Team Insider Doesn’t Believe Raiders’ Coaching Staff Will Be Back Next Year

Are the Raiders going to clean house and bring in a new coaching staff after the season?

That remains to be seen (because the playoffs are still in reach), but The Athletic’s Vic Tafur believes big changes are most likely coming.

“I don’t believe this staff will be back,” Tafur said on the State of the Nation podcast. “I don’t want to kick them while they’re down so we’ll see what happens this weekend, but I think a lot of their criticisms are warranted.”

“When you can’t run the ball and you can’t stop the run, I think it is hard to coach,” Tafur continued. “But again, they have made mistakes so I think there’s enough blame to go around the whole building.”

Raiders’ owner Mark Davis hasn’t wanted a coaching search to hang over the staff while the team is still in contention – which is why Sunday’s game against the Broncos is so important. The loser in that game is going to see their the playoff odds fall to around 2 percent. The winner’s odds will be around 24 percent.

So don’t throw away the Lloyd Christmas memes just yet…

Because the Raiders still have a chance.

If the Raiders don’t make the playoffs this year, one in-house candidate they might consider before blowing up the building (figuratively and maybe literally, too) is defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

If Bradley could bring in a solid group of offensive coaches, the Raiders could probably keep the momentum they have on defense. A lot of defensive players on the roster have familiarity with Bradley and there’s no guarantee they would have similar success in a new scheme.

Just something to think about.

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33 thoughts on “Team Insider Doesn’t Believe Raiders’ Coaching Staff Will Be Back Next Year

  1. What are you talking about similar success. The team has many holes on defense. Abram is a bum, we have 1 solid corner in Hayward, solid linebacker in Perryman, n our edge rushers are good. We have some guys that are good backups. Littleton needs to be gone n was waste. Our defense improved (which wasnt going to be difficult task to do) in some areas but lacks in others.

    Our offense was doomed from the start. As soon as einstein Gruden thought he could just patch-work together the line and succeed any hopes of success flew out the window. There has been no true consistent flow to offense all year. Yes there were games that offense has done well at times n in bursts but if u really think about it the first 5 games team couldnt score hardly anything during 1st half. Then a couple games they did but now its been happening again but for entire games. They continue to have difficulty in red zone which boils down to play-calling.

    The team had opportunities to play hard n save these coaches jobs but they failed to dig deep n perform. Yes there were adversities but most teams share that same trait. These coaches have not had team prepared for many games n clearly have been unable to make in-game adjustments.

    I believe gus bradley can become effective DC but he needs to have all the tools to succeed so really its hard to assess the performance of everyone when it starts at top. The owner is ridiculous, Gruden was a joke, n Mayock needs to go for his part. I read where another GM was unsure of Mayock due to uncertainty with Mayocks role in Gruden decisions. But I say he needs to go as he stated several times publicly how he n Gruden see things the same way n even if it wasnt his decision or input he allowed himself to become a puppet n scapegoat n has no pride taking job that his title really means nothing n just for that should go

    1. Are you actually using the letter n to replace the word and? It’s hard to take anything you wrote seriously when you can’t even spellcheck your article.

    2. All very good points. It all starts at the top and since Al Davis did virtually nothing to prepare Mark for the role, I’m sure that’s why Mark made the investment in Gruden to the extent that he did. Mistake No.1. Then Gruden basically hires a GM with no GM experience resulting in some of the worst personnel moves in franchise history, right up there with McKenzie and waning AD years. Mistake No.2.

      The big question before us now is where Mark goes from here. During Gruden’s tenure I always hoped Mark would hire a President of Football Operations type position (like Carmen Policy with the old Niner teams), to keep Gruden in check. Now that Gruden is gone I believe it’s essential that Mark find a strong GM to redirect the organization. Although we have a few pieces here and there, there are big holes in all 3 areas of the team that need to be filled. Further, we need a leadership structure that is going to hopefully work with the league office to create stronger safeguards that are required in a unique market like Vegas so we can limit anymore Ruggs type events.

      Lastly, the new GM and coach will have a pressing decision to make at the QB position. As much as I’ve wanted to believe in Carr over the years and believe he is a good QB, he’s not the kind of QB that’s going to put a team on this back, e.g., Brady and Rodgers. Depending on the GM and coach they bring in, I do believe either Rodgers or Russell Wilson could be in play. However, both would require the commitment of trade assets which would make a rebuild even that much tougher. Drafting a QB would be the other option but would take at least several years to pay off.

