Antonio Brown Says He Still Talks to Jon Gruden, Sounds Open to Playing For Raiders Again

In case you are wondering why Antonio Brown is making headlines today, it’s because he is spending his Wednesday in New York City making media rounds and doing what he can to get back in the good graces of the league.

So far today, he has apologized to Ben Roethlisberger and said he wants to play wherever Tom Brady goes next year. He is promoting his music hard (you could argue that is the real reason he came out of the shadows today), and sounds like he is ready to represent himself in free agency (and insinuated that he has no ongoing relationship with former agent Drew Rosenhaus).

Asked if he would rule out a return to the Raiders and this was Brown’s response…

“I was just talking to Jon Gruden today might I say,” Brown said of his former coach of all of about six months. “I don’t know how it’s going to go, but who knows?”

Asked about how he would describe his time with the Raiders, AB responded, “I forgot, man. [laughs]. I forgot, bro. It was shortly lived. I’m AB, baby.”

Brown went on to say something along the lines of “…use AB, you get abused.” Presumably in reference to the way he feels the Raiders treated him.

AB, of course, could never be counted on again, so why would anyone in the Raiders organization be staying in contact with him? Especially, Jon Gruden, who already has enough on his plate.

Since it’s coming from AB, who knows if it’s true, but if Gruden is smart he’ll stay far away from any conversation that might involve Brown playing for the Raiders again.

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Antonio Brown might go back to the Raiders. He’s been talking to Jon Gruden. 👀 Listen🎧:

For what it’s worth, it sounds like AB is getting help from the standpoint of his mental health, which is a good thing. But as far as him returning to the Raiders… best to let some other team make that horrible mistake down the road.

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24 thoughts on “Antonio Brown Says He Still Talks to Jon Gruden, Sounds Open to Playing For Raiders Again

    1. I’m with you on that.
      AB means *** Bite.
      #f*%k that
      #slit wrist
      #drag balls
      #thru glass

  1. This is equivalent to eating your own vomit. 🤢 AB left a foul taste in everybody’s mouth for what he did with the Raiders. It’s not palatable the second time around. Leave it on the ground and walk away. 🤮 This is like giving the keys to your son or daughter of your new Bugotti after he or she just wrecked your Lamborgini. OUCH!!!!! 😵 It would be a disaster. 💣 💥 Maybe he can rap during halftime at the next Superbowl 🏆 for money. 🎤 💵 🎧 💰 Just a thought. LOL 😄 Ok. Maybe not.

  2. Mmm, Just win baby. OMG, a renegade on the Raiders. Wait, I may pee my pants…
    Never get anyone that may help us win. Oh no, what would Al say.
    We have been the last stop in the league before for many Great Players. Learn something by checking out some Raiders history…find out about our Glory Days

  3. Dude has realized that the end of the rope is in sight. Had a good gig and blew it. Wish him well but hope no NFL team makes that mistake again

  4. No team management / owners could be THAT desperate for someone to run/catch a football (hundreds of others can do the same) that they would INFECT/DESTROY their player’s cohesiveness by bringing in AB-Abnormal Behavior’s terminal, destructive cancerous, egotistical attitude.

  5. I was all excited last year when the Raiders signed AB. At the same time I had to have open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve….I looked forward to healing and watching AB and Derek Carr playing. When I woke up from recovering from surgery AB was gone and I didn’t know what happened. It sucked big time.

  6. I know what AL would say. Are you done F-ing?
    Do you think you can still play?
    AL I think he would have said, as he said many times before; to Ben Davidson, John Matusack (a rare defensive #1 in the overall draft & on what would his 3rd and last team)
    If you can play, get out there and show us.
    The Tuz just another player on this team, a team full of renegades, did exactly that, and as they say, the rest history…
    Remember in those days we didn’t let ANYTHING get in the way of winning, Just Win Baby, remember..? Winning was first…
    We had a lot of former problem kids.. and it worked..We had a slogan, Just Win Baby….

  7. In the second line above I meant to say, “are you done F-ing around.”
    (sorry, my bad ;-0) oops…

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