The Raiders Are Blitzing at a Higher Rate Than 2019 (But Still Not Doing it Very Often)

Through three games this year, the Raiders’ defense has one of the lowest quarterback pressure percentages in the NFL (16.7%). Only three teams in the NFL have pressured opposing quarterbacks at a lower rate – the Bengals, Panthers, and Lions.

More importantly, the Raiders have only three sacks this year, which is better than just one team in the league (Carolina).

Some have suggested that defensive coordinator Paul Guenther should dial up more blitzes, but he is actually calling more blitzes that he did a year ago, according to Pro Football Reference. In 2019, the Raiders blitzed only 17.5% of the time, which was the second-lowest rate in the league. This year, they are blitzing 23.1% of the time, but the sacks still haven’t been coming.

So yes, the Raiders could blitz more (the Steelers and Ravens both blitz more than 45% of the time), but Guenther’s philosophy has never been one that involves excessive blitzing. What he needs more than anything is to have a defensive line that can get to the quarterback without rushing more than four. That’s part of the reason why defensive line coach Rod Marinelli was brought to Las Vegas, but so far the returns haven’t been great.

This week the Raiders host the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen has been one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league over the first three weeks. He has, however, been sacked 8 times, so maybe this will be the week the Raiders defensive line will have a breakthrough.

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3 thoughts on “The Raiders Are Blitzing at a Higher Rate Than 2019 (But Still Not Doing it Very Often)

  1. 2 fold problem with Raiders D

    1) wrong scheme fit for players on roster. The proverbial square peg in a round hole.

    2) Coaches instructions not being comprehended by players. Either the Raiders coaches are not able to break down the scheme and find a way to make it easy to understand and translate onto the field or the players have tuned the coaches out and are trying to rely on talent alone.

    Either way Gruden is getting paid obscene money to straighten this dumpster fire of a team out.

    I would guess that Guenther is on a short leash and the next time the Raiders D gets blown out Guenther will be shown the door and Rod Marinelli will take over.

    And having a 70 year old running your D is not anything to write home about

    Gruden doesn’t make very good

  2. Right now, I’m watching the Raiders v Bills game and apparently someone needs to say this, so I will, since this defense doesn’t know how to get the job done, Terrell Suggs and James Harrison are available. For what, some might ask, and I say, to SCHOOL these young players on how to get to the quarterback and stop the run. This charade cannot continue.

  3. Additionally, I was so pissed when Derek Carr ran the bal himself today BECAUSE if he gets injured then Nathan Peterman comes on the field and if “some” Raider faithfuls are having their doubts about Derek Carr just guess what they will think of Nathan Peterman. Derek, please NEVER run the ball EVER AGAIN as long as Nathan Peterman is your backup.

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