      I wish Mark the best in his decision because it will likely determine the trajectory of the franchise for the next decade.

    3. Perfect. You are 100% on spot. Especially Littleton.Unfortunately this been going on too long. It’s sad. Our drafts days suck. ie; Arnette, so on so on. Love your article. Your a great writer. This is my first time ever replying to anything

  2. This team will be rebuilt regardless. Carr is gone & all the current coaching staff too, you can not get the piece you need to have a playoff team when carr yearly pay will be around $30 mill a season. Gotta hit on a QB in the draft no matter what round you can find him in!!!

    1. Wow, First of all Carr’s pay will be closer to 20 Mil cause 22 is the last year of his deal. Secondly, I think the hopefully smarter people making the decisions will realize its the weakest QB draft in years. Also, They need an O line to block and have a run game. Improve that O line and get a true #1 receiver and watch what the offense can do. They are ranked 11th even with no real O line or running game because of it. You dont blow an 11th ranked offense up

    2. Merry Christmas Raider Nation: Today, Saturday December 25, 2021 the 90-minute documentary “All Madden” premieres on (Fox) at 2:00 pm. For those of us who have
      been Raider fans for (4) decades, this special shows (OUR) coach John Madden. They don’t make them like that anymore. “Blood and guts” Raiders, “Just win baby!” And,
      whether the current coaching staff gets replaced or not, we Raider fans will be able to
      Re-visit the reason why we are the Raider Nation.

    3. Getting rid of a top 10 QB is INSANE!!! Carr is not the problem. Who replaces him ?
      You believe drafting a top 10 QB is easy?

      1st round QB’s in the last 10 years -2012, Luck, Weeden, Tannehill, and Weeden 2013- EJ Manuel, 2014 – Bortles, Manziel, and Bridgewater, 2015 Winston, Mariota, 2016 – Wentz, Goff, and Paxton Lynch, 2017- Trubiski,, Mahomes, and Watson, 2018 – Mayfield, Darnold, Allen, Rosen, and Jackson, 2019 – Murray, Jones, and Haskins, 2020 – Burrow, Tua, Herbert, and Love, 2021 – Lawrence, Wilson, Lance, Fields, and Jones.
      That is 33 1st round QBs, only 5 of which have a better than 53% winning record. That’s a hit rate of 15%!

      The grass is always greener.

    4. The rebuild needs to happen, too many large holes all around for simple patchwork to be done. Get as much as you can for Carr before it’s really too late… No WR1 still, Mullen,Jacobs,Abram are glass
      Wright is old and Littleton is just LaMarcus Joyner 2.0, the O line is weak on their best day and besides Hayward the corners are mediocre at best… pull the plug

    5. Trading Carr will be the Raiders next stupid transaction. How many years did it take Nameth, Dawson, Stabler, Elway, both Mannings, Staubach, and many more considered to be great quarterbacks? How about this name some considered great yet never won the big one? Fouts top ten all time never got one, ask yourselves why. Pop a bubble, defense maybe, Fran Tarkenton a great QB but N.Y. Giants sucked and Vikings team ran into superior teams in the big one, Dolphins for one and there QB Grease never was a Fouts quality QB. How about Archie Manning and Jim Plunkett, poor Archie was stuck with the Saints who where awful and Plunkett finally got a chance with a great you guessed it (TEAM). That’s right team O LINE, D LINE. Madden football. Name a team who had a terrible QB but won the big one??? THE RAVENS, and as Paul Harvey would say that’s the rest of the story…..

