Teammate: Derek Carr the “Most Relentless Leader” I’ve Ever Been Around

Alec Ingold was one of the most pleasant surprises on the Raiders roster in 2019.

Less than a year ago, Ingold was on the roster bubble as an undrafted free agent and in a few short months he’s already become Jon Gruden’s favorite player (we all know it’s true).

But on Wednesday, it was Ingold talking about two of his favorite players on the team.

“Derek [Carr] is the most relentless leader I’ve ever been around in any facet of my life,” Ingold said on Eddie Borsilli’s Yards Per Attempt podcast. “Just showing up hours before everybody else… he has meetings, before the meetings, before the meetings. He’s always in the film room. Seeing the work that that guy does, it makes me want to be better for him.”

Naturally, the other guy Ingold had high praise for was the NFL’s top rookie, Josh Jacobs. He talked about the disappointment he felt when he learned Jacobs didn’t win the Associated Press Rookie of the Year award, but said Jacobs was “all smiles” and “humble in defeat” after losing the award to Kyler Murray.

Regardless of the votes, Ingold and Jacobs were at the forefront of a Raiders’ rookie class that was arguably the best in the NFL. Of course, the only ones arguing against the Raiders class would probably be the Associated Press nitwits who voted against Jacobs for Rookie of the Year.

Speaking of, who exactly are these press “associated” with?

An associated bunch of dummies if you ask me.

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11 thoughts on “Teammate: Derek Carr the “Most Relentless Leader” I’ve Ever Been Around

  1. He’s Not the Only Raider who is Impressed With DC and His Work Ethic… The “Pundits” who attack Carr Every Chance they get are Uninformed, Ignorant AssClowns who have Limited knowledge of the Game…

  2. The Associated Press is not associated with reality. A collective of frontal lobotomy recipients, that gather to give each other tips on remembering to breath. If they all got together and all contributed, they still wouldn’t be able to come up with a complete brain. Josh Jacobs is the Offensive Rookie of the Year. And just because the NFL paid to make sure he didn’t get the award, won’t change the fact that Jacobs will be around for a while to prove just how badly the Associated Press screwed up the vote.

  3. I just read an article, in the Yardbarker, that says that a Cam Newton to the Las Vegas Raiders trade is one that they would like to see because, in their opinion, it makes sense. Let us not be naive. There are lots of racist people, owners and coaches included, in the NFL. No one SHOULD doubt Cam Newton’s ability. I would equate a trade of this caliber with what Al Davis did in acquiring Jim Plunkett from the San Francisco 49ers, a former number 1 draft pick who just needs the right system in which to be successful. Had the Carolina Panthers had a solution to blocking Von Miller, Cam Newton would be a Super Bowl winning quarterback. If Gruden and Mayock couldn’t SEE what Patrick Mahomes is/was, that’s why they didn’t draft him, they certainly can’t imagine trading for Cam Newton. Neither of them have any confidence nor interest in acquiring a black quarterback, let alone a successful black quarterback. For those who would tout DeShone Kizer or E.J. Manuel, as black quarterbacks under Gruden’s or Mayock’s tenure, one was with the Raiders when Gruden and Mayock got there and the there was a castoff to fill a roster spot. Neither Gruden nor Mayock has actually made an overt overture to secure a creditable black quarterback since they have been there. Now would be a good time though. Cam Newton is younger than either Philip River, Tom Brady or Drew Brees. more successful than Teddy Bridgewater, Ryan Tannenhill, Andy Dalton, Mitchell Tribinsky, Matthew Stafford, Jacoby Brisette, Marcus Mariotta, Alex Smith, Jameis Winston or any other available quarterback. If I remember correctly, it was Jon Gruden who said, when he was in the broadcast booth and Mike Mayock who said, when he was a football analyst, that Johnny Manziel was going to be a great quarteback. Well, now Manziel can be had for peanuts. Have both of them changed their minds about Manziel or will they pursue him this off season? Well, what is for sure is that we are coming up on year three of the Gruden regime. Who knows, maybe he will go from four wins, in his first season, to seven wins, in his second season, to ossibly ten wins, in his third season with Derek Carr. Maybe even such a progression is the incremental progress that he has envisioned for the Raiders. One thing is certain though, if Gruden keeps Carr and he goes down to injury, no one believes that Mike Glennon, DeShone Kizer or Nathan Peterman can move the Raiders forward. Maybe Gruden and Mayock will have a similar merry-go-round at quarterback like they did at wide receiver last year. Won’t that be something to see?

    1. Sorry man, you lost me at BLACK QUARTERBACK!! Why do you people always feel the need to bring race or politics into the conversation?? I have full confidence that Gruden & Mayock will do what’s best for the organization moving forward!! RAIDERNATION …. Just Win Baby!!

    2. William G,

      Dude you are beyond an idiot!!!! Mahomes was drafted in 2017…Gruden came on board in 2018 and Mayock’s FIRST DRAFT was the 2019 draft which he ABSOLUTELY NAILED – BEST IN THE NFL!!! Do your homework you pos before you post… just sound stupid!!!!

    3. 2. questions one statement :
      How many black quarterbacks have a super bowl ring???
      2: Williams 1988 , Wilson 2013.

      What makes anybody other than a fool gambling his last pennies on a 55 to 2 odds want a black quarterback

      Enough said

  4. Definite food for thought,Mr Newton has shown considerable talent and I think as talented as the Raider backup QB’s now,don’t think much matters bout what color he is,were all the same tribe under the sky🇺🇸

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