The Latest Raiders Quarterback Rumor Might be the Most Ridiculous Yet

Rumor season is officially underway in the NFL and it’s going to be tough to top what CBS Sports insider Jason La Canfora put out on Wednesday.

Remember, La Canfora reported a few weeks ago that Jon Gruden was thinking of moving on from Carr. In light of these guess-timations (below) from La Canfora it’s fair to wonder exactly what league executives he is getting information from.

Jameis Winston to the Raiders?

The idea of Gruden working with Winston might be the most ludicrous pairing possible – except for maybe the thought of Gruden putting himself through Chris Simms again. Nevertheless, take a look at this shot in the dark from La Canfora…

“Jon Gruden loves to gamble. He likes Derek Carr, but isn’t sure of high-end upside,” La Canfora wrote this week. “[Gruden] wants someone who is more willing to sling it downfield and make big plays. Winston just kinda looks like a Raiders QB, no? What a perfect fit for Vegas. Could you get him on a 2-3 year deal, kinda like a bridge situation, and also draft someone like Jordan Love? Probably. Gruden loves a challenge and coaxing the picks out of Winston certainly qualifies. This way he doesn’t mortgage his first round picks to move up for Tua or Burrow, gets a young starter, and can keep drafting weapons on offense.”

So where would Carr end up if Gruden signs the league’s interception king?

“[Redskins] owner Dan Snyder loves first round pick Dwayne Haskins, but new coach Ron Rivera, who has extensive power, has already publicly hedged his bets. Rivera’s first hire, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, is a champion of Carr’s and they went to the playoffs together with Carr an MVP candidate. Yes, Alex Smith is still costing $19M, but Snyder could restructure Carr’s deal easily to bring his 2020 cap hit down to like $7M and it’s a long shot Smith ever plays again. Carr’s contract is cheap enough to flip again down the road if need be.”

Give up on a first-round pick like Haskins after one season?


That might be a worse guess than Gruden signing up for the least-disciplined quarterback in the league. Other than bad calls, is there anything that Gruden hates more than interceptions?

By the way, where did the idea that Gruden wants to throw deep come from?

Yes, he said it, but he has said a lot of things. Gruden has been in the league long enough by now that we know exactly what he wants in an offense… and an aggressive downfield attack isn’t it.

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42 thoughts on “The Latest Raiders Quarterback Rumor Might be the Most Ridiculous Yet

  1. Jameis can sling the ball around for sure but I am not sure he’s disciplined enough to keep Gruden from going nuts but I’d definitely love to see him in silver and black

    1. Numbers don’t always paint the entire picture. High percentage passes usually gives you high overall numbers, but doesn’t necessarily makes you a successful qb. You can’t be afraid to throw down field.

  2. while i think Carr sucks and is probable one of the worst starting QBs in the league, Winston is worse so no i wouldnt like this at all. i’d rather see Kizer or Peterman start over Carr or Winston

    1. Let’s see your *** even try to be a 3rd string back up in college,wait you didn’t finish grade school ( don’t talk about it be about it!!!! So tired of wanna be players/ coaches .why are you bringing to Raider table ? If you were in the black hole you’d be beat down all you are is a hater go root for the Patriots!!!! That’s where your dirtbag *** needs to be!!!!

    2. I’m a Raider fan I live in Tampa also an FSU fan I don’t want Winston he’s thrown picks since high school same player he’s not gonna change. Carr the last time he had weapons was in running for MVP. We have way more problems to address like getting him weapons an some linebackers. Carr will play 1st year in Vegas but this is gonna be the year to prove it but even after AB melted down we had Tyrell Williams have a TD in first 5 games then got hurt played hurt rest of season Carr reminds me of a younger Alex Smith getting run out of San Francisco.He gets 1 more year to prove his value.

      1. Carr has had 6yrs to prove it. So much talent, but can’t consistently perform on the field. Just when you think he’s there, he lapse. It’s almost like something mental kicks in and affect his physical abilities. Last year some fans, and analysts was saying, it’s Gruden’s offense, but he’s played the same all 6 years. We can’t afford another 6 yrs of the inconsistency.

    3. Honestly,
      Are you guys that are down with Carr that friggin stupid. I’m disappointed that the Raiders arent winning much more but I’m sure as hell logical enough to realize that even after a not so bad rookie year, he has got to be stat-wise one of the top QB’s in football over the last 5 years averaging 4,000 yards per season with 122 touchdowns to 50 picks (24-10 per year) with an rating of 90+. So sorry to say numbers dont like & those numbers dont suck. So maybe the Raiders have a crap ton more problems going on but Carr isnt one of them & trust me Jamies Winston will never will be 1/2 the QB Carr is

      1. Numbers don’t always paint the entire picture. High percentage passes usually gives you high overall numbers, but doesn’t necessarily makes you a successful qb. You can’t be afraid to throw down field.