    6. Carr well take less money he’s not about money. He the most Devoted Players on the Raiders Team. How can any Qb played under the conditions of so many coaches so many differrent Players. No Offensive line men. To be Smart and Strong to give Carr enough time to throw the ball down the field. No Other Qb has and strong arm like DC. He said it he’s Die Hard Raiders For Life. Mark David needs to offered him less money To DC he’s better than any Qb on the Rosters and Marriota. Pay him less for one year to prove That he worth it with a better offensive lineman, no weak no more dummy making dumb Mistakes causing the to lose yardage and i bet he takes it, because he wants to be Raiders for Life. If he messed up bench him get another Qb but keep Carr. OR Red headed Davis, lets him go. He well win SB with a better offensive Line Stronger Men and Smarter Linemen, The Ones we got are weak n too much Mistakes. Patrick from KC he’s got a good Offensive line men. No kids making too many Mistakes real offensivemen. Look at all that time Mahones has to throw the ball down field he got allot time hardly no sacks, they protected good thats y he get TD’s instead of 3 pts. Poor Carr is running for his life, that’s not a good Offensive Men For The Raiders the best line men is number 74 and thats all they got for Carr. Get Carr A Good Line. For just 1yr less money and watched become the Player Of 2016 Record 12-4 and he well get back liked he was in 2016 a 12-4. Please Mr Mark Davis be like your Dad dont Tear Down Your Father Legacy please 1 more ur and less money he well take dont let others get a good QB, dont make another MISTAKE you made Mr Davis TRADING AWAY COOPER To DALLAS COWBOYS and looked At Cooper Go COWBOYS. Just offer him. Theres allot Fans That Love Carr They Know What He Can With Strong Offensive LineMan, give him enough time and he well Carved up any Team we played against next ur, offer him less money and One ur with a guranteed money to prove to you Mark Davis. Allot Carr well Guranteed you by there words That Carr Well Take Us To The Playoffs And The Get Us SB guaranteed DC takes us, he not about money. He’s DieHardRaidersPlayer. All he needs is A Offensive Strong Smart Men. Real Men That Wear Black. Go Raiders Carr Well Beat The Colts It’s Payback Time. Then we well Beat The Chargers Another Payback. If Mark David Get Rid Of Carr After Getting Into The Playoffs. Then Mark Davis Need To Sell The Team Or NFL STEP And Get Another Owner. A RAIDERS Silver And Black Player. Howie long, Marcus Allen, CHARLES WOODSON Attkinsson. Has To Bleed Silver And Black All RAIDERS Ties No other Divsions Coaches Only Silver And Black (Just Win Baby) Commitment To Excellement Al Davis Made The Raiders Can’t let Mark Davis Take Down Al Davis Legacy Ever and Never. Go Carr Payback God Blesssed You. He’s Behind You
      All Who Belives in Him And You DC Prove Them All Wrong DC Go Raiders

  3. Raiders have many holes on both Offense & Defense to fill. I have been saying it for the past 3 or 4 years that Derrick Carr is a good QB but he is not a championship QB. He’s great on the fairway but chokes on the green. Like Gannon choked when it counted. We haven’t had a Super Bowl QB since Plunkett. Clean house of players just collecting paychecks and build with the good nucleus we have.

  4. I agree that we can not get to the promised land with DC, but point out the BS he has had to deal with since he’s been a Raider. 8 HC’s in 8 years do we want to pretend that a different or new QB would have figured out how to navigate the pure nonsense of that? It does start way higher than the HC although in our case the HC certainly contributed to our issues with some questionable picks
    I hope only that we take a shot at a young offensive mind, that Bradley can stay and wants to work with him
    Not ready to give up on mayock till he gets a shot of his own and think our owner is not near as stupid as his haircut

  5. so, you’re calling the man who leads the NFL in tackles, Abram, a bum? yes, he has coverage difficulties but can they be worked out? Mullin, was becoming a shut down corner before he got injured this year. it has been well documented the ds problem with stopping the run……dont know if that’s tackles or linebackers issues, heavens knows Littleton has been a waste of time and money!!!! the defense is not far off where it needs to be.

    the offense, that’s another story!!!! that o-line has extreme issues!!!! which is certainly partly Grus fault!!! in his defense, Gru couldn’t have seen Good or incognito s injuries (time to move on from incognito!!!) rework that o-line and get a serviceable WR (I saw an article saying the possibilities of getting dude out of Chicago) and we are a deep threat. get off of DC and Jacob’s until O-line is revamped and DC has someone to throw to!!!

  6. I don’t believe Bradley has done enough to save his job, and certainly not enough to be elevated to HC. First, I’m not a fan of read and react defense. The Raiders defensive backfield backpedals on almost every play and has been destroyed this year by throws underneath their soft coverages, with safeties usually so deep they are often out the play. The D-line play has been better, so they’ve been able to mitigate some of the damage. Perryman, when healthy, saved the Raiders many times in the middle, mostly against the run. Abram has been outstanding around the LOS but he can’t cover, therefore, represents a liability. You can’t afford to have a safety on the field with no coverage skills. It’s part of the job! In the end, the Raiders are second worst only to the lowly Jets in points scored against. That’s not cause for celebration and definitely not something I’d want to read on a resume for the next HC or DC of the Raiders.

