Super Bowl-Winning Defensive Coordinator Expected to Interview For Raiders’ Anticipated Head Coaching Vacancy

The Raiders playoff hopes are still alive, but it has become a foregone conclusion by many that owner Mark Davis will hire a new coaching staff after the season.

One of the first head-coaching interviews is expected to be Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

“The Raiders are expected to interview former Jets head coach Todd Bowles for their head coaching vacancy in the coming weeks, league sources indicated, as owner Mark Davis tries to find the long-term replacement to departed face of the franchise Jon Gruden,” CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported on Sunday.

Bowles has head-coaching experience from his time with the New York Jets, but just as importantly, he was the architect of the Buccaneers’ defense that humiliated the Chiefs offense in the Super Bowl a year ago. Anyone interested in coaching the Raiders in the foreseeable future will need to present a viable plan to contend with the Chiefs in the AFC West.

Bowles has already proven what he can do to the Chiefs’ offense with the right personnel on defense.

It remains to be seen if the Raiders will choose to keep GM Mike Mayock, but the expectation is that the next Raiders’ head coach will be afforded the opportunity to bring in his own GM the way that Jon Gruden did three years ago.

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23 thoughts on “Super Bowl-Winning Defensive Coordinator Expected to Interview For Raiders’ Anticipated Head Coaching Vacancy

  1. While lots of people have advocated many candidates for the Raiders head coaching job, and certainly some very viable candidates, I have hoped that Todd Bowles would get an interview. Of course, there will be many dissenting views about Todd Bowles, it’s just the nature of the business. However, in my opinion, his experience reminds me of that of Bill Belichick. Todd Bowles has “been around” and been through his share of NFL wars, if you will. If my memory serves me correctly, Bill Belichick had to learn some hard lessons prior to his becoming the coach that he is now, you guys can fill in the blanks about what he went through prior to arriving in New England. I believe Todd Bowles’ getting “ruffed up” throughout his NFL coaching career has set the stage for future success. If the old adage that “Experience is the best teacher” still applies then there’s no doubt that Todd Bowles fulfills that criteria, hands down. Good luck and Godspeed Todd Bowles.

    I’ve been a Raiders fan since 1968 and for what it’s worth, you have my endorsement.

  2. The truth is, I and the rest of Raider Nation do not envy Owner Mark Davis decision to
    name a head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. We have a lot of talent without the required
    expertise at position coaches. Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Backfield coach, Linebacker coach, Special teams coach, just to name the obvious. The head coach will hire these position coaches. And then, there is the question of what to do with the current General Manager Mike Mayock. The turn around time has been expedited because (Gruden and
    Mayock) have already started the rebuild. Now, the guy that comes in has to be teacher of
    the football sport. And a discipline oriented head coach whose position coaches have a similar philosophy. It’s good that some players can act as sideline motivators but that is the
    job of these position coaches in their groups. The candidate that Owner Mark Davis picks
    has to be his best decision. He has made some weak decisions at the helm. Now, he has to
    make his best decision.

  3. As often it happens in this league guys who are great coordinators turn out to be bad head coaches! Bowles did nothing to turn around the Jets defense or the team as a whole! He was horrible at clock management and the Jets at times during his tenure looked unmotivated! Now could things be different his second go around as a head coach, of course but this is going to be a very crucial hire for Davis. Can’t keep making bad decisions with the head coach or the Raiders will never turn things around

  4. How did his record with the Jets look like? Why did he then move to defensive coordinator? Hire him as the defensive
    coordinator and get the offensive coordinator from New England as head coach!

  5. **** Todd Bowles. Dude laughed the Raiders off last time he was a coaching candidate. Then he **** the bed in NY. **** him.

  6. In my opinion the raiders are never be great again until but Davis doesn’t own it anymore Al Davis is gone his son is not his father when his father was good time to get fresh blood

  7. As a Raider fan since the late 70s I just hope we can get a wining staff to get us back to greatness. Todd bowels would not be my choice.

  8. Bill Belichick was 31 wins and 44 losses as the Cleveland Browns head coach from 1991 through 1995. Todd Bowles was 24 wins and 40 losses as the New York Jets head coach from 2015 through 2018. Bill Belichick obviously did not become the successful head coach that he is today without some growing pains as his coaching record with the Cleveland Browns shows. Surely, initially, when Bill Belichick went to the New England Patriots as their new head coach, many were skeptical based on his past performance as the Cleveland Browns head coach. Nonetheless, the lessons that he learned there obviously served him well and thus NOW everyone sees him as a master tactician.

    Again, I assert that Todd Bowles had had a roughly similar history, relative to being an NFL head coach, as Bill Belichick. For certain, picking “the right” head coach is just as much of a hit or miss proposition as picking players in the draft. NO ONE could have predicted Bill Belichick’s rise based on his first head coaching job. Likewise, how many teams passed on the 199th draft pick that Bill Belichick chose to draft? For that matter, how many teams passed on Aaron Rodgers?

    Bill Belichick certainly made the most of his second chance as an NFL head coach and in the face of some serious doubt, I might add. Without a doubt, no one knows for sure because picking coaches or players is not an exact science. After picking Jon Gruden over Bill Belichick, Al Davis traded Jon Gruden three years later. Who knows what the Raiders’ fortunes might have been had Al Davis took Amy Trask advice and hired Bill Belichick instead of Jon Gruden? The one thing that we know for sure is how that turned out.

    If anyone thinks that Todd Bowles would not relish the chance to redeem his coaching career, they are sadly mistaken. Todd Bowles has served, in addition to being the New York Jets head coach as the defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals and now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His resume bolsters vast and varied NFL experience not unlike that of Bill Belichick’s. Whether he gets the Raiders head coaching job or not, no one can question his NFL diversity and professionalism.

  9. Get Jom out of Michigan. Guy is a nut job but he knows how coach football and build a team

  10. I think Todd Bowles would be a great solution the reason he wasn’t successful at the New York Jets is because the ownership of the New York Jets would not give him the tools that he needed to make that team successful anyone with common sense knows that if you don’t have good tools to work with you can’t do a good job let alone a great job ,Todd Bowles has been through ups and downs and has gone thru the good and the bad and based on his experience as a defensive coordinator I think he’ll make a great head coach as long as he surround him self with a great coaching staff

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