    4. I don’t know where you come up with the idea that carr sux, I beg to differ, look at his stats he ranks up there with the best. Before you start your carr sux idea, look at their defense, it’s one of the worst in the nfl. Their defense is why the raiders aren’t in the playoffs.

  3. Until Gruden was rehired, Carr had No Problem “Slinging the ball Downfield”… Gruden Calls the offensive plays, directly to Carr. Maybe Gruden needs to open an updated playbook..

    1. I agree! I like Carr Gruden never has liked him from day one! I think the Raiders need a new coach!

    2. I believe that there is some truth to that. But Carr still have options. There’s always deeper routes, first options or not. Carr’s choice.

  4. Please get rid of Carr he’s not good under pressure!!! He’s Not for this transition’ Please let him go elsewhere!!!!!!!
    We want HASKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If Gruden wanted to along the ball down field, he’d get whatever QB good down the field weapons to along it to. I know that might have been in the cards with a mentally healthy AB to begin 2019, but not with the WR core they ended with. Tyrell couldn’t run with a damaged foot, Renfrow is a possession guy, and the rest were leftovers that are fringe NFL players. I think the scariest deep threat was Waller, and as a TE, that doesn’t really stretch a defense.

      Loom for them load up on some speed receivers this off-season and then we’ll see if slinging it down field is rely part of Gruden’s ball control WCO scheme.

      1. Yikes, spell check on phone murdered this post! Replace “along” with “sling” above.

      2. Gafford is a speed guy, and was open. If you don’t throw deep, there is no stretching the field. There is also Ratliff-Williams, speedy, a number one in college, and a returner. He was signed late as a free agent, and should be up to speed next season. With outside receivers Gafford, Ratliff-Williams, and hopefully Ruggs in the draft, along with Renfrow and Doss in the slot, young speed and possession will be covered. Then building talented depth should be easier.

  5. Las Vegas Raider! A new stadium and scenic change for our former Bay Area team to start the new year. Having said that Gruden likes a gun slinger and Carr in his early hay days was their savior. After he broke his leg and rehab a year. He’s be adequate but not the same QB. Looking at the big picture it only makes sense to look for a QB. Who’s it’s gonna be depends on how much they can paid. But the foundation has been set from last season’s team. Defensively that’s where they need to focus on the coming draft. Offensively it’ comes down to how much talent the Raiders can afford. Let’s go “ Las Vegas Raider”! SB bound?

  6. why are morons like La Canfora even getting print space? Insider, more like a a wannabe outsider looking in to a world he knows nothing about!

  7. Well, he gave downfield Joey Galloway back to back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons with the Bucs. In his MID-30s!

    Gave James Jett his second highest career yards per catch average.

    So he definitely likes it when he can.

  8. Give Derek Carr one more year with a couple of new receivers and see what he can do. If he gets wins keep him. If he doesn’t, trade him. I believe the Raiders are out $5 mill. if they wait one more year to trade him. I say give the man a chance to prove himself in Vegas. Go LV Raiders!!!!!!🏟🏈💥🕳🏆

  9. Didn’t Winston just throw like a million interceptions? Then La Canfora says.. he just looks like a Raider QB? How about we get some receivers who can get open down field to throw the ball to.

  10. Keep Carr
    Keep Carr
    Keep Carr
    Just need to add more playmakers for him to utilize and it will help him if we can improve our defense.

    1. What good will the defense be, if the offense is consistently going three and out? That will wear the defense out.

  11. No, just sign one of the young gunslingers and turn the page. Hey, new city, new stadium, so what the hell. Let’s get a new QB to grow with the new young players we got last year and turn this thing around. GO RAIDERS

  12. What’s foul is Carr is as only as good as the the people around him. And this dude has been giving it up for Raider Nation from the start through all adversity and drama with players on and off the field. And all I hear is negativity. Ride or Die Raider Nation,and as for me I RIDE!!!

  13. They got another alien at Area 51 and it has agreed to be the new Raider QB. Been in secret training with Rich Gannon for a couple of years readying for the Vegas move. Kinda like a miniature Kyler Murray, I guess, but stronger and faster…… Mr. Data from Star Trek/Next Generation. Yeah. No ****! Now Mark Davis won’t be the only one around the team with a haircut that looks like it’s from outer space.

  14. ALL of these rumor mongers are Nuts… they cant write Real Stories so they make shiite up… Jon Gruden LOVES undisiplined QB’s who make Horrific decisions and throw Zillions of Interceptions Right? Pound Sand you idiots…

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