    On offense, Gruden blew up the Raiders chances in when he dismantled the O-line. They stupidly neglected to sign a vet WR and paid that price, betting everything on Ruggs and Edwards, both of whom tragically disappeared from the team… one way or another. The biggest mistake the Raiders coaching made this year, IMO, is that they failed to recognize the shortfalls of their O-line and their inability to run block. They proved early and often that the 2021 Raiders are a passing team. If they could have embraced that, I truly believe they would have beaten teams like the Bears, Giants and WFT, and they could run the ball more effectively with play-action (which they seldom use).

    In the end, the failures of this season fall squarely on coaching. This is what happens when you narrowly focus on scheme and not coach to the strengths of your players, or to a position group, e.g., the O-line.

    IMO, even if the Raiders make the playoffs, which would itself be a miracle, the entire coaching staff needs to go! Let’s not kid ourselves. Gruden wasn’t that great (barely .500 career), and his staff on offense is even worse. Four years is an eternity in the NFL (avg player contract is less), and the Raiders barely reached mediocrity.

  7. Another attempt at a rebuild is the only way forward. If the Bills, Cardinals, 49ers, just to name a few, can do it, why not the Raiders?

  8. Carr will be rapidly picked up by another team as many are waiting to get him on a team with a decent offense and defense. The problem is Mark Davis as he isn’t the man his father was and it was he who became enamored with John Gruden who always was a loser. Gruden ruined the team he took over with his gross incompetence. The Gruden and Davis pair made a Laurel and Hardy nightmare for NFL football.

  9. there are a few more Gms to consider from new england an dallas they know talent but 2 names i would look at are tim terry an ryan poles

  10. Draft a QB are you kidding me this year’s upcoming draft class for quarterbacks are garbage. Kenny Pickett no thanks. Carr is a great quarterback, you put him on the New England Patriots right now and see what the heck they do. Or for that matter any competent coaching staff for some reason it seems like our current coach and staff truly doesn’t know how to manage game decisions and that was the case with Gruden too clock management etc Derek Carr is not the problem though and it’s hard to find a top 10 quarterback plus he has 28 come from behind victories which is the most in the NFL since he’s been in the league, he’s not going anywhere

  11. Hell,raiders need more defensive help. We got a backup that can take over the offense. This coaching staff is not what we need. If we keep this staff , we’ll see the same thing happen next year again. How long are raiders keep losing and being the laughing stock of the division.

  12. Keep DC and keep Mariota get rid of incognito and leatherwood needs time we have good edge rushers now we need solid run stuffers guys that can push the line back and can think on their feet. We need guys on offense that can move a building so they can open up running lanes for Jacob’s. And get some good back ups for our tight ends and wide receivers . And we need a great play caller that isn’t a coward and knows when to go on fourth down.especialy when the game is on the line.

  13. Davis does not Meddle so to he us ridiculous is off beat. He is trying to find the right formula.

  14. The Ruggs accident, and killing of Tina Tintor was the beginning of the end. It turned lots of people off on the Raiders, the way they ignored the victim, and circle the wagons around Ruggs. I have never seen a situation handled so poorly.
    There is rumors because of that, Gruden, Damon Arnette, Josh Jacobs the NFL will be happy to see Mark Davies sell, and move on.
    The Casinos own 40% of the tickets, using them as special travel packages & comps, meaning the Raiders WILL NEVER have a home field advantage, since 40% of the crowd will be cheering for the visitors, it is closer to 45% many season ticket holders sell their seats a tremendous profits, all of this according to Sports Illustrated.
    I have trouble warming up to this “new” Raiders, they could become the NFL new joke. They are not the Raiders of AL Davies, John Madden, and Tom Flores.

  15. Gus Bradley is complete trash. Why would you keep him? The entire NFL figured out his scheme a decade ago. He is a 1 trick pony.

  16. The rebuild already happened with the trading of Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper. The thing that helped this fanbase, was that in year 2 of Gruden’s rebulid, he had the team playing well, and overachieving. In their rookie years, Josh Jacobs ran ferociously, Crosby became a gem, Mullen showed promise, and we fell in love with Renfroe. That team had a chance to make the playoffs, but it still felt like a rebuild only because for the last two seasons, the have failed to win the winable games. Generally, rebuilding teams struggle for several years before their youngsters bloom. I believe they have a good core of players. Blowing up this team is not the answer. This group just needs consistency. I hope we find that leader, head coach, that can influence that. We, as a fanbase, do not want to blow up this team again and wait several more years for a playoff hopes.

  17. Sorry folks but Josh Jacobs doesn’t have hands we need a running back that can catch as well as run, and he doesn’t even run very well anymore!

  18. After watching the first half today you have to admit…THESE GUYS SUCK… WITH A CAPITAL S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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