 1 in Vegas…groom draft pick. If Carr wants to remain a Raider then the scenario has to be different. By now he knows what the media is saying…RUN the ball on those situations! Become a tough QB! Take those hits! Earn it!

    4. The play that haunts me is hail mary goes right off doss facemask just like his hands a couple plays before and William’s hands before that when it counts carr throws great passes and receivers just cant catch pretty sad state of receivers. Nobody was going to catch that pass at least not for the raiders so instead 1st down on the 25 it was 1st down on the 1 but our great defense let them score from the 1 so pick your poisen

  3. Really? “Let’s assume John Gruden knows what is going on in his own mind. ( Some may object to that).” Are we trying to fill a word count for this article? Taking pot shots at Gruden making it sound like he’s crazy?! . Just because he doesn’t tell you what his plans are doesn’t mean he’s crazy. Geez! Grow up already. Making Detek Carr’s off-season hell by publishing trade rumors every day isn’t enough. Let’s make Gruden crazy too.

    1. Just click bait for the off season. Carr is a top 15 QB and if they get him some weapons will be a top 10. Besides Mahomes and Watson. what great rookie QB that was drafted high has come into league last few years? Fix the D and add two quality receivers.

  4. I would like to see the Raiders keep Carr and draft Jalen Hurts in the 3rd Rd. The Kid is a winner. This way they can take top WR and best def player available with first Rd picks.

  5. You people don’t have a clue, can’t you see gruden is building a team, like he did in 2002. Took him 4 years to win that division. I’m not crazy about Carr either but give him 1 more year . Add a receiver or two and beef the defense and this team will be in the super bowl by 2021.

  6. Gruden got Rich Gannon to the Raiders, and that worked. He is unlikely to go with a rookie.
    I know Philip Rivers moved to Florida, but Vegas has a lot of sun too. Rivers is a pro. Gruden doesn’t need him to run, just make the right throws.

  7. Biggest issue with this team is referees , bad redzone offense, bad kicker, lack of #1 and #2 WR, bad linebacker play, injuries on defense.

  8. If you’re listening to the washed up cheerleader wannabe Vic Tafur’, then you have personal issues of your own.

  9. I have watched QBs come and go. Carr is an elite qb. He is better than Gannon was. And I believe that if he gets legit talented wideouts we are in the playoffs

  10. This NFL is a business and I don’t see Carr leaving.Raiders would lose too much with starting a Rookies.I don’t see Brady going to Raiders not enough years left in Brady.I say Carr stays and he gets the weapons the Raiders need on offense and builds a stronger Defense . Raiders make playoffs in 2020.

  11. Carr not going anywhere period he needs a Wide out and we need some defense help and we’ll be good…the only year Carr had a number 1 wide out and good support cast around him we went 12-4 before he got hurt… remember he can throw all the routes and he very accurate

  12. Get a true #1 receiver. Either thru the draft/Free Agent. We have to build on our inconsistency D. This is the first time Carr’s career he has had consistently on offense 4-12 first year with Gruden. 7-9 last year. All without a true #1 receiver. Gruden calls the shots on offense,and or everything. Bring back (Mustgrave). He was the OC in ’16 when we finished 12-4. If they work together (Gruden/Mustgrave). Raiders can,and will be in playoffs contention. BUILD ON THE D! Paul Gunther,now will be the time with Rod,to get the Raiders back in the top D in the league. GO RAIDERS!!!

  13. Carr will get one more year to prove he is gruden’s QB. He put up good numbers for not having a number 1 wide receiver or even a great number 2. We get him some weapons and fix our Defense, we are golden. Gruden won a super Bowl with Brad Johnson. And carr is a much better quarterback then brad Johnson ever was. So we keep carr and fix those real problems and we will be winning games and making the playoffs.

  14. Stay with Derek Carr Get him better receivers. Stay please stay away from Tom Brady. The thought of Brady wearing the silver and black makes me want to throw up in my mouth!!

  15. I absolutely agree! If Carr’s first choice isn’t open three yards downfield Derek will throw the ball in the dirt instead of god forbid look for someone open at least 10 yards downfield! Carr hears foot steps and sees ghosts and is terrified to get hit! Time to move on NEXT?

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