This Mock Draft is Realistic and Would Be the Raiders Dream Scenario

Whatever your expectations happened to be for the Raiders in 2019, it was clear from the moment the organization traded Khalil Mack that their focus was on the future.

With the 2020 draft now just months away, the future is now and the Raiders have no shortage of holes in the roster to address. There will be countless mock drafts over the next few months, but a mock draft by NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah this week outlined what should probably be considered the Raiders dream scenario.

With the two greatest needs on the roster probably being linebacker and wide receiver, the Raiders are fortunate to hold two picks in a 2020 draft that seems to be loaded at both positions.

With the 12th pick in Jeremiah’s mock, the Raiders drafted Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb. Jeremiah calls Lamb the “best receiver in this draft class” and it’s worth noting that he has no receivers being drafted ahead of Lamb when the Raiders are on the clock at pick 12. In that scenario, Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock can take the receiver at the top of their draft board. If they don’t have a clear favorite at the position maybe they could trade down and add a second-round pick.

Imagine a scenario where the Raiders trade pick 12, add a second-round pick, and still come away with a wide receiver like Henry Ruggs with one of their two first-round picks.

With pick 19, Jeremiah has the Raiders drafting LSU linebacker Patrick Queen, which would fill a huge need in the middle of the Raiders defense.

“The Raiders need to get faster and more dynamic on defense. Queen plays sideline to sideline, and he’s outstanding in coverage,” Jeremiah added. But the respected draft analyst and former scout didn’t stop there. It’s obvious that Queen is one of Jeremiah’s favorite players in the draft based on his tweet below.

Daniel Jeremiah on Twitter

I’m writing up my report on LSU LB Patrick Queen and it reads like a love letter.

The top wide receiver on the Raiders draft board and arguably the best pure linebacker (who can actually cover) in the draft?

Where can we sign up three months in advance?

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8 thoughts on “This Mock Draft is Realistic and Would Be the Raiders Dream Scenario

  1. i agree the raiders need to get faster on both sides of the ball but need to get defence in free agentcy another thing i would look at which good teams do is draft or get players that can play more than one position esspecially on defence as far as running backs draft them in later rounds they only last about 4 years they need a good back to stay with kelse if anyone can i will reply later

  2. I love the direction this team is going they were in it throughout most of the season and I think with Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock running things they have a bright future but I definitely think reciever and linebacker are good positions to Target for 2020

  3. Raiders should draft a class of players that will allow them to play man on man instead of zone. Also on offense give that job to a offensive guru. Calls were to predictable. If you keep Carr then incorporate more slant routes and screens. With Carr everything will have to be a three step back and pass, because Carr stays in the pocket way too long and then gives his body up. Defense get a huge strong body to play over center and play five down linemen instead of four.

  4. Raiders are on their way to make it to the play offs in 2020 if they get their draft picks. The foundation is there for a winning season. Just need to keep plugging away at filling the roster with new and explosive 💥 talent on both sides of the field. L👀king forward to seeing the Raider back on top again!!! JUST WIN BABY!!! GO LAS VEGAS RADERS!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  5. Linebacker and wide receiver? Who TF is going to get the ball downfield? Our main priority right now is a friggin quarterback!!! Why are we going to let Derek CarrBAGE take us into our 7th losing season in under 10 years!!!! Y’all have lost your **** minds!

  6. Priority new QB? Your joking right…Carr simply runs the plays he’s given. Grudens entire offense is dink and dunk plays not the long ball. He likes to run the ball heavy and throw ball control passes. When given the chance Carr has shown to be a very accurate long ball thrower. (Remember under Del Rio) Everyone that is jumping on this Carr is garbage theme must not know much about Football. Pick any other QB and Gruden would still have them throwing slants and screens

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