Teams Expect Raiders to Be More Aggressive in the Draft, Potentially Package Both First-Round Picks to Move Up

Stocked with two first-round picks (but only seven picks overall), speculation is already running wild about what the Raiders will do in this year’s draft.

Will they trade up in the first round or sit back and see who falls to pick 12?

“The Raiders did trade twice in the second round but otherwise largely stayed put during the draft. This year, the league expects Mayock to have a little more fun trading picks,” Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller reported on the Raiders this week.

“The quarterback position is unsettled long-term, the team needs another wide receiver and a middle linebacker, and this year’s draft is very good at those spots. If Mayock and Jon Gruden get excited about a player, the team’s two first-rounders could get packaged real fast.”

Enjoy the “trade up” speculation for the next few months, but don’t look for the Raiders to own any pick before pick 12. By moving up the Raiders would have give up pick 19 and there aren’t many, if any, realistic scenarios where that would make sense. The only position worth two first-round picks is quarterback and it wouldn’t make sense for the Raiders to enter the third round of the draft with only a quarterback (and none of the top WRs) to show for their efforts.

Gruden wants one of the talented receivers in the 2020 draft and even an intriguing quarterback isn’t going to persuade him to pass on a new weapon at wide receiver. Forget all the quarterback flip-flopping stories you know about Gruden, it’s the wide receiver position that he has become obsessed with nowadays and there haven’t been many in Oakland that have met his expectations.

If the Raiders do draft a quarterback this year, it will be because one falls in the draft. Gruden isn’t leaving the first round without a wide receiver and that won’t happen if the Raiders trade up.

If anything, look for the Raiders to trade back once or twice and try to recoup the second-round pick that went the Bears with Khalil Mack.

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15 thoughts on “Teams Expect Raiders to Be More Aggressive in the Draft, Potentially Package Both First-Round Picks to Move Up

  1. Trading up is not an option for the Raiders. Trading down only happens if a QB falls to 12 that someone can’t live without.

  2. They need to target Chase Young ,Crosby played well and put up some fantastic numbers but they missed on Clelin Ferell ,Bookending Young with Crosby would give the Raiders one Hell of a Pass Rushing tandem.Corner should be a top priority as well.

  3. NONSENSE! My guess is that the Raiders will sign a free agent like AJ Green to a one year prove it deal. He will act as a mentor to the Raiders young receivers. Trading up is in the cards, but only if a 3rd round pick is included in the package. If I had my way I would take both Isaiah Simmons and Kenneth Murray in the 1st round.

  4. I say if Simmons,lamb,jeudy are gone before 12 move back obtain a 2nd. Trade gave jackson to a team like the dolphins for a 2nd and send a later round pick with em…then package our 19th and later 3rd and 4th for another 1 and have 3 picks in round 1 and 2 in round 2 …and 2 in the 3rd and then we are outta picks…but 7 top 100 picks should have our roster looking correct. Hopefully we land a WR,LB,CB in first 45 picks. We as fans deserve for multiple years of being relevant in the playoffs so I believe this is a scenario that may work. Please keep any negative thoughts to your self!

  5. By that last pass being blocked in Denver the move up from 18th to the 12th pick,could wind up their best broken play of the year.

  6. They can and should trade a 3rd to move up to 7 or 8 n get Simmons LB Clemson and a wr at 19 even if it leaves us with 6 total picks

  7. This is Ludicrous!!!!! In no way will Mayock and Gruden give up both of their 1st round picks. For what? A QB. Carr’s not that bad. Give him some weapons and fill the holes. If he doesn’t work out, draft a QB. Hell draft that QB from Wash ST in the 7th round.

  8. All draft speculation put out 2 months before the free-agency market opens up is pure mental masturbation. No offense, but the off-season for the players should be accompanied by an off-season for sportswriters, too.

  9. I think by now Derrick should be an elite quarterback, instead he’s just average at best. Scary ***!

  10. They could trade a first and a third to move up a few spots if needed . Nobody trades 2 firsts for a first duh

  11. Hoping that ee get either Jerry Jeudy or Henry Ruggs III from Alabama. Both are great route receivers and Ruggs has some serious jet’s.

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