Tafur Leaning “Fairly Strongly” That Derek Carr Will Be Raiders QB in 2020

All signs right now are pointing toward Derek Carr returning to the Raiders in 2020.

The Athletic beat writer Vic Tafur wrote about it last week and said that since the report he has talked to more people (presumably within the Raiders organization?) and he only feels better about his assertion that Carr isn’t going anywhere.

“I’ve talked with people since the article came out. I might go up to 75 percent now,” Tafur said of Carr’s odds on returning to the Raiders next year.”

“I just think there’s not a clear cut better option for next season. I don’t think the free agents on the market make a lot of sense. Brady, I mentioned why, and Rivers I think is not any good anymore, so I right I’d take Derek Cart over Rivers today… I don’t think a clear cut better option is going to emerge so I’m kind of leaning towards, fairly strongly, that [Carr] will be the guy in Vegas next season.”

Tafur echoed what others have pointed out that 1) Carr’s contract is actually a desirable deal compared to the going rate at quarterback right now and 2) the idea of bringing Tom Brady to the Raiders really doesn’t make much sense for either side.

“I don’t think it’s practical,” Tafur said of the Raiders fit with Brady. “But then a lot of things that Jon Gruden does aren’t really practical, so I won’t dismiss it, but I do think it’s kind of a long shot.”

For what it’s worth, the consensus among other reporters close to the team (as opposed to those getting marching orders from Brady’s camp) seems to be that unless the Raiders are blown away by a trade offer (which is still possible), the plan is to put pass-catching weapons around Carr – and preferably find a top receiver that can survive an offseason without freezing off his feet.

Can Derek finally rest and know that he’s going to be a Raider next year?

Probably not quite yet.

As teams around the league look at the quarterback free agent pool, they are seeing the same underwhelming group as the Raiders are looking at. Could a team decide to throw significant draft haul at the Raiders for Carr, who is still only 28 years old (29 in March)?

Never say never.

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9 thoughts on “Tafur Leaning “Fairly Strongly” That Derek Carr Will Be Raiders QB in 2020

  1. I’m a fan who passionately enjoys watching what transpires on the field and to see the heart that some of these guys give to their organizations is top notch in my eyes. I think that its only fair to give Derek Carr an opportunity to show case his abilities with a team built for winning championships. I believe that the Raiders will be that caliber of a team with a few more additions to the team as a whole. Give him a couple more weapons on the offensive side of the ball to work with, cross your fingers that the O-line stays healthy and all the negative talk of him magically disappears! Look at what San Francisco did this past season with a QB that isn’t any better than this guy everyone wants to see gone! Imagine what New England would look like with Derek Carr because I would be willing to bet that Belichick would love to give him the starting position to replace his worn out soon to be retired QB. “Make your stomach weak to think of that scenario Raider fans!”

  2. Unless we hear from Gruden or Mayock directly, all these stories are just made up BS. None of these writers or so called experts know what the Raiders are going to do so quit making **** up! Carr is the quarterback until someone from the organization says he is not.

  3. Get rid of carr and get cam Newton the game have changed k.c in our division we need someone mobile and compete in the division we gave carr to many chances he don’t want to extend the play he became a stat QB we have a line for cam he don’t have to do so much and we get jeudy at 12 WOW with what we already have

  4. i like and have always supported Carr, but lately he doesn’t rise above when we need him too, yes his receivers let him down a few times, but throwing the ball out of bounds on 4th and goal showed me he also plays for stats which bothers me.. dude needs to take chances, and settle with the screens all the time, i don’t believe gruden holds him back, carr holds himself back and plays scared sometimes and that hurts us.. also he needs to finally beat the chiefs..

  5. #victafur STFU already. It’s obvious you have no clue what’s happening, so save yourself some credibility and go report about the A’s or something. There’s never been a doubt outside of the minds who need to make headlines by anyway possible even if that’s to fabricate drama! Nice Try!!

  6. Get the downfield receivers and it will open up the middle for Tight ends , Renfro and backs out of the backfield.
    Derek needs to get rid of the ball sooner or take off. I think he is afraid of getting hurt. If he gets the receivers he needs, give him one more year.

  7. Derek Carr is the Heartbeat of the Raiders! With proper weapons to throw to would put him in the Top 5 as a NFL Quarterback! Any Raiders Fan that can’t see that should be a Donkey supporter or a *** licking Chiefs Fan. We have no room for such ignorance! Carr is a Franchise Quarterback and we will win a Superbowl within by 2021! Knock on Wood or get the Hell on to somewhere else!

  8. Unfortunately it’s Donald Penn’s fault. After carr got his leg broke is just a start. In the past no O line, no run game. Recently no wrs. Things can chage with the right help.

  9. Right on! I myself am one of those fan’s who have 95% given up on Carr,hopefully full u r right, i for one am ok not good but ok with Carr 1 more yr. with some offense weapon’s then final judgement! i also think Raiders should bring in a rookie via draft like J. Love sit him on bench to watch & learn 4th. round would b ok!

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