Raiders TE Darren Waller Was Clocked Faster Than All But 2 Receivers in 2019

Darren Waller signed a three-year contract extension during the season this year and is currently the 10th-highest paid tight end in the NFL on a per-year basis.

Not bad considering where he was a few years ago.

The amazing off-the-field story of Waller’s return from substance abuse is one that everyone knows. The league also learned in 2019 that Waller is a one-on-one mismatch for every defense and one of the reasons for that is his misunderstood speed. We knew he could run, but who knew that Waller is one of the fastest players in the league? And not just at tight end, but at any position.

According to Next Gen Stats, Waller was clocked at 21.76 MPH on his 75-yard reception against the Broncos in week 17. Only seven players in the NFL ran faster in uniform in 2019 and no tight end in the league posted a top-20 in-game speed this year.

Here is the play where Waller pulls away from a crowd of defenders…

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Darren Waller with the 75 yard catch and run. #Raiders #RaiderNation

So how did they catch him?

Well, it takes an extra step to get 6’6, 255 pounds up to speed and a frame like that isn’t built for endurance – especially in thin Denver air.

Prior to the 2015 draft, Waller recorded a 4.46 forty time at the NFL combine weighing 238 pounds. The Raiders list him 17 pounds heavier now, but it doesn’t look like Waller has lost a step.

If anything, he’s bigger and faster than ever.

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  1. ‘Waller’s ‘ a ‘ Baller’. You’ve got the Tight End, and Running Back, Renfrow maybe like Edelman? Build around it. Fix the defense. Too bad ,traded ‘ Conley ‘ ?

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