Tafur: Raiders “Will Definitely” Pursue Chiefs DT Chris Jones in Free Agency

Who will the Raiders go after in free agency?

We know Jon Gruden wants a couple more receivers, but it’s also a fact that the Raiders need the most help on defense.

According to a report (or educated guess as it may have been) on Monday, one of the Raiders primary targets in free agency will be the Chiefs best player on defense.

“The Raiders will definitely go after [Chris] Jones hard if the Chiefs don’t give him the money he wants or franchise tag him,” The Athletic’s Vic Tafur said of the Chiefs soon-to-possibly-be free agent defensive tackle. “That’s a fact, according to me.”

Only problem right now (for the Raider at least) is Jones definitely wants to go back to Kansas City and play for a repeat.

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Chris Jones guaranteeing back to back ! https://t.co/GJgsLlAUFI

Maybe let ol’ boy stay where he’s at. He doesn’t sound like a guy interested in wearing silver and black… unless, of course, the Chiefs insult him by giving his big pay day to Patrick Mahomes.

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7 thoughts on “Tafur: Raiders “Will Definitely” Pursue Chiefs DT Chris Jones in Free Agency

  1. Vegas has a better chance of signing Indian Jones than Chris Jones.

    Not never kid not never

  2. The Raiders should go hard after Chris Jones. He is just what the Raiders defense needs right now, inside pressure to support our young edge rusher. Al Davis loved stealing great players from division rivals, and even if they don’t get him, it will drive his price up for the Chiefs.

    In Mayock I trust.

  3. If they can get him y not but he saying kc can another one I don’t think so the 49ers will be back there and win it all

  4. If they can get him y not go after him. He talks like he wants to stay in KC then again he may not be a good fit for the Raiders.

  5. You would be a fool not to want to come to Vegas. It’s the Mecca. Or the New Mecca of sports right now new stadium new facility young teen. It’s the talk of the world